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  1. It's A New H C Club! Very Exclusive Membership

    Oh but wait.... I dunno if I wanna be in the same club as the person who sent me the nasty PM - because you can BET that they got one right back!!! LOL!
  2. It's A New H C Club! Very Exclusive Membership

    YAY!! I'm definitely over-qualified i believe :)
  3. My Mare Was Seen By The Vet Today Its An Abscess

    Yikes... I would hate to think about what she would have been charged if she had called the vet out for an emergency call. Here in Oklahoma, for $500 that vet better have surgically sewn on a brand new gold-plated hoof!
  4. My Mare Was Seen By The Vet Today Its An Abscess

    It really seems to me that she was taken advantage of by this vet. You have to remember that she had made a daytime appointment (non-emergency vet call) for the following day at 10 AM during normal business hours on a weekday, and once the vet got there didn't do anything else except treat the abscess. It's not like that vet dropped everything in the middle of the night on a weekend and went straight out there. You paid $500 in Los Angles for a emergency after-hours call, abscess lance, meds AND bloodwork. I just don't see how this vet of hers could have justified charging her as much as she did.
  5. My Mare Was Seen By The Vet Today Its An Abscess

    Okay I just recieved your extremely nasty and mean PM. I am not here right now to start crap and be rude so let me get that out of the way firsthand. I hope your mare gets the help she needs and I hope she pulls out of this. If there's any way I could help, I would in a heartbeat. You happened to mention in your PM to me that you had to pay that vet $500 for coming out yesterday. Please tell me that is not true, because according to your post that vet didn't do a darn thing other than look at the foot and treat the abscess. I am only mentioning this to be helpful, because I don't want your current situation to be taken advantage of. I would love to know how the vet could have justified charging you $500.00. Look at it this way: I had a rescued pony colic on me in the middle of the night, had the vet come out at 2 AM on a Sunday for an emergency call, pump her stomach full of oil, tranquilize her and give her 2 bags of I.V. fluids which took about 2 hours. He even palpated her to make sure she wasn't pregnant. I then took advantage of the fact that he was there and had him pull a quick coggins on a different horse of mine. Vet bill: about $250. So if you are being taken advantage of by the professionals you choose to surround yourself with (including this "vet" who didn't want to do rads and who wanted to charge you $500 for this farm call, and tell you the farrier did a good job) I would seriously consider finding a new vet and farrier to associate yourself with.
  6. My Mare Is In So Much Pain From A Trim

    YEP! It's awful difficult to completely treat, if you don't know the full extent of what you are trying to heal.
  7. My Mare Is In So Much Pain From A Trim

    My thoughts exactly Andi. Sorry to sound so harsh - but you have had this horse for 3 years!! The horse became this way in YOUR care! The hoof wall of a normal adult horse grows at a rate of approximately 0.24-0.4 inches (six to 10 millimeters) per month. At the toe, it takes between nine and 12 months for hoof horn to grow down from the coronet to the ground surface; at the quarters, six to eight months; and at the shorter heels, four to five months. Naturally, this time is longer for horses kept with longer feet, such as saddleseat-shown American Saddlebreds and Tennessee Walking Horses. - Quoted from an internet website.. So in a nutshell - the horse had a chance to regrow all four of the hooves three times over already in your care. The vet didn't feel like doing x-rays? Sounds like a money issue to me to be honest. I'm sure the vet wanted to do the x-rays (especially if it's the only way to find out "How bad it is"), but perhaps it was a bit too costly for you. I know times are tough, and if I'm wrong I apologize, but I just can't understand why your vet WOULDN'T want those radiographs - and pronto. Again - I am not trying to sound snarky or rude, and I am glad you are addressing this issue. Please continue to do whatever it takes to correct this problem, and we'll all be rooting for your mare %100 along her way to recovery. ETA: I just thought of something..... In the 3 years you have owned this horse - have you not had any vet out worth a dang enough to tell you the hooves need help?
  8. My Mare Is In So Much Pain From A Trim

    Sorry if you may have mentioned it before, but how long have you had her?
  9. Horse Attacked By Big Cat?

    I lived in Florida for 20 years, and YES there ARE black panthers....... In fact, they are called the "Florida Black Panther" - I copied this directly from Wikipedia. It says the Florida Black Panther can be between 50 - 150 pounds and 5-7 feet in length: Reports of "black panthers" in the United States In Florida, a few melanistic bobcats have been captured; these have also apparently been mistaken for panthers. Ulmer (1941) presents photographs and descriptions of two animals captured in Martin County in 1939 and 1940. In the photographs, they appear black, and one of the hunters called them black. Adult male bobcats are 28?47 inches (71?120 cm) long, with a short, bobbed tail, and are 18?24 inches (46?61 cm) tall at the shoulder. Females are slightly smaller. Florida panthers are 23?32 inches (58?81 cm) at the shoulder and 5?7 feet (1.5?2.1 m) long, including the tail. Bobcats weigh 16?30 pounds (7.3?14 kg) while Florida panthers are 50?150 pounds (23?68 kg).
  10. Malnourished Babies

    My baby Tuff was a definite rescue/starvation case. When he came to live with me at 5 or so weeks old: Feeling better a couple months later (with the proper formula): And just recently as a yearling: He is now almost 14 Hands, and he's approximately 13-14 months old. He went through growth spurts which would worry me that he was growing TOO fast at times, and then there would be periods (months) of no growth at all which is where he seems to be at the moment.
  11. Post A Picture Of Your Horse

    Oooh I wanna play!! And BTW MMN: I WANT BOO-BOO!!! I'm in Oklahoma, too *wink, wink*. Here's Sky getting ready for a ride, with Tuff (as a baby) wondering what the heck he's doing: Sky telling me what he thinks about the dreaded D-WORD..... "Dewormer": Tuff in his "Winter Woolies" taken a couple days ago: Sky and Tuff out to pasture: And, of course....... Donkey: And just for grins and giggles, here's a couple of the puppies that were born here Thanksgiving morning (3AM or so) by the skinny, abandoned, pitiful-looking stray dog I picked up off a dirt road a couple weeks ago only to find out she was pregnant. We brought her home and fed/cared for her and she turned around and had NINE puppies. In hind-sight I'm really, really glad I picked her up or else who knows what would have become of these pups :) Gotta luv 'em... ANYBODY WANT A PUPPY???? LOL!
  12. Too Good To Pass Up..

    Geez.... I guess she WOULD be broken after having a calf!!!! LMBO!! Poor mare!!
  13. I FINALLY got a new digital camera :) So I had to run outside and take a few new pictures of my babies. Sorry the pictures aren't too great - it was getting dark outside FAST. So here they are! Tuff is about 13 months old - just a hair over a year. He's measuring in currently at 13.2 so let's hope he grows some more. For reference - my son is 6' tall, and Sky is 15.2. So.... Here they are! BUGGING PAUL FOR FOOD: SORRY THIS IS BLURRY, BUT SEE THAT RUMP HE'S GETTING :)
  14. Yay I Have A New Digital Camera!

    Romy is doing great! I see her almost twice a week. She's over at my friend Kim's house. Kim is also the one who happened to buy Firefly from Goldiebabe, btw :) How come I keep hearing "it's a small world" playing in my head? LOL! So Romy and Firefly are back together, and Tuff has grown out of the foal stage. Nothing better than good forward progress :)
  15. Yay I Have A New Digital Camera!

    LOL! You don't have to twist my arm, LOL! I am sooooo glad to finally get a new camera....... Okay so now for one more picture overload: Approaching Tuff in pasture so I can get a picture of him, and he's saying "What the heck do you want?" Deciding to take-off to meet up with his buddies instead of hanging out with me: Meeting up with Sky: Staring at me like I'm an alien with Sky and donkey: After being lead into the back yard: And lastly - chasing the dog.... After the pictures we had a nice grooming session with plenty of rub-downs and a few carrots in between :) He's definitely getting older and larger - but boy oh boy is he acting like the yearling that he is. His energy NEVER STOPS!!! LOL!
  16. Yay I Have A New Digital Camera!

    Thanks! I am hoping to get some better pictures tomorrow while it's daylight. Tuff is such a strong character, I've never known another horse quite like him. We love him sooooo much! You'll never believe how attached we are to these two horses of ours (or maybe you can, LOL!). I have been making fast, fast progress with the donkey. It's as if something just "clicked" one day and the donkey decided not to be too scared of me anymore. Strange.... But when he first came here I couldn't get near him. Now I can walk right up to him, pet him, give him some chopped apples (which he hated at first but slowly began to love) and even halter him without too much objection. All in the wide-open spaces of my pasture! Go figure! As far as how the horses treat him, well Sky bosses him around and Tuff just kind of treats him as a "playmate". Nobody has shown any real vicious tendencies towards one another - but for some reason Sky likes to position himself between Tuff and the donkey as often as he can. I haven't figured that one out yet..
  17. I just recently acquired a gelded donkey. Okay let me re-word that. TODAY I acquired a gelded donkey. His previous owners were keeping him in a dirt pen and were using him for "roping practice". He came to me a little on the thin side, however I am pretty certain that my pasture will fatten him up in no time. He is stand-offish and hasn't been worked with a whole lot. I need to find a way to gain his trust so that I could eventually walk right up to him in pasture, halter him, groom him and allow the farrier to trim/handle his feet. Not to mention the vet if and when the need arises. I know a lot of people are not feeding donkeys grain, but I need to find a safe "reward" for having him come to me so I don't have to chase him down. I just want to be able to walk up to him in the pasture, pet him and walk away for now. Baby steps. Then once he's used to that I could work on introducing the halter. Can you please tell me what a safe "donkey treat" would be? I have heard that soooo many things that are good for horses are NOT good for donkeys such as carrots and wheat.
  18. Donkey People - I Have A Question.

    Thank you all for your wonderful and helpful responses :) As far as what I have been told, this donkey is around 5 years old and was mainly run through the chutes as something to rope.... I have found that because of such he is terrified of ropes and hates them with a passion. I was made aware of this when I walked out to my horse in the pasture with a lead rope, and the donkey made it clear in no uncertain terms that the sight of the lead rope ALONE was the scariest thing he'd ever seen. He has never worn a halter, but after simply showing him one he didn't have the immediate "i hate that thing" reaction like he did with the lead rope. I did not try or even attempt to put it on him. The extent of his handling would be a rub on the forehead when you are able to coax him over with a bucket. Even then, the rub-down would only last as long as it takes the donkey to take a bite of hay and then step back. The hay in the bucket wasn't enticing enough to get him to take another bite and risk being "touched" again, so I allowed him to walk away satisified that he at least got that close to me. I wish my camera worked....... I will be sure to post pictures of donkey and the others as soon as my camera works again :)
  19. Just The Mules

    I don't know if I am allowed to post this, so if I'm not please let me know. But here goes... A lady had contacted me today regarding a female mule she needs to rehome for free. She emailed me pictures and everything, and I have to say she's a beauty :) I don't think I can take her, but I'd be willing to take her if someone from HC is interested in her. Not trying to Hijack anyone's thread here, but if you are around the Oklahoma area or would like to see a picture of her just send me a PM. Thanks! ETA: This mule is quite young, and hasn't been worked with a whole lot. She was born to a large pony mare as a "surprise" pregnancy. Meaning - when they bought the mare they did not know she was already pregnant. Apparently the mare who had her is boarded at a training facility, and now that the baby has grown to almost the size of the mare they are charging board for the baby as well. The owner doesn't want this board payment, so is actively searching for a new home for the baby.
  20. To Tell The Age Of Horses (author Unknown)

    I love the signature pic as well :) I found a large one here: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_XjnszGsuKAw/SjcQ...il+Daughter.jpg
  21. Daughters Pony Colicing, Please Help

    Oh okay I'm sorry I misunderstood, I thought you meant your daughter was 6 LOL! But regardless, please get the horse moving immediately. Don't allow her to be lazy, especially now. Lunge her and lunge her and lunge her until the vet arrives. If the horse needs to "rest" she can do so while walking in a circle around you. Basically - if the horse is moving then so is everything else to an extent.
  22. Daughters Pony Colicing, Please Help

    Keep her moving.... If you are tired of hand-walking her, I would suggest lunging her for a little while. If she does not have an impaction, the lunging will "get things moving". Lunging her will also not afford her any opportunities to lay down and roll. I'm not saying you should lunge her strenuously - just a brisk walk/trot UNTIL THE VET GETS THERE. Oh and I forgot to ask: How old is this pony?
  23. Daughters Pony Colicing, Please Help

    Is the horse eating at all?
  24. Need Good Thoughts And Prayers

    Hey there MMN :) I had no idea that the ads I have been reading about this gelding were from a fellow HC BB! I must say that after looking at his pics he is a cutie. I can't believe nobody has bought him by now. Is he mean to only this one gelding of yours, or is he mean to EVERY other horse you have?
  25. Can you please tell me if there's a way to prevent the sun from fading the black color on your horses? Is there a product you can use? I heard that many owners of Friesians keep the horses stalled during the day and they only turn them out at night, but I don't want to have to do that. Right now Tuff has faded across his topline to light reddish-brown, with his black color remaining on his neck where his mane has covered it up, and he's still black on his legs (where it's not in direct sunlight). Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!