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  1. How Do You Prevent Sun From Fading Black Horses?

    LOL! Thanks! I definitely had to try to keep that in mind as I was walking him past the fish aquarium and the big screen t.v. Perhaps with all this exposure he oughta be pretty bombproof as he gets older. I hope. As far as the paprika and black as night goes - I don't have any plans on showing him until he's broke, so perhaps I can use it for the next year or so. Then once he's trained I can keep him in his stall during the hot summer days and turn him out at night (ans also use a UV flysheet if he needs to be turned out during the day).
  2. How Do You Prevent Sun From Fading Black Horses?

    Okay here's the link, it's working now:
  3. How Do You Prevent Sun From Fading Black Horses?

    Thanks to all of you for your helpful suggestions :) As far as an updated picture goes, my digital camera broke a few weeks ago so I had to resort to making a live webcam video of Tuff, LOL! Right now the video is still uploading to youtube, so as soon as it's finished processing I'll be sure to give you all the link.
  4. How Do You Prevent Sun From Fading Black Horses?

    Thank yoiu so much Heidi! I also found a feed supplement called "Black as Knight", so I think that along with the paprika and black sunflower seeds I might have it covered, LOL! Once he's finished growing I'll get the UV fly sheet as well.
  5. How Do You Prevent Sun From Fading Black Horses?

    Paprika? I might have to try that one... Are you talking about just a light sprinkling of it on his feed, or are you talking about a couple teaspoons or more each feeding? If so - I'll have to find an industrial-sized container of paprika, LOL!
  6. How Do You Prevent Sun From Fading Black Horses?

    I've thought about that, but right now I can't find one in his size. I might have to order one from the internet if I can find one. He just turned 1, and he's measuring in at 12.2 at the withers and 13 Hands at the croup (downhill) so he's in that wonky looking wierd growth stage. I'd hate to get him a fly sheet that fits him now only for him to outgrow it in a couple of months.
  7. Who Would Do Such A Thing?

    So some jerk decided to poison 23 show horses by throwing Oleander leaves along with some apple and carrot pieces into each one of their stalls. Who on earth would do such a thing???? How could the person responsible sleep at night? I hope they find who did it and sue them for all they're worth and then some. I understand you may get angry at people sometimes, but for heaven's sake don't take it out on the innocent animals. This fires me up.. [bang Head] Here's the link: http://news.aol.com/article/california-hor...eander%2F599155
  8. The Horse Market Is In The Crapper, Right?

    Why do some people buy mares in foal with grade babies, or already with a grade foal at their side you ask? Because babies are "CUUUUUUTE!!" and who wouldn't want a great, wonderful opportunity to get a "Two-for-one" deal?? Or better yet a "Three-for-one" deal with a rebred mare. Dang, that's a GREAT bargain! One or two FREE horses! And besides - you could ALWAYS just train the foal later on and make tons of money on him/her when you sell it, or just breed the foal in a couple years to get MORE free horses. Don't you get it? Breeding horses is COOL!! And it's especially more AWESOME if you don't have to pay a dime for the "freebie" foal... Just stick 'em out on the pasture and let them eat the grass... After all, you wouldn't even have to think about spending any money on that foal for at least the next six months or so since their mom will be nursing them. (Kinda like those ads for cars that you see - No payments until 2010!!) They're pretty to look at, and you'll instantly become a better and more knowledgeable horseperson simply due to the large number of horses you now own. Can't you just hear it: "Oh yeah? Well I own 57 horses so I know what I'm talking about! Who cares if it only took me 2 years to acquire them all". More horses on your property = a more knowledgeable horseperson. So we all need to rack up as many horses as we possibly can and we better jump on those incredible two-for-one deals before someone else steps in and gets the FREE cute baby! (I'm not sounding TOO SARCASTIC am I?) Now for the people who are doing the breeding, on a serious note - I had a whole well thought out paragraph written here on who should be breeding and who shouldn't but my computer decided to reboot mid-thought. So here's the condensed version of my opinion: Don't breed right now unless you are breeding for a purpose - and that purpose better be a good one i.e. saving a particular horse breed from extinction. Thank you :)
  9. Herbound...bad!

    Well, moving him to the new boarding facility would give you a great opportunity to have a bit of a "fresh start" with this issue. He needs to learn that you are his "herd" while he's not with the others and he should trust and depend on you for his well-being and safety (the reason he wants to be with the herd). This is a trust issue IMHO. Just work on keeping his attention on you. You may have to go back to basics with this one (round pen) until he can learn to respect your wishes over his own. After that, if he starts to give you trouble when you begin to head out on your own with him while leaving the others behind - just take him to the point where he starts to act freakish, calm him down, and head back going a little further and further out each time you ride until he can learn to calm down on his own and give YOU his full trust and attention. Good luck with him and keep us posted!
  10. Desperate! Might Need To Sell All My Horses!

    I'm sorry you are in this situation. This economy stinks and it's hitting everyone everywhere. But here's a suggestion for you. I feel you should sell the first three that you are not so attached to, and then consider leasing out the other two OR taking the money you make off the first three you sold and find a nice long-term boarding facility or place and put the money from your first three horses into board.
  11. Warning Graphic Angel Update: 7/23

    PAD THAT BILL, Halo, PAD THAT BILL ;) Before this horse even leaves your sight, you need to be paid all the vet expenses, trailer/hauling fees, boarding fees, feed bill and you know your extra time is worth A LOT. And as soon as you think you've made it nearly impossible for him to pay you back for all of that, add more. If he agrees to pay all of that - then go to step two. Offer to board the horse for free, thus eliminating the stress of another move. Explain to him that you already know how to care for this horse and it's in the best interest of the horse that she remains with you. If that don't work - step three should.... Show those horns and bare those teeth! Threaten to call the authorities to let them know that this horse went for soooo long without proper vet care and now you are afraid the horse won't continue to recieve the care she should. Tell him that it is abusive to move her at this point in time, and you'll make sure the authorities know it.
  12. Tips For Moving Blind Horse To New Pasture?

    Does his buddy currently have a bell or two attached so your blind horse can easily find him? If not, I would put a bell or two on him and then your blind horse will learn to be able to find his buddy pretty easily. That way, when you get to the new property he'll know to listen for his buddy there as well. A friend of mine had a blind horse and was in the same situation where they had to move. They decided to buy a bunch of large gravel rocks and line the inside perimeter of the fenceline, trees, barn, etc. with it (about 2 or 3 feet out). The rocks serve as a "heads up" for the blind horse. Once the horse feels the rocks underneath his feet, he knows there's an obstacle. He usually just turns the other way as soon as he feels the rocks. This also has decreased the horse's anxiety A LOT, to the point where the horse feels like he can run and play just like all the others, and feel perfectly comfortable doing so. She has seen him run across the pasture and as soon as he gets to the rocks he'll turn on his haunches and launch back the other direction :) It would also be a good idea to walk your horse around the perimeter of the fenceline, and just "show" him where all of his limits are. Doing this, along with placing a bell on his buddy - you should be in good shape :)
  13. Warning Graphic Angel Update: 7/23

    I can't get over the headshot picture. I just keep imagining myself throwing my arms around her neck and hugging the poor girl... for a long time. You are an angel for taking her in. Lord knows it's emotionally draining, but you can sleep well tonight knowing you mean soooo much to this poor mare and she would tell you how thankful she is if she could.
  14. More...

    LOL! I love it! BTW - I really, really want to see the 24 hand tall paint mare
  15. Anyone Know This Horse? (x-post)

    Just wanted to tell you that Netposse.com has a special section where previous owners are looking for their horses. Just look for the link that says "Looking for horse" on the left side of the page. You'll reach a nice, large area of people that way :)
  16. More...

    1-4th horse mare with tachometer?? [ROTFL] That HAD to have been a quarter horse mare with tack... And someone who knew NOTHING about horses taking the phone call for the classified ad. [ROTFL] [ROTFL] And as far as the 2 POS ponies go, they probably were!! LOL!
  17. More...

    Does this mean that I should re-word the ad I placed for my friends horse: For sell: Pretty 15.6 Hand kid-safe registered AQHA appaloosa gelding who has wonderful stud potential, even though she is not halter or saddle broken. Have your kids train him, or breed her to get your own thoroughbred colt filly.
  18. Warning Graphic Angel Update: 7/23

    Well, she seems to be weight-bearing which is a good sign - poor girl.... She needs a vet and some good antibiotics ASAP. Halo, I sure wish you the best of luck in getting that guy to relinquish her to you. I know she'll do wonderful in your care. Quick question though: Do you have an ASPCA or animal control there that deals in large animals? They'll seize the horse on a warrant and prosecute the neglectful owner. That may be the best road to take for her if they can do it quickly. (Thank you Animal Cops Houston). Then AFTER we get this poor filly some help, we'll tie his leg up with a laundry line, tie it to the bumper of the truck, take him for a little ride around the pasture - and then dump a huge bucket of LYE on him....
  19. Feed Costs....

    I lived in Florida for 20 years before moving out here, so I definitely know what you mean, LOL! You are either too high and dry, or too low and soggy. And that danged sugar sand is enough to make you pull your hair out. I was buying A LOT of psyllium/metamucil for fear of sand colic and I was keeping the company that makes "Rainmaker" in business for years! :-) I can certainly sympathize with you there... Keeping horses in Florida is work...
  20. Feed Costs....

    Currently two horses for now. They are on lush pasture 24/7 so I don't buy hay. Even though some people do not feed grain during the summer months, I do so that I know they are getting all the nutrition that they need. I call it their "cup of Ensure" LOL! They are both being fed once a day for now (that will change as the winter months approach). Grain - 14% Performance horse pellets. Tuff gets half a scoop per day, Sky gets a full scoop per day. I generally only need to buy one bag per week ($10). In the winter they still have pasture 24/7 but they are fed grain twice a day with Alfalfa pellets mixed in. A bag of alfalfa pellets runs about $12 and should last a couple weeks. I didn't give Tuff alfalfa last winter because he was too young, so he got regular bermuda hay. Tuff also gets Crow Colt supplement ($15 for one month supply), and there's always a mineral block ($5) at their disposal in the pasture.
  21. Need Some Help Pertty Please!

    Who has her papers? Does the guy that is giving her to you have her papers and he's the one sending them to you? I'm just wondering if you can give him a call and ask him what her registered name is, or at least what the names were that they suggested for registration.
  22. No Show/no Calls....

    Everyone here was absolutely right when they told me that Cowboy would be more marketable once he's gelded. I put a Craigslist ad up offering to sell him or trade him for a rideable horse. I've had a TON of calls about him which is a stark contrast to when I had him listed for sale as a colt. Yesterday this man calls me up and we have a detailed conversation about Cowboy. He wants to trade his 3 year old broke bay mare for him. He said it's because he wants a project, and he prefers geldings. YAY! Perfect! So then I asked him if he could email me a picture of the mare and he said he would. A couple hours later he calls me to tell me he emailed the picture and wants to know if I like what I see. I liked her! She was sooo pretty! So then he told me that he would load her up into his trailer, drive her over to my house tomorrow (which is today) and we'll take a closer look at both of our horses and decide if we are going to trade. So now it's today and what do ya know.... No call... No show... What do people do this for??? Why do people waste eachother's time? Why did he even bother emailing me with this mare's picture and why did he even bother calling in the first place??? What pisses me off to no end is that he even called me to ask if I got the email and if I liked the mare. Sorry for the vent - but I am seriously torked off about this.
  23. No Show/no Calls....

    Thank you! I knew I had him sold as soon as I told him that Cowboy is NOT for kids, and the guy said "Well, he's going to be MY horse, I'm buying him for me and I'll make sure to supervise my kids while I'm handling him." And then from the moment he saw Cowboy he had a huge grin on his face, and he kept asking me all kinds of questions as far as what he needs to "buy tonight" as far as the same type of feed, etc. The guy that bought him is in the Army, and at the end of August he is going to be gone for 2-3 months. He told me that he is going to send Cowboy to the trainer's for the time that he's gone. I was very happy to hear it, because that's exactly what Cowboy's next step ought to be :) Now I'm in "hunt" mode, LOL! I am going to find that pretty, well-trained and well-bred buckskin I've been wanting for a long time now :) I'll be sure to keep everyone updated, and hopefully I'll be posting pics of my new riding horse soon.
  24. No Show/no Calls....

    I CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!!! A man just came over and bought cowboy!!!!! He wants me to keep him at my place just long enough to line up a trailer, which is fine with me because he handed over cash :) I am so, so happy I took those newer pictures. They really did the trick!! [Yay] Trails4me - you are sooo right. Everything happens for a reason. Cowboy was on the best behavior that I've ever seen. I explained in detail all of his bad points as well as his good points, and I really think the fact that I was just gut-level honest from the get-go really makes me feel good about this sale. Not that I would have been dishonest, I'm just saying that selling a horse can make you feel so much more comfortable when you KNOW the buyers KNOWS what he's buying. So.... Now I am going to Red Lobster, and then I'm going to start my search for a riding horse! I'm just one step closer to being able to go trail riding with my son. Yay, Yay, yay!!!! Oh and btw - I'm going to make darn sure that I'm a courteous buyer.
  25. No Show/no Calls....

    Well, the only other picture I have that may be close to a full butt shot is this one here, but I'm kicking myself now for not getting a complete full butt shot. He just wouldn't stand still for nothing, LOL!