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  1. No Show/no Calls....

    Thank you so, so much sugar lady. This makes me feel better about having my friend come over in the 100 degree heat with her digital camera, LOL! Just had to throw this one in there - the picture above was cropped to ger Tuff out of the pic - he wanted to run and play too, LOL!
  2. No Show/no Calls....

    Okay my friend just left and we snapped some new pictures of Cowboy. Please let me know what you think of the pictures. Pick them apart, I would like to know what people are thinking if they see these pics in his sale ad. Here they are:
  3. No Show/no Calls....

    Thank you so much - I'm glad you can all relate, but it's unfortunate at the same time that you CAN relate. My digital camera broke a couple of weeks ago so the only pictures I have of Cowboy are not that good and they are a couple months old. A friend of mine (Kimberly, the lady who took Romy) is going to come over today with her digital camera so we could get some better pictures of Cowboy. I am going to update his ad with a conformation shot, a saddled-up shot, a trotting/running shot and hopefully I'll get some better responses. So far this is the only decent picture I have of Cowboy and it's not a good sale ad picture, so here's hoping some new pics will help do the trick! Cowboy a couple months ago:
  4. Those That Put On Shows.....

    Just a side thought here - but wouldn't this somewhat effect the TRUE stallion or broodmare potential of 2009 grand and reserve champs? I mean after all, there would have been much less competition to achieve that status if the numbers are down by almost half. Just wondering.
  5. No Show/no Calls....

    Well - I just got an email from the guy that was supposed to come out with his mare. Here's what it said: hey katie this is lonnie with the mare sorry i didnt make it out there today i had problems with my truck so i will see when i can make it up there thanks and sorry [bang Head] [bang Head] [bang Head]
  6. No Show/no Calls....

    I thought the number that showed up on my caller ID yesterday was his when he called me. I tried calling it today, and it turns out it's his work number and he wasn't at work today. I felt bad for calling when I found out it was his work, so I simply asked for him and when they said he wasn't in today I said "Thanks for your time, I'll just try him later" rather than leaving a message that pertains to personal affairs. But boy oh boy, as an afterthought I really wish I would have confirmed with him a good number to reach him at - I just assumed he was calling from his own personal phone.
  7. This has been a rollercoaster ride for me, and very, very emotionally draining. As you all know, Tuff injured his lower leg a couple of weeks ago. We just got to the point where his bandage was able to be removed so the last leg of the healing process could begin. I noticed him limping after I took the bandage off, and so naturally I assumed he was limping because he no longer had the support of the bandage. I made an appointment with the vet for him to come out and take a look at him, with Tuff on stall rest in the meantime. Yesterday morning, before the vet was supposed to arrive to my horror I had found that Tuff's entire upper leg was swollen from the knee up. It was apparent that this was a completely DIFFERENT injury, and his limping had absolutely nothing to do with the bandage being removed or the previous injury altogether. Since I already had an appointment with the vet for later on that day, I called him prior to the appointment and updated him on the situation so he could be better prepared. He told me the previous wond is healing fine. He and three of his vet students were surrounding Tuff, and I gave them their space as I was pacing back and forth in the background. They removed the compression bandage I had applied as a temporary measure, and began doing range of motion exercises and deep tissue palpation. The vet told me he did not feel that his knee was injured, because the swelling was on the outside of the knee - whatever that means. He also told me he did not feel that his leg was fractured, which was a huge relief for me. He said there's a POSSIBILITY that there's a small hairline fracture that he can't palpate, but overall he thinks this is just a blunt force trauma. There are no open wounds or puncture sites, and Tuff is completely weightbearing and mobile - just favoring the leg. He offered to take a mobile x-ray just to make sure, but with the $150 price tag I was hesitant. Then I told myself that it would be nice to know for sure and not have any worries - so I consented to the x-ray. I'll have to smooth the price tag over with my husband when I catch him in a good mood. X-ray was clean. So they believe he may have been kicked through the fenceline, or ran into something somehow in the pasture, or aliens dropped down and hit him in the leg with a hammer - WHO KNOWS.... But he has a ton of swelling and it's painful. They decided to "sweat" the leg with a combination of DMSO and Furo-something. They covered that with plastic wrap, then cotton, then vet wrap, then another type of wrap at the top and the bottom. He then cut slits in it behind the knee because he said he wants to allow room for the knee joint. He called it a "stack" wrap and it's supposed to immobilize the leg while decreasing the inflammation. Stall rest is mandatory for now, and he is having me give him Banamine 1.5 cc once a day orally. He said I can mix it with yogurt, and squirt it up into his mouth. I really, really wish this colt could keep himself out of trouble. He seems to be so accident prone it's crazy. He has the whole barn to himself, a pasture that has been cross-fenced specifically for him, and the only contact he has with my other two horses is over the fenceline. I've really tried to help keep him safe, and I feel like crying over the fact that he still likes to get himself hurt. I don't know what more I can do to help protect him. Normally he would have his mother with him 24/7, and honestly I can't live in the pasture with him for the next few months to watch his every move. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.
  8. Update On Orphaned Foal (tuff) *pics*

    Thanks for asking! Tuff is getting bigger and bigger every day. He is almost a year old now, and he's measuring in at a hair under 13 Hands. I measured his cannon bone a couple of days ago, and if the old tried and true cowboy way holds up he should mature at about 15 - 15.2 Hands. He bumped his head on something (I still don't know what) and so here lately I've been doctoring a cut on his forehead. Yes - he is still finding ways to hurt himself.... I've grown used to it. I am trying my best not to make him head-shy, but it's been a daily battle of the wills as far as doctoring his head, LOL! Romy is doing fine as well. She is at my friend Kimberly's house. Kimberly has a young autistic daughter and for some reason she thought it would be a good idea to buy a untrained colt for her 8 year old daughter. I wish she would have consulted with me first, LOL! So anyway a few months go by and they become more and more fearful of the colt. The colt becomes more and more neglected. So I offered to give them Romy who is much smaller and much better behaved for the untrained colt. Soon after they agreed to the trade - I took Cowboy home. I still see Romy nearly every week because Kim and I are such great friends, and to me it just seemed to be the right thing to do. Goldiebabe - the friend of mine who gave me Romy - also knows Kimberly and just sold Firefly (the other orphan she saved from the feed lot along with Romy) to Kimberly. So now Romy is back together with Firefly :) Cowboy was going to end up seriously hurting that little girl, so it just seemed like the best answer for the situation. I was also having growing concerns about the fact that even though Tuff and Romy spent the better part of year growing up together - Tuff is steadily approaching the age when he's able to breed. It just seemed like a better plan for me to keep a herd of nothing but members of the male persuasion :) Cowboy was gelded a few days ago, and Tuff is slated to be gelded around October/November of this year. So that's my update, LOL! Thanks for asking how my "babies" are doing :)
  9. What To Do When Horses Are Food Agressive?

    Ditto Bumper. I couldn't have said it any better. I have a question for cchorselover though: How many horses are there?
  10. Fair Or Not?

    It is the responsibility of the barn owner to maintain fences and keep all horses as safe as possible. I would not offer to do the electric fencing yourself because you could be held liable if it is not done perfectly and another horse gets injured. I would tell your friend to run ideas past the barn owner on what he should or could do to improve the fencing. If no improvements have been made in a reasonable amount of time I would consider moving my horse. Please also remember that your friend's horse was new and I'm sure the other horse was simply trying to show dominance. Any time you introduce your horse to new stablemates and pasturemates this type of behavior is to be expected. That being said - I would have been a little ticked at the barn owner for not putting the new horse next to the low man on the totem pole.
  11. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    I have an appointment for the vet to come out later this evening to geld one of my horses. There are two horses I own that need to be gelded, and I was going to go ahead and geld one today and geld the other around October. So here are the horses to consider gelding today - please let me know which one you feel should be gelded tonight. Cowboy - 2 year old appendix - no papers. He's a pistol, and I am interested in seeing if gelding him will help quiet him down a bit. I want to sell this horse, but nobody seems interested in this market for an unbroke unregistered colt. I feel that if I geld him I may have more interested buyers. Gelding him NEEDS to be done - but my question is if I'm not going to keep him anyway should I be the one to geld him or do I just sell him for super-cheap and let the new owner geld him? If I'm the one to geld him I will increase my asking price accordingly. Tuff - 1 year old paint - can be registered as soon as he's gelded with the pinto association. I am keeping Tuff, and he needs to be gelded for registration purposes and for the fact that he was orphaned with unknown lineage. I want him to grow to be a decent sized horse, and I have heard that gelding them young will help slow the closure of their growth plates - thus helping them grow to be a taller horse. Tuff's already a little guy as it is for the fact that he was orphaned, and it sure would be nice to help him achieve some height. I'm also happier about the thought of spending the money for the vet on a horse that I am planning on keeping. They both need to be gelded, but who should be gelded tonight?? Any thoughts/ideas?
  12. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    I would have paid money to have watched them do that, LOL!!
  13. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    Thank you manes :) I did get a bit worried because the blood was bright red new blood, not older dark blood, and I looked at the scrotum and it still had new blood coming out forming new droplets to fall. Poor guy... I think he was pretty excited about it being feeding time and the pacing back and forth in his stall didn't help. I put a call in to the vet as a precaution, and the receptionist took my name and number and said she'd ask him about it. Sorry if I sound stupid, LOL! I've owned horses for over 20 years now, but this is the first time I've gelded one of my own. I've always bought geldings or mares :)
  14. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    Quick question for everyone: How long is Cowboy going to bleed? It's almost been 24 hours now and when I went out to feed him and check up on him he is still dripping blood. I would have thought it would have coagulated by now. Is this normal?
  15. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    Hi Goldiebabe :) Kimberly's mare was never pregnant, and she hasn't foaled. I think Kim was wishing she was though, LOL! Midnight's leg wasn't looking any better, and I had to finally speak up and tell her to call the vet out again to get rid of some of that excess scar tissue and help the healing process move along faster. She had the vet out and the vet removed a lot of it, but I haven't been back out to her place to see the mare since then. Anyways, how are you doing now that you're only down to two horses? I'll bet you can't wait for your son to be born either! LMk how you've been :)
  16. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    Okay the vet just left and I am $175 lighter in the pockets. Not too bad I guess... Cowboy handled himself very well, although while he was sedated and on the ground he was "mumbling" throughout the whole ordeal. I'm not sure I would have wanted to know what he was saying to us in "horse" talk. Our other horse Sky didn't notice Cowboy was missing out of the pasture. He went looking for Cowboy and when he saw him lying on the ground with a bunch of people around him, Sky came barreling up like he'd just been shot out of a gun. He was certain we all were trying to kill Cowboy, LOL! I walked up to Sky at the fenceline and calmed him down a bit by talking to him gently. When Cowboy tried to get back on his feet he reminded me of a newborn foal trying to find his footing. He's now up and grazing, and hating my guts more than ever now I'm sure. I just wanted to give an update :) Next stop: Posting on Craigslist. Wish me luck.
  17. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    Sorry I didn't reply a little sooner - my mother called. But anyways, I was quoted $125 for the procedure not including the farm call which is about another $60. Plus any incidental costs, I am assuming I'm looking at spending $200 tonight when it's all said and done just for this one procedure. Gelding them both would be a minimum of $300 or so. Cha-ching. Oh and BTW - my husband asked me what they do with the things they cut off. I just told him that I hope he enjoys his dinner tonight - spaghetti and meatballs.
  18. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    Hibiscus - I think it would be wonderful if the vet could do both tonight if he donates a castration :) My vet is super-cool, so maybe if I talk to him about my concerns for both horses he'll "cut" me a deal, LOL! Manesntails - how do I add a poll feature?
  19. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    This is exactly what I love Horsecity for.... Thank you all for helping me think a little more clearly. Cowboy is going to lose a couple things tonight.... And in the meantime, I'll continue to pray to the "height fairies" for Tuff, LOL!
  20. Who Gets Gelded Today?

    Yes - the only reason I'm doing one at a time is due to the cost. It just all comes down to how I should spend my dime... On a horse I have no intention of keeping, or a horse that I have every intention of keeping. There's no doubt they both need to be gelded, I am just questioning the money part of it. I agree that Cowboy seems to be the more urgent case, but I am wondering if in this market I'd be flushing my money down the drain. There's no guarantee I'd even be able to sell him for the cost of the vet call. Tough, tough, tough decision..... Spend a couple hundred bucks on a horse I am keeping, or one that I am not. I sure would be doing Cowboy and the horse community a favor by footing the bill to geld him though. I just keep going back and forth in my mind between both horses.
  21. Can It Get Any Worst?

    I'm really sorry this happened, but I'm grateful and thankful that the horse or anybody around her didn't get injured. It could have been much, much worse. Every horse will have an "episode" or two - after all they're horses. If you don't want to sell her, I would explain to the hubby that he should give you a little more time to work with the mare on trailer loading issues. In other words - I wouldn't give up on her quite yet if you are happy with her.
  22. Always go with your gut. Something must have happened to these people before, in order for them to have such strong fears. My concern would be if your horse happens to act up (which all horses do on occasion) and the new owners become so scared of her that they become neglectful. And you are right that green riders and green horses do not go together. Definitely go with your gut on this one.
  23. I'm running into the same situation here in Oklahoma. I dropped the price of my 2 year old sorrel colt to $150 and NOBODY called. Great health, perfect condition, great attitude - but not broke. So I have another large pet.... I won't let him go for free because I am trying to avoid kill buyers - but good heavens the horse market is horrible right now. I would give him away for free if I knew the person wasn't going to ship him off to Mexico. I've learned that if your horse is not broke and you want to sell him/her the horse needs to be registered with a great pedigree. Even then you'd only get a few hundred at most.
  24. Yearling Will Not Stay In Pasture

    He jumped it from a standstill??? My goodness... Well, we know he'll make an incredible hunter/jumper, LOL! If this horse is going to have turnout, you'll have to have a higher fenceline than 5 ft, that's all there is to it unfortunately. You can try turning him out into a round pen for exercise in the meantime - one with panels that are higher than 5 ft. You can also turn him out in an indoor arena that is not being used. You can lunge him for exercise as well. When he's old enough to ride, you can ride him and lunge him for exercise. These are the only options I can think of unfortunately. He may be destined for life at a hunter/jumper boarding facility. These are only my opinions though, and I'd be interested to find out from others if there are any more alternatives.
  25. Horsey Day Camp For Kids?

    Here are a few ideas: Horse related movies (spirit, dreamer, etc.) Horsey crafts lessons, lessons and more lessons :) Try to schedule your farrier or vet to come out during the time the kids are there so they can watch him work and ask questions (If the farrier and vet agree). Horsey related scavenger hunt for items such as a hoof pick, piece of hay, etc. Yard games such as stick-horse racing, sack races, etc.