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  1. Pad?

    I've never heard of that one, but it does sound good. There's so much advertising out there now that it's really difficult to choose
  2. Freak Accident

    Prayers and to you. Losing part of your family is never easy. Best wishes for a good horse experience in the future.
  3. Miniature Horse Pictures:]

    Soooo cute!
  4. Do you guys put bedding in a lean-to?

    I agree with heartofgold's idea. A small fenced area around the run-in would keep your horse from over-grazing, but still allow freedom and make less cleanup for you.
  5. Prayers For my horse please****update on my boy***

    Any updates??? Still prayin' for you and Cooter
  6. Prayers For my horse please****update on my boy***

    Many prayers for you and your horse. By the way, I'm blind in one eye myself, and I still do pretty well
  7. favorite fly sheet for pastured horse

    Jeez, good luck! I can't even find fly masks that will stay on in the pasture!! Get some fly predators if you can afford it. They are supposed to work great.
  8. Keeping poo off legs?

    Let it dry, brush it off with an old, stiff-bristled brush, and get on with your life. White legs=pooh-magnet! If your horse is healthy, don't worry about it!
  9. How often? farrier, worming and other questions.

    For mine, here's the schedule: farrier every 6 weeks (barefoot all year) de-worming every six weeks(rotate back and forth), include de-wormer for tapeworms twice a year. vaccines every six months, except rabies once a year. Coggins once a year, dental floating as suggested by our vet--usually every year. pasture--I don't/can't rotate as it isn't cross-fenced and is only 3 acres, but I muck the entire thing once a week. Best wishes!
  10. There ARE great vets out there!

    What a great story, although your baby went through so much . I have a wonderful vet (actually three of them in practice together), and everyone at the office is great, too. You can tell when a vet or doctor is in it for the love, rather than just the money. I feel truly blessed to have someone like that caring for my horses.
  11. Pics of my filly

    AWWWW!! So beautiful!
  12. Sunburn every year!! any help!!

    Oops--hit the wrong button and sent reply before I was finished. Apply sunblock of at least SPF 50 EVERY DAY. If the sunburn is bad, use some aloe gel at night and heavy sunblock or Corona the next day. Goop it on really heavy, because the morning dew will take some of it off. My friends gelding got skin cancer and had to have surgery!! He's okay now, but it brings up the importance of using sunblock on a light horse. Good luck!
  13. Sunburn every year!! any help!!

    The sunblock for babies, the higher the SPF, the better. Here in Florida, sunburn is a major problem for any light-colored horses. I do use the fly mask with the long nose-piece and have had good success with it. Had to sew it once, but it has lasted over a year. My two are outside 24/7, and although they have a run-in and some great shade trees, they're in the sun a lot. Put on sunblock
  14. Hand Feeding -- Do you or don't you?

    We hand-feed ours. They've been taught in no uncertain terms to be nice. They understand very well. I don't feed other people's horses without permission, though. Everyone has their own way of dealing with their critters.
  15. Thoughts on a free horse...

    Take the horse!! A couple of years ago, Rocky adopted us, and although he's old and has doubled our vet bills, he has brought great joy to us. He's also a great companion for Missy, and he has a home with us for as long as he lives--hopefully, that's a long time.