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  1. The Decision Has Been Made

    Beware of webb sites wanting free horses. Most of those horses are sold for meat. If you can't find the right buyer for your horses research the rescues. Remember there are good rescues and some no better then hoarders where the horses go from bad to worse. Check out the rescue in person if you can or get a referal from someone who knows a good one where your horses will be safe and cared for until they can be adopted.
  2. In Spite Of It All

    You're in a good place and I'm so happy for you. What a great summer you're going to have. I'm happy to read you still have Lily, I was wondering about her and her son. [Yay]
  3. Hold Mudders Hand Please

    I'm so sorry for your pain having to send your very loved horse over the bridge. [Angel] [Huggy]
  4. Pray Needed For A New Mom --rest In Peace Abby

    Poor Little guy, I hope one of the nursing mares takes him on.
  5. R I P Candy

    [Angel] [Angel] [Angel]
  6. Abby's Foal Watch

    How sad that Abby couldn't be saved, You did everything you could for her. What are the plans for her colt? Will you look for a nurse mare or hand feed him ? [Angel] [Huggy]
  7. Buyer Wants Horse But No Money? Help!

    Never hold a horse without a deposit and a written contract that states horse will be held for a set amount of time no more then 30 days and no refund after that. If they don't have the money up front they probably really can't afford the horse in the first place and I wouldn't want to worry that the horse isn't being cared for.
  8. Rest In Peace, Daddy

    So sorry for the loss of your dad. [Angel] [Huggy]
  9. Need As Many Prayers And Good Hopes As I Can Get

    Happy to read that he is doing so well. [Huggy]
  10. Cop Punches Jaywalker

    It was reported on our news that both girls had arrest records already and one girl was arrested in 2009 for assault on a police officer. Smells like a set up to me. The videos always show only the endings and of course make the police look like the bad guys.
  11. Attention Groomers

    I agree with the posters who say do not shave down double coated dogs. I have shelties and when they start to blow coat I use a coat rake to take out the undercoat thats shedding. I used to show and I still like to do a full show groom sometimes when I bathe my dogs just because I dont want to lose the ability. Otherwise I just trim the ears,feet and round out the hocks after drying the coat with a dog blow dryer. If you don't like to brush a dog don't get a double coated breed.
  12. Should You Have To Be Literate ..

    The fact that they posted the sign in the store dosen't say much for the store managers literacy either.
  13. Az Immigration Law

    Arizona has to do something about the problem or it will end up facing bankruptcy like California is right now. California can't pay it's bills. Emergency hospitals have closed because illigals are using them for all their medical needs and hospitals were losing too much money to keep them open. Besides the illigals living here now many come up from Mexico for a day or two just to get the free medical care for all their family. Our schools are so crowded that teachers can't teach properly and we must pay more to have teachers to teach english as a second language. Schools lack books, sports, art and music programs are being cut. Teachers are having to buy school supplies out of their own pockets. Teachers are being ask to take pay cuts, some are being laid off because there is no money to pay them. The cost of giving free breakfasts and free lunches to school children is staggering. The L.A. school board wants to cut the 12th grade to save money. City workers are being laid off or ask to take pay cuts. City offices are closed several times a month to cut costs. Librarys are cutting hours and some may close. Our sales tax was raised last year and will probably be raised again this year. Our car licences were raised almost double last year. The DMV is closed extra days monthly to save money. Starting this last January my husband had an extra $50 a month taken out of his retirement check for state tax. We needed that money too. Our state taxes were already some of the highest in the country. Our welfare system is just overwelmed, we are feeding and careing for our own people who need help and thousands of illigals who are using the system for all its worth and sucking the welfare system dry. In Mexico you can get a little pamplet that tells you were all the free services are and how to work the system for welfare, food stamps etc. The stories of how the illigals are doing the work Americans won't do isn't true. They want construction jobs and the same jobs that Americans want and will undercut their wages to get them. They can afford to do that since they are mostly paid under the table and therefore don't pay taxes on what they earn. Illigals use more resources in California then they contribute. Most don't pay taxes other then sales tax. They don't get drivers licences and car insurance. Many have phoney licences printed in Mexico. Our prisons are over run and the Govenor is turning gang members and other felons loose daily because of over crowding. My husband and I are native Californians, grew up and went to school here. It was a safe place and schools were good then, you could even go out for halloween trick or treat and not be afraid of being shot. We can tell you it's not the same place. Coming into a country illegally is not the same thing as being a legal emigrant. Americans can not feed, clothe, educate and give free medical care to all of Mexicos poor. Mexico wants these poor to come to the US because they send money home and its Mexicos third largest source of income after it's oil production and drugs. The drug wars in Mexico are out of control and are spreading over our borders. Are we racist or trying to survive? Where do we draw the line?
  14. Sketchy, Did I Overkill This Situation?

    Did they say where they got the meat? A good guess is that it was stolen.
  15. Sheriff Joe Makes Inmates Pedal On Bikes To Watch T.v.!

    My husband is a retired police officer of 35 years. I resent the comment that 85% of police are crooked. It's insulting and Not true at all. I don't know a single officer retired or on duty who is rich. On behalf of police everywhere and those who have given their lives on duty, you should be so ashamed of yourself.