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  1. I think there are some animals that do better in captivity than others. Animals that typically travel very long distances will tend to have a harder time (unless you're talking about lazy Canada geese that settle in somewhere because of the constant food supply, LOL!). Sea World would be just fine without orcas. In fact, they could build shows around sea lions and other species that seem to do well in captivity. What about river otters? They are playful and fun. What if a bunch of river otters had an awesome playground area where the orcas used to be? The river otters at the zoo are very popular because they have so much fun playing with each other and any toy they can get their paws on. Sea World has plenty of creatures to choose from to replace large migratory predators that are built to swim very long distances. I do think it's pretty awful to have them in little fish bowls. It would be similar to locking a horse up in a ten by ten stall for its entire life. The tide seems to be turning and if pressured, I think Sea World would find something different to display. They are all about providing what the public does, and doesn't, want. In the meantime, I am not interested in going to Sea World with my family. If I want to see any whales, I'll get a boat tour and visit them where they live.
  2. Poland Wants To Outlaw *kosher* Slaughter

    I am still suspicious of Poland's motives. I have heard some unfavorable things about how Poland treats Jews, in general, and Holocaust memorials. We are exploring the idea of providing kosher chickens to a few local orthodox families. They would have to provide the person trained in the ritual slaughter. The knife they use is incredibly sharp and must be checked regularly (as someone else mentioned). Heck , it's much sharper than the ax we use to process our own. Hubby and I are always looking for improvements, so he now has a meticulously sharpened, specially made, knife to use next time. We are also going to try to remove the feathers and brine the chickens, using the kosher method. Really, most of the kosher part takes place after the chicken is dead and the killing part is very, very quick. I'll be happy to report back with the comparative results, but it won't be for a couple of months. We aren't ordering the chicks until it cools. Hubby wants to do the Cornish crosses (I hate them) and they do not handle heat well. We are doing this anyway, so no problem. My point is that, properly done, it's probably nicer than the traditional backyard way my grandmother did it.
  3. Syria

    Hmm, not so sure about that one. If this was a plan all along, I think it could have been played much smarter. If the SOS had this up his sleeve, he could have brought it out much more quickly. He looks a bit like he undermined the President. It also doesn't explain the full reversal the President took when he diverted to Congress. We might be seeing a politician's 'I meant to do that'. Regardless, I'm glad the President backed down off of military action. A lesser man would have wanted to save face regardless of the consequences.
  4. Apalled At Horse Peoples Behavior

    So, they were trying to ban him from the park rather than a club. I'd still chew them out for acting like jerks at the time and for dredging it up now. I agree with you. He screwed up but so did they. Best to let it lie. I don't think bringing beer along in your saddlebags is wise. I have only have enough room for water and snacks. Heat and lack of water can cause even a few beers to have a stronger effect.
  5. Syria

    Putin looks good. We look like morons. The irony is too much. Putin was KGB and our President won the Nobel Peace Prize. I know the Cold War is over, but, sheesh, I still hate being outplayed by the Russians. Ugh.
  6. Apalled At Horse Peoples Behavior

    If someone came dragging a** back to the barn, obviously drunk, and without their horse, I would call the police. They could at least get him on drunk in public once I kicked his stupid butt off of the farm. Plus, how did he get home? Did he drive? Did he walk? Did he sleep it off in the ditch? The horse would've been put out of his misery much sooner. The biggest issue I have with many horse people is that they have an elitist attitude. It doesn't help anyone when you act like a snob. Solve the problem, then kick him out of your "club", if you have to. Although, if they are carrying flasks, they sound like a bunch of hypocrites. I have never been drinking and riding, myself. Even the old roping knotheads I knew at a barn many years ago would ride first and then drink and swap stories back at that barn after the horses were safely tacked away in their stalls. Even if they were boisterous and told tall tales, they were still cowboys, in a good way. Is this drinking and riding thing common everywhere? BTW, I would also tell off the folks in your club for not helping him and then quit their club. Do you need friends like that? Good grief! Whose back will they stick the knife in once they pull it out of his?
  7. Syria

    Well, I think turdbeast should take custody of the chemical weapons.
  8. "child Exchange"

    How is this not child endangerment? How is it possibly legal? At the very least, anyone doing this should be investigated to ensure they were fit parents to begin with, especially since many foreign adopters wouldn't qualify for US adoptions, for various reasons. Heck, I'd even consider outlawing any sort of adoption without going through proper channels. I think it's a shame people can essentially buy a child from another country without the sort of scrutiny that US adopters must go through. Sex offenders, (which may be who is swapping children on these sites) people who have had children taken away, felons...these folks may not be allowed to adopt domestically, so why are they allowed to adopt internationally? Those that are legit should have no fear going through proper channels to adopt a foreign born child. Someone really needs to close the loophole.
  9. Putting Special Needs Kids In Main Stream School

    Just because a person lives their life in a different way and cannot achieve what you deem as worthy, doesn't mean they don't deserve to live. Also, mistakes have been made regarding predicting the abilities and ailments of a fetus. Don't be so judgmental of others who raise babies that have severe disabilities.
  10. Mind Is Blown

    If I was not sure, I'd leave it be. If I really thought a male was in the female bathroom, I'd let security handle it. I don't get paid to monitor the bathroom or get griped at if I screw it up. I wouldn't confront someone unless they were actually peeping or otherwise causing harm.
  11. "child Exchange"

    What the ever living he**? People suck big runny eggs.
  12. Poland Wants To Outlaw *kosher* Slaughter

    Is Poland having immigration problems? It seems a bit extreme to ban kosher because it is being done improperly. The problem should be handled by ensuring the improper kosher facility is inspected properly. The sounds too much like xenophobia to me.
  13. Syria

    Yes, that is a good point, however, why should we be the only ones? Prove it and get back up. Let the UN stand together. or, better yet, get the Arab League to handle their own business. They need to take a step further than simply saying that it was a terrible tragedy. We can use political pressure to push the proper actions by either a coalition or the Arab League. The 'lone wolf' approach is not working well for us.
  14. Syria

    There are many places with atrocities committed by governments against the people. Sudan had more violence and casualties. Somalia has been one horrible tragedy for years. Why now? Why here? Why alone? Why not the UN?
  15. Syria

    So, two polls came out, both showing that the majority of people are NOT in favor of action in Syria. I know many, many people who have contacted their senators and representatives (have you?) to let them know that they do not approve of the plan to go into Syria. especially not at this late date when nothing would be accomplished (anything that might have been a good target has been dispersed or disappeared by now). I hope our government actually listens instead of patting us on the head and telling us that they know best.,0,5500990.story