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  1. Qh X... With What?

    I'd say he is full QH. There is a horse at my barn that looks EXACTLY like him. I honestly had to do a double take. He is 100% QH and is greying out exactly like your horse. Congrats on him !
  2. Sponsorships

    Wow, that's a pretty nice offer! I've seen on other sites, and it is a legit site!
  3. What Bit Do You Run With?

    I run my guy into two different bits right now. Tender touch with livesaver mouthpiece . O-ring snaffle (3 piece) - dog bone mouth piece- and noseband and I just ordered him a little S hackamore..excited to try that on him ! I love them all.. they all get the job done and provide great handle.
  4. **the Crew**

    cute horses :)
  5. Post Pics Of Your Truck/trailer!

    Here's my truck ! 2007 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab w/ extended bed. No trailer yet (looking).
  6. Pics

    aww love the pictures ! I LOVE the grey. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has a muddy grey right now.. haha. It's so hard to keep them clean in the winter time !
  7. Post A Picture Of....

    I don't have my own (yet) but this is my barn owner's that I haul in. It's a 3 horse slant with large tack and dressing room.
  8. Kasey And Concert Picturesss

    Im going to see taylor swift and the rest of them on october 1st here ! im excited.
  9. Favorite Pictures..

    heres a few of my favorite pictures of duke & i.. summer 2008 show.. we dq'ed in this poles class but i love this picture of him ! he loveeeeess the mud ! from the same show..our barrel class..we got 1st ! a favorite picture of him & i from a recent trail ride..
  10. Prayers Needed - Sad News

    I havent been on Horsecity much lately and just came across this... wow, I'm in shock ! I remember missle from awhile back when I posted alot.. She was always so kind to me and gave me advice.. I've been on the other board a ton and the other cindy (oreiners) has just passed as well..two wonderful women.
  11. Duke Update ! Riding Pics & Video.

    thanks guys ! =] and yeah, this wasnt his first ride back after 4 months.. this was his first ride back with the trainer after 4 months.. he's been back to riding for well over 1 month now..
  12. For those of you who remember my horse, duke, thought i'd post a little update ! He was diagnosed with RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction) along with nosebleeds. He will have nosebleeds the rest of his life, Ohio State said. Anyways, I got a new job and decided to put duke in some training with the barns new trainer. She has really been making progress with him. Her background is mainly in hunters/dressage. But she apprenticed under a grand prix rider in italy and trained with another grand prix rider, barbie bancroft. This was her first ride on him and at the end of the ride I already saw improvement. She is working on rhythm, balance, and collection. All of which he needs help with ! Especially since he was on stall rest for like 4+ months. Here's some pictures of him & her and a video also ! Please no critique on the rider.. as its not me. Taken with my camera phone so blurry. VERY beginning of the ride..he did not like contact one bit ! And a video.. Some other videos.. Flatwork 1 Jump 1 Jump 2 thanks for looking !
  13. French Link, Oval Link, Or Plain Snaffle

    My horse was in a cooper mouth Eggbutt for the longest time but he needed a little extra "woah". So I switched him to a 3 piece eggbutt (French link) and he loves it ! I ride him both english/western.. when he rides english we use the french link and when I go western he's in a 3 piece western bit..
  14. What Do Yall Think About These Saddles?

    Billy cook's are pretty decent saddles.. make sure you get the kind made in Oklahoma and not in texas.
  15. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Here's a couple of me.. Me & My favorite boy: Also wanted to add.. I interned with the photographer and have permission to use the following photos, thanks !