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  1. I'd say he is full QH. There is a horse at my barn that looks EXACTLY like him. I honestly had to do a double take. He is 100% QH and is greying out exactly like your horse. Congrats on him !
  2. Wow, that's a pretty nice offer! I've seen on other sites, and it is a legit site!
  3. I run my guy into two different bits right now. Tender touch with livesaver mouthpiece . O-ring snaffle (3 piece) - dog bone mouth piece- and noseband and I just ordered him a little S hackamore..excited to try that on him ! I love them all.. they all get the job done and provide great handle.
  4. cute horses :)
  5. Here's my truck ! 2007 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab w/ extended bed. No trailer yet (looking).
  6. aww love the pictures ! I LOVE the grey. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has a muddy grey right now.. haha. It's so hard to keep them clean in the winter time !
  7. I don't have my own (yet) but this is my barn owner's that I haul in. It's a 3 horse slant with large tack and dressing room.
  8. Im going to see taylor swift and the rest of them on october 1st here ! im excited.
  9. heres a few of my favorite pictures of duke & i.. summer 2008 show.. we dq'ed in this poles class but i love this picture of him ! he loveeeeess the mud ! from the same show..our barrel class..we got 1st ! a favorite picture of him & i from a recent trail ride..
  10. I havent been on Horsecity much lately and just came across this... wow, I'm in shock ! I remember missle from awhile back when I posted alot.. She was always so kind to me and gave me advice.. I've been on the other board a ton and the other cindy (oreiners) has just passed as well..two wonderful women.
  11. thanks guys ! =] and yeah, this wasnt his first ride back after 4 months.. this was his first ride back with the trainer after 4 months.. he's been back to riding for well over 1 month now..
  12. For those of you who remember my horse, duke, thought i'd post a little update ! He was diagnosed with RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction) along with nosebleeds. He will have nosebleeds the rest of his life, Ohio State said. Anyways, I got a new job and decided to put duke in some training with the barns new trainer. She has really been making progress with him. Her background is mainly in hunters/dressage. But she apprenticed under a grand prix rider in italy and trained with another grand prix rider, barbie bancroft. This was her first ride on him and at the end of the ride I already saw improvement. She is working on rhythm, balance, and collection. All of which he needs help with ! Especially since he was on stall rest for like 4+ months. Here's some pictures of him & her and a video also ! Please no critique on the rider.. as its not me. Taken with my camera phone so blurry. VERY beginning of the ride..he did not like contact one bit ! And a video.. Some other videos.. Flatwork 1 Jump 1 Jump 2 thanks for looking !
  13. My horse was in a cooper mouth Eggbutt for the longest time but he needed a little extra "woah". So I switched him to a 3 piece eggbutt (French link) and he loves it ! I ride him both english/western.. when he rides english we use the french link and when I go western he's in a 3 piece western bit..
  14. Billy cook's are pretty decent saddles.. make sure you get the kind made in Oklahoma and not in texas.
  15. Here's a couple of me.. Me & My favorite boy: Also wanted to add.. I interned with the photographer and have permission to use the following photos, thanks !