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  1. Before And After

    That is such a huge difference. He looks AMAZING.
  2. Early Graduation?

    My 3.1/3.2 would be unweighted and my 3.0 as of right now without second quarter being factored in is also unweighted. Regardless if I go to HITS or not, my schedule is still going to have some bs courses. So why stay in school and be there for pointless material which I will never use instead of going out and doing something that I will gain experience/money/and love doing it? I haven't talked to Fernando yet but I do know that he will be down there and I am sure he will have no problem with me helping him as I have any other time I have been down there. I don't know what I want to do with my life, but I do know that I am going to do something with horses.
  3. Early Graduation?

    My class of 2010 was the the first freshman's in our school, we only had freshman and sophomores since it just opened and the redistricting stuff was all weird. I got lucky because we didn't go anything. We would dress out and like play around and for health it was really easy stuff. The next year they started making them run the mile and testing them on sports and stuff. I am go glad that I didn't have to do that. I don't understand football and if I had to learn the rules I wouldn't be a happy camper just for the fact that I don't watch it or care too.
  4. Early Graduation?

    That is why I think that they should make the grading the same. I would have gotten a lot more A/B with that grading scale because most of my grades were boarder line.
  5. Early Graduation?

    Jumper- I tried to take harder courses but we are a brand new school that doesn't have much to offer. I am taking marine and astronomical science, forensic sciences, english 4, psychology, i am taking a fifth math, and the rest are just fillers. So whether or not I go the full year next year I am going to be taking courses that "mean" something for the first semester. We have to send in the forms for early graduation May 1 and I think I am going to go ahead and turn it in. Once you turn it in you can either stick with it or you can decide not to go through with it but you cannot decide to do early graduation after the due date if that makes sense.
  6. Early Graduation?

    I just figured out my GPA if I got all A's going half year and going all year with the grades I am predicting to get this semester and if I graduate early I would have a 3.1 and if I go all year it would be a 3.2, both of which suck but its too late to do anything about them now. Would the difference either be worth it? I think I would just learn so much more that would help me in the "real world" and the "horse world" by going to Ocala. Even after Ocala, I was looking at staying down in Florida with my vet's dad and be his working student and if that doesn't work out I would still go to all of my barns shows and be there working student.
  7. Riding Songs Cross Post

    We are getting speakers installed at our barn and we are going to have them wired outside as well and have a rock/outdoor speaker. We are going to have an ipod player so we can play our ipod music. Somebody suggested just getting a barn ipod and having it filled with a riding music playlist. I am having a hard time finding songs that are good to ride too. We do do some dressage work so anything that you can ride to where you can lengthen your stride or collect to the music would be cool. Also, anything that has really good beats to where you can ride to them (extend/collect stride) would be good.
  8. Early Graduation?

    If I want something bad enough, I will try so hard. I was a A student freshman year and an A/B student with a C sophomore year and then I started getting B/C junior year. My senior year is going to be pointless. I have English 4 which is the only class I am required to take the rest is like child development, art, psychology, marine science, like stuff that I don't need to take. I rather use my time to do something that I will learn from and gain experience. I know once college starts I am going to bust my butt because I really want to do something with the equine field and if being a vet is something that I want to do then I am going to work hard for it and I know vet school is hard to get into. I don't care for school, I rather be out mucking stalls. I am not a fan of the people there, most are rich snobs who think the world is all about them. I am just not wanting to stay there anymore then I have to. I rather just be done with it and do something that I want to do.
  9. Riding Songs

    We are getting speakers at our barn and we are going to wire them through the barn and have a rock outdoor speaker for near the ring. We would love to have some good riding songs to ride too. What songs do you know have a really good beat and/or good songs to ride too.
  10. Early Graduation?

    I want to do something in the equine field. I was hoping to do something with chiropractics/equine vet. I don't have that good of a GPA, 3.0 and I have not taken the SAT's yet, which i need to. I was thinking about going to Wake Tech and then you can be guanteed a spot for NC State. I will helping the farm as well as spending time with our vets father and our vet who are very well known and I will learn a lot with them. I went down to Ocala my sophomore year and stayed at my vets fathers house (who is a trainer) and when I first arrived, I helped check out a foal and castrate a horse. I guess I am kinda in a situation where I need to figure out should I stay at school and try to raise my GPA or should I go and work with well-known people/vets?
  11. Half Chaps

    I am in love with my Ariat Classic II Half Chaps. I wear them all the time and they are still holding up. They are really comfortable and I would buy another pair in a heartbeat. http://www.doversaddlery.com/product.asp?s...p;ids=632903861
  12. Early Graduation?

    Now that my junior year of high school is ending, course selections are due and we are having to choose whether or not we want to graduate early. I have been offered to go down with a barn and be a "groom/working student" for the Ocala HITS circuit next year. I was just wondering what colleges think. I have all my credits but english 4 which I will take next year. If put in my position, what would you do?
  13. Equine Vet Paper

    I am having to write a four page paper about Equine Veterinary. I am have trouble getting four pages. As of right now I have about one and a half. I was wondering if people can answer the follow questions: Whats the difference between a regular vet and equine vet as far as courses. What courses in college are required to be an equine vet What courses in college are required to be a chiropractor. Does horse insurance pay for the vet visit or does it come out of the pocket Does a vet need malpractice insurance. Any help means a lot :) Thanks in advance.
  14. What To Get A Second Mom For Christmas?

    nothing too too expensive but not something like 20 dollars. I guess it really depends on the gift itself. Maybe like 50 or so I guess? I don't know haha
  15. I really hate shopping for people because I just don't know what to get. Well this year a really important person came into my life and is literally my second mom/barn mom. I am with her more then I am my real mom and I am not sure what to get her/her family for Christmas. Any ideas?