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  1. Some Summer Pics And An Update

    GG, I am wondering how you are doing. This site doesn't have much action anymore, so I am missing your posts and great pictures. Did you get another dog? Hope you are doing well.
  2. Last Mountain Ride 2014 +Pics

  3. A Sad Update To The Sad Update

    I haven't been on the forum for awhile either, so hated to read about all of your health problems, and the heartbreaks with your animals. When it rains, it pours! Hope things look up from here on and Hobby's health improves soon. Glad to hear that you are able to get back in the saddle, and showing everyone how it's done.
  4. Dealing With Heat Rash From Riding

    I also get this rash when it's hot, except mine is spread out all over my lower legs, where the boot is. It doesn't usually itch, but just looks horrible. I have tried putting powder on my legs before I ride, but I still get it. Hope someone else knows how to prevent it.
  5. Who Rides In Colorado?

    Thanks for sharing your pics, Equinitis! Sounds like you had a great trip. Love all of your pics, especially the one of the big moose.
  6. Need Advice About Big South Fork, Tn

    Thanks for the response, Summerset. I actually made reservations last night at a small private campground, Spruce Creek Campground. It was recommended by a trail rider on another forum. The owner of that campsite has 2 stock trailers that he will let campers use at no charge, so we will be able to trailer to some of the other trail heads.
  7. We are considering a trip to the Big South Fork area in TN the first part of Oct. We have a LQ trailer, so looking for a good place to camp and trail ride for a week. Any recommendations?
  8. Cabin/trails/birthday Cake And

    That goods like a good place to ride and the scenery is beautiful. It is nice that your son wants to ride with you. Thanks for sharing your pics!
  9. Oops!

    6'3" !!! He probably isn't finished growing yet either, is he? \ I am glad that he picked a friend who likes to ride. My kids are all grown up now, but neither one of them ended up with a spouse who rides. Beautiful pics once again. What part of Tennesee do you live in?
  10. Beautiful Scenery -

    Great pictures! The color of the water in your pictures is beautiful! Do you know if people swim there when the weather is warmer? The redbuds are really pretty. Does that area also have dogwoods?
  11. Bar K

    I know that I have put several pictures on here of Bar K Wrangler Camp in the past, but we usually end up going here at least a couple of times a year. It is one of our favorite "close to home" areas to camp and ride. It only takes us about 1 1/2 hrs to drive here. We spent this past Fri, Sat, and Sun riding in this area located near Chadwick, MO in SW MO. The trails are in the Mark Twain Forest and located in the Swan Creek Conservation area. Our friends, Dave and Pris went with us. We took out granddaughter Jazmin, and her friend Trinity. They giggled for 3 straight days, almost non-stop. I told the girls not to get in water above their boots. How long do you think that lasted? It sprinkled on and off Sat during our ride, but the rain didn't amount to very much. The dogwoods were still blooming, but by next weekend, the flowers will probably be gone. It rained harder on Sat, shortly after we got back to camp. We timed it just about right. I took this picture when the horses were still getting along with each other. Shortly after this, 2 of the geldings got into a rearing and kicking match (even with hobbles on), so they had to be separated. Good grief! They ended up with a couple of mild scratches, but nothing major. The girls "set up camp" in the back of the trailer, staying dry. A little horse poop didn't bother them at all. I read somewhere recently that it is good for our kids to get dirty and actually increases their resistance to disease. These girls got filthy every day, so their immunities should be good for awhile. We had great weather on both Fri and Sun. Sat was a little wet, but wasn't bad. Over all, it was a great weekend of riding and camping.
  12. Great Ride,

    Nice pics, Katy. That fence in the pic with the buffalo doesn't look like it would do much good if they decided the grass was greener on the other side.
  13. Hope You Are All Having A Great Christmas!

    That picture was taken on top of Snow Mesa, located between Creede and Lake City, Colorado. I can't remember the exact elevation, but we got up over 12,000 ft. We rode across the mesa in July and it was "cold" and windy.
  14. Happy Holidays Every Body

    Thanks, Rowdybuckster! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas, and I hope that 2012 holds lot of great things for you, too.
  15. A Look At Summers Past

    Glad to see you again, GG. Thanks once again, for posting your pics. Great, as always!