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  1. I think the booing was in poor taste and don't agree with it whatsoever. But with that being said, I also don't think Obama should have to apologize for it. I have other thoughts as well, but my brain isn't functioning enough to have them make sense right now.
  2. You could always add her and then go into your settings and adjust your privacy so she sees as little as possible. That way you have added her, but she doesn't know what she's not seeing.
  3. Is This Ok?

    I had easy keepers, one who got fat on air, hay alone is just fine, and I added a mineral block as well.
  4. Omg! Heeeeeeelp! Photo People!

    Best of luck!!! My sister said after the fact that she wished she had hired me as her photographer at her wedding (she didn't realize that I do photos until afterwards) and just the thought made me blanch!
  5. Preference Vs. Prejudice

    Blanketed and leopard appaloosas are my thing, I don't care much for the other patterns. Love this mare for instance:
  6. Medical Question

    Anyone have experience taking this drug? [bat Eyelashes]
  7. Have You Ever Met A Bb

    Yes. Not on this board, but a local one, which makes it harder to avoid her :tongue9:
  8. "the World"

    Corina, they apparently have four different "types" of islands:
  9. "the World" Really? I'm just kind of speechless here. How much thought was put into the effects on marine ecosystems? Tsunami happens to travel by? Again, all I have to say is Really???
  10. Argh! Food...

    This is the most amazing stuffing recipe ever :)
  11. Boy Hangs Himself At School

    I work in a Psych Hospital with an Adolescent unit and a Youth Lodge, we even have an on campus school for our clients to go to. Our seclusion rooms are called "QA's" or quiet areas. The idea of it is for deescalation and the removal of as many external stimuli as possible, and really the QA is considered our second to last resort, our last resort are restraints in the QA. Pretty much the only thing we put them into the QA for is violent behavior. We try to use as little restraint as possible, and try to verbally talk down patients first and calm them down. If necessary the first step is to ask them if they would voluntarily like to go to the QA for a couple hours to calm down and regrasp their emotional control and the doors are left unlocked so they can leave when they want, if they continue with the violent behavior we use a primary restraint technique and bring them into the QA but now they are locked in the room and assessed every two hours by a physcian or nurse practicioner and are released as soon as possible. The last step, is to introduce the leg and wrist restraints if the patient, and then they are evaluated every 30 minutes by a physcian or nurse practioner. AT NO TIME is the client left alone!!! You NEVER do that!!! There is CONSTANT monitoring of the patient by a mental health tecnician who MUST be watching the patient at ALL times and recording their movements every fifteen minutes, AND signing off on the client every five minutes on a status check. So to answer your question: 1. The school/teacher is most definitely at fault, there is absolutely NO reason why a student should be sent to a seclusion room unsupervised. The whole point of seclusion rooms is to deescalate currently uncontrollable behavior until the client/student regrasps their emotional control. 2. Isolation rooms are definitely useful. Think about it. You have either clients or students all around you, if one of them is exhibiting extremely violent behavior whether physical or verbal, you have to consider the safety of others around you including your staff. While our QA's are one of our last resorts, they are still absolutely necessary to protect our other clients and ourselves from patients who could seriously harm them. We have a permanently brain damaged nurse as a result of a violent conflict, another MHT who nearly lost his vision due to a detached retina, broken ribs, broken sternum, black eyes, etc. etc. We do our best to prevent it, but unfortuantly situations happen. And our hospital is not nearly as bad as some of our state institutions. And most of the injuries come from either our adolescent unit or our acute care unit. 4. Yes I think special needs students should be with the mainstream population for as long as is mentally beneficial. You need to evaluate the length of time any special needs child can be left in a mainstream population for their own mental well-being, overstimulation can cause the problems that are happening, so introduce it gradually and watch for patterns in behavior. It's your responsibility to the other individuals in the room and to the individual in question to protect their well-being.
  12. Fabric Store Ideas

    Here you go: There's one in Beaumont too. Here's their fleece collection:
  13. Womanizer...

    Oh such deep thoughtful lyrics. Lets repeat the same word 60 times why don't we [Crazy]
  14. Being that you know their address, how about leaving a nice giftwrapped box on their front door with what you want to give them signed as Santa when you know they're home, and do the ring and hide method?
  15. Justified or no?