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  1. Got Our Dogs Allergy Results Back

    Logan was 6 when we started the shots. It took about 2 years for him to become fully immune to the things he was allergic to. Is the shots you will be giving Boone made by Varl called Liquid Gold? just wondering. That's the place were Logan's came from. Each vial contained a percentage of the things he was allergic to. I agree about the prednisone, its okay for short term use or temporary relief but can def be hard on the kidneys and other organs. Also, steriods can cut their life span. I hope you can get the same results with Boone as we did for Logan. Loved the video of him playing with the cat. Logan and our cat were best buds too.
  2. Got Our Dogs Allergy Results Back

    Oh My! I feel your pain. Our GSD Logan had so many things he was allergic to. We tried everything and finally started him on an Allergen Immunotherapy. They made up vials containing the things he was allergic to and we gave him shots. The first vial was given every other day for a 31 day span. The dose was very low at first. Eventually we made it to the one shot every 21 days. We had to back up to the every 14 days a few times, but eventually got back to the 21 day part. It took 2 years, but he finally was desensitized to the things he was allergic to. If I would have known about this treatment sooner I would have done it. We too had tried the switching foods, the Atopica pills, bathing with medicated shampoos, etc... Logan was allergic to certain foods, people dander, cat dander, grass, certain trees,etc. basically, he was allergic to almost everything. He would sometimes look like he was beaten because of all the scratching he did cause his skin to break, which in turn would get infected causing a bacteria infection. We used to call him our million dollar dog because of all his medical issues on top of the allergies. I really miss that dog. He was the best. Would do it all over again if I could just have him back. If you need info on the immunotherapy, let me know. Good Luck and don't give up on him. RIP Logan 6/29/2000 - 12/26/2011
  3. All You Dog People! Updated With Pics

    Not to scare you but, a friend of mine had her dog(Chow) spayed years ago and the stitches somehow came out. The dog had her insides hanging out and bled all over the house. We rushed her to the emergency vet and luckily they were able to save her. She did lose quite a bit of her intenstines though. If she only has 3 stitches of the 7 left I would be taking dog back to a different vet as soon as possible. Hope everything works out for her and she can heal quickly.
  4. My daughter is active duty in the Marine Corps. Her mos is C-130 Airframer. She has been in for 1 1/2 yrs. Her contract term is 5 yrs active and 3 IRR. She loves her job. They do have mentors assigned to them for support and help with any issues. My son was in the USMC for 4 yrs.(2002 - 2006) His MOS was with the 2nd LAR. He started out a driver and ended with being the vehicle commander. 2 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afganistan. Husband was in the USMC from 72-76.
  5. Just For Fun

  6. Just For Fun

  7. When A Horse Goes "septic"

    It probably means that the rectal tear got infected and went to her bloodstream. Septic shock is a condition caused by an infection in the bloodstream (sepsis) in which blood pressure falls dangerously low and many organs malfunction because of inadequate blood flow.
  8. Just For Fun

  9. Home Health Question.

    Have they tried the adult rubber pants? The same kind as used on babies that wear cloth diapers. They do make adult ones for people in the same situation that he has. Just google "adult rubber pants" Hope this helps.
  10. Holiday Contest

    Crazychicken: Those are really cute. Love the singing one. Did you make the snowman costume? How did you do it and how long did it take? Can't wait to see more pictures of all the Christmas costumes.
  11. Petey Is Having More Skin Issues

    What antibiotics has he been on? When Logan had a staph infection the vet told me that Erythromycin was the best one to treat it with. It worked for Logan and had quick results. If he hasnt been on that, you might want to suggest it to your vet. Good Luck. I know how it is to have an itchy dog.
  12. I Need Help On How To Sell On Hc

    Hugs to you and your family. You need to check your divorce papers from your ex. I know here, child support and insurance has to be provided until the child is out of school. Doesn't matter the age. It would be worth checking into. Good luck