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  1. Just Sharing An Awe Moment - Photo

    awwwww! so sweet!
  2. Wilmington, Nc

    I was born and raised eastern NC though living in the moutains of NC for the last several years. My brother and his family live in Wilmington. I love it down there. Yes, the cost of living is more expensive down there then in pretty much any other part of NC. Simply because its a popular place and so many people are moving there. I know my brother and his wife found it cheaper to just buy a house (but that was probably more then 5 years ago) then get an apartment, though its a small house with pretty much no yard and very close neighbors and I would never dream of paying that much for a house like that. But that just me, i like my space and i don't want to live in town. If you look at places about 30 minutes to an hour outside of wilmington you should see a dramatic drop in the cost of housing (though you'll be out in very rural country). Good luck with your move and enjoy coastal living and all the wonderful seafood! ah making me a little homesick just talking about it...
  3. For Women Only

    My sister-in-law has and says she'd recommend it to every woman. its not something i've really considered doing, but like i said she's not had any issues with it at all.
  4. This Is Freaky! freaky! 84 + 27 = 111
  5. i have had two older TB that were shown and ridden english (one eventing the other an A circuit hunter) their entire lives and when I got then i put a western saddle on and took them trail riding and they never blinked an eye. I rode them both english and western. i do not expect my TBs to neck rein or do sliding stops, but its my opinion that if the saddle fits it doesn't really matter to the horse if its western or english or whatever. of course its her choice to give the horse to whom she pleases but personally i wouldn't think putting an enlgish saddle on a western horse or a western saddle on an english horse is a big deal. i would be much more concerned about the they have light hands, are they sensitive to the horse, do they have a correct leg, will they love and care for the horse...the saddle doesn't matter. my opinion only!
  6. Would You Consider Rehoming Your Horse

    I don't think you're crazy. I've thought about the exact same thing. I love my horse but considering my situation it would be easier for me if I didn't have him. I could save money, I might could move out of this crappy house...I'm in my mid twenties trying to figure my life out and in some ways having a horse has closed some doors for me. And sometimes I think if I could find the right place for him and free myself up some I could get myself set up and maybe have my own place and have horses on my own property one day, but its just not ever going to happen if something doesn't change. On the other hand when i think about what life would be like without my horse its hard to imagine. So, no, you're not the only one that has thought about this.
  7. My Floofy

    so funny!
  8. Ok, How About Regular Food That You Don't Like

    pickles are nasty. in every shape, form, and fashion. even the smell makes me gag.
  9. are y'all still going to go if the weather is as nasty as they say it is? I've actually never done a hunter pace...if you have a horse i'd go (no way to trailer my horse down there)
  10. One Year Later Photoshoot

    thank you all! those are just a few of the pics she took, it was a 3 hour photoshoot so i have tons. and lots of them are candid shots that just turned out great, like the one of him sniffing my boots. i don't know how to make them bigger, i saved them off my facebook and fb compresses the pics. Trucker is a 15 year old 16.3 TB gelding. He was breed somewhere in California and ended up down in Florida and was trained as someone's very fancy show horse. I know he showed for at least a little while at the A shows doing the 3'6 hunters. He's show carreer ended when he started acting up in the show ring, rearing, refusing jumps, etc so he was put out to pasture for over a year until it was discovered he had developed a cyst on his navicular on his front right. So his people decided to give him to a local rescue program to try and rehome him somewhere. They informed the rescue of his issues but apparently that info was not passed on and he was adopted by a lady who wanted to use him as her next eventing prospect. Of course that didn't last long and she sold him to a local university to be used in their equestrian program. He was used only for flat classes in which he was a blue ribbon winner every time. During this time he apparently developed some very nasty and rude habits, biting, kicking, and just generally being very unhappy. Which some horses just don't do well in a situation where they are used as schooling horses. I think they tried leasing him out for a while, but he had learned to be pushy and mean and get his way and he once again found himself standing in a pasture doing nothing for a while. He was then sent to a barn to be tried once again as a school horse and thats where i found him. He wasn't being used b/c of his attitude problems and instead of trying to do something about it the barn owner just neglected him. He was out in the pasture covered in rain rot and mud rash, very skinny and just nasty all around. When i saw him and stopped in to ask I was told they were all pretty much afraid of him and they never brought him in out of the pasture and so he'd not been wormed, no shots, and not hardly feed in over a year. So i took him. He tried his tricks with me but with the help of a natural horsemanship trainer it didn't take long at all before i saw a totally different horse. He cleaned up to be a beautiful horse and turned out to be the lightest most well trained horse i've even been on. he still has is grumpy moments (mostly with other ppl) but with me our relationship has been established and that trust built a bridge between his heart and mine. I use to do lots of showing in the hunter world but i got tired of it and so now he and i just enjoy each others company, riding in the pastures and out around the farm.
  11. One Year Later Photoshoot

    thanks! me too! and you can see the girl taking the picture in truckers eye. i have another one where our eyes are actually closer, i think that ones on my facebook.
  12. One Year Later Photoshoot

    thats all for now!
  13. I took on this beautiful man as a rescue Nov 1 of last year. I had no intentions of keeping him, my plans were to rehome him after his recovery, but we were meant to be together. I love this horse! Enjoy. more next post...