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  1. If it were clear skies I'd have hubby bring in welder mask. Heck we have a box of those old welding goggels somewhere in a railcar, they'd be perfect. We've had good luck with eBay. Only got skunked a few times.
  2. Cloudy here but the coloring looked like it was tornado weather.
  3. So we decided to lock up & run away for the afternoon. Going to have lunch on the jazz boat on the St Croix river. We've ridden a number of times but not when they have had entertainment.
  4. Grimmie. We were in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics. It was wonderful & would love to go back. Didn't get time to play tourist at the Olympics. There is so Much to see when there. Heck we've been to Winnipeg twice but have yet to see the sights. They have a railroad museum & mint that would be nice to see.
  5. PD sad to see Her go home but there is next summer. Number of years growing up I'd go to Canada & spend 2-3 weeks with my grands. Those were moments I'll never forget as I am sure your granddaughter will be the same. Red you'll find a mini that will need a new home. Can't believe the school wouldn't let the students view the eclipse.
  6. Noponies my boy has been going to work from the first week he was home from the hospital. He knows the meaning of work & the rewards it offers. We do our very best at tacking time in the day for something. Danyel we are having the problem of no staff. It isn't just our area but everywhere. Until I had to take over the motel & just at the railroad Id go home at 4pm as much as possible. Sadly doesn't happen much. Spanish now you can add motel to my duty list. Will have to say for as hard of work it is to clean all the rooms it is kinda nice not really dealing ng with the staff. Working independently.
  7. Happy Birthday QB Been busy with work. Been putting in about 10-12hr days for over a week. My feet are far from being happy. Short man let with MIL to visit family that live where it is prime eclipse viewing. Last night he cried because he didn't want to go without mom. Then he started cusing about how work ruins everything. Talk about break a mother's heart.
  8. Watch next week you will go buy the wrenches because you'll need it for something else. There us an area north of us that is known for having albino deer. Hard to believe tomorrow is back to school night. Course the stupid school didn't list the time can drop everything off.
  9. QB got two sets in my cabinet. Cone on over you can borrow it. Been crazy busy works ng the past week. Our motel staff gave hardly a 2 day notice. So worked like a mad dog getting everything cleaned not to mention all the laundry. Finally got caught up. Been turning over rooms myself. On the bright side can't say not getting a good workout. Spanish sorry about you boy. Know how much you & your grandpa love him.
  10. Horse where do you sit? With dogs comadering the sofa, puppy hogging the bed & cats sitting in little person chairs.
  11. Floof would fit in with mine.
  12. Danyel Happy Birthday!!!! I was up 4am to get started on my work. Semi moved into the motel till get someone hired. All I can say is what a mess. Yesterday was so overwhelming tha just cried. Today is much better. Heidi hope your kitkats will be ok. Tiger seems you have found a really good trainer.
  13. Took the last load of laundry off my porch this morning. Kinda nice to have the cloths line strung across a covered porch. Well need to get to work, already burning daylight. Just might be back later tonight for something stronger than coffee.
  14. QB. There might be a community band in your area that you could join
  15. You did a beautiful job on your table