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  1. Glad you got the perfect pup. Very lovely family with your pup. Now to see what name he gets Please keep us updated with stories & pics
  2. Magic end of October we are going to a conference in Montreal. To celebrate our 25 anniversary we are going to have dinner at the Ritz-Carlton. The restaurant has 3 or 4 mitchelan star. So looking forward to it as always want to experience a top rated restaurant. Today kept busy working on rooms. Managed to get caught up on all laundry. Shortman went to grandparents for the weekend. Oh & it was above 80 for us. Wouldn't surprise me if it snows the first weekend of October.
  3. Equi safe travels & can't wait to see your new addition. When I pick puppies I'll just sit & watch them interact. George is the first dog have didn't. Friend was expecting a litter & she knew I wanted one.
  4. Pink we've called that ding the Bell sit. Ok I dinged the Bell let's go. When George was a puppy that's all he could do because he was just to happy & had a wiggle butt.
  5. What a happy puppy smile. Just shows she is feeling better. Heidi that one pic from the saddle make it seem like you are trick riding the two horses. Boy it is a good thing I have been so blasted busy with work or I'd catch the puppy fever that seems to be going around on HC. Really don't thing George would be all that happy sharing his mom. That smile would turn into a snarl.
  6. And the beagle is winning.
  7. I'm as hard headed as it gets. Scottish English Irish & Norwegian. The Scottish side of the family found out the original homestead in Scotland is a B&B. Would so love to go if it is still open.
  8. Well I've been working so that means I am not feckless. Some days it would be nice to be feckless but the chances of that are zero.
  9. Pink he does know his name. Being a hound he just chooses not to listen. Wait till he discovers his nose can turn the hearing off
  10. QB. You are a very good person & set a wonderful example for others. Kids seem to process death in their own way. I've found it you are as truthful as possible to them they can grasp it. Doesn't mean they have to accept it. Red that totally sucks about the car.
  11. How cute. He's a momma's boy. I have two momma boys & life would be lonely without them.
  12. By just the pictures it would be black or blue for me. Can't wait to see who you bring home.
  13. I am puttering out. Been working hard getting rooms changed over. Just have 3 left. Doesn't seem like much but have already done 5 complete then the 5 stayovers. Bright side for the afternoon was they stay over contracts gave me lunch. They have been cooking in their room & mentioned how delicious it smelt. Well members later he brings me a plate. Oh boy what a yummy treat. Hubby & Shortman went North to ride the steam train. Hubby want it to be a family day but had to many rooms to leave for another day. When they get back maybe we will go to Rice Lake. I had ordered a ninja pattern so have to get material. Shortman wants to go as the green ninja this year. I'll keep making costumes for him as long as I can.
  14. Give the kids love & support. So very sad.
  15. My grandma made one only white & had it over a rose pink spread. It was beautiful on her spare bed.