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  1. The Front Porch

    Jubal, believe this one started in Kansas but don't remember the final stop. This one travels the US & they have one travel across Canada. Last Thursday it was in my hometown of Swift Current Sask. My aunt would have been able to see it from her front window as it traveled through her itty bitty community. Hubby said we could do something with lights. I just rolled my eyes & shook my head.
  2. The Front Porch

    We were planning on see the train at Union Station in St Paul but resided not to as you wouldn't be able to see it as good. This is a skyline pic of St Paul & if you look closely you can see the train.
  3. The Front Porch

    Adventure time!!!!! So today we are traveling to Cottage Grove MN to see the Canadian Pacific holiday train. Shortman was called in at school, Odie & George also came along. The spot the train stopped at was wide open for visibility & the band played great.
  4. The Front Porch

    QB, lucky you were home. There is a tendency for water heaters & furnaces going crapping out when on vacation. Nothing going on here today. Planning a few early Christmas meals that we will be having with the families. Always find it fun to figure out what we are to have then looking for the recipes.
  5. The Front Porch

    LC, always a sigh of relief when things go better then what we anticipate.
  6. The Front Porch

    What a smart way for identifying who is trained for what. Especially if they are dealing with a large herd. This is my "Learned something new today" moment. Well yesterday we got the tree & Shortman didn't pick out as tall of one as I had thought he would. Its a good 10ft tree & just round enough but doesn't take up the entire room. Sadly we already had enough ornaments to fill it up. Do I sound disappointed, yes. It is always fun going & picking out ornaments. We will have to move it to the corner because what a surprise someone wants to put a train under the tree.
  7. The Front Porch

    Not the first or last time we have sickie poo cleanup in the truck. Just a pain in the *** to clean when it is freezing out thats all. Heck with Mickey I kept an emergency cleaning kit in the truck because once in a while she would get car sick. Danyel, thats cool about your grandfather's farm.
  8. The Front Porch

    Jubal, he ralph'd in the back seat. So when get the truck back from the shop gonna have to take it to the car wash to hose the rubber mat & then figure out how going to get the seat cleaned in the cold. Just might use the vac at the car wash. LC, there must be a cold snap going across the country. We are to have mid teens for daytime high the next 3-4 days, then it is to warm up again.
  9. The Front Porch

    Oh hot toddies are great for a cold. Jubal I went shopping early afternoon today & it was a zoo at the store. So after picking up Shortman from school we went to water & feed the ponies. Because the tank had to get dumped & refilled we had a good hour to kill. I got some more projects done, Shortman cleaned out his old sand toys & took them to the new neighbors only to come back with a plate of fresh made cookies. Neighbors have 5 kids all under 6yrs & younger. Figured the outdoors toys would be something they'd like. Then off to dinner we went, course we had the dogs along. Needless to say someone ate something on the farm they shouldn't have because it really is no fun coming back to a vehicle with a dog mess. Not sure on where to begin cleaning this disaster up. FYI.....cookies were safe in the glove box.
  10. Can I ask a small favor ?

    Thanks for the update. Was wondering how they did on their project. I ended up sending a flat rate envelope stuffed with Wisconsin. Sent a things to do state guide, state park info book, state map & also a little booklet on the tribes of our state. Not to mention railroad magnets & postcards for the students to take home. I had fun putting together their packet & helping with the project. Love the turnout they got from across the country. Sure hopes it will inspire them to travel the country when they grow up.
  11. The Front Porch

    QB, get lots of sleep today to help kick it out of your system. Sure your pups have no problem keeping you warm in bed.
  12. The Front Porch

    Good Morning!!!!! Hope you all are having a good start to your day or for you that are lucky enjoying your warm cozy bed. We have got Stuff No One Wants trying to hit the ground. For all I care the dusting we have is more than enough.
  13. The Front Porch

    Very nicely stated Heidi. This is why I usually don't give much input on bigger issues as I am not good at putting words to paper. Now in person verbally it is easier to express properly.
  14. I'm almost an adult now lol

    Doesn't it feel GREAT!!!!!! Oh please ask you daughter about the packet the class got from Wisconsin. Hope they enjoyed.
  15. The Front Porch

    Don't know what to tell you about the landlord. So no help there. As for the sister that just wants to show & not work for it. There is absolutely no problem with not letting her show based on not doing any work with the horse. If it is a matter of making a chart of some sort then apply a time line. Have to work so many hours in a week, register those hours & also what was done. So she is accountable for what she does & if the minimum isn't met then can't show. If she just misses the required amount then you can go to the show to watch. This is a good time for teaching kids about working your hours & getting paid for the time put in. More time you put in the more you earn.
  16. The Front Porch

    Putting off another horse for a bit to work with Mr Freckles sounds like a good idea. Easier to find d time working with one, two becomes more work.
  17. The Front Porch

    Tuesday or Wednesday next week we will shop for a tree. I usually don't buy this early but we are heading to you state of sunny citrus day after boxing day. So it will be a one day take down of the tree. If Shortman had the attention for treats like most kids an advent calendar would be fine. Last year he wouldn't bother with it & had to play catch up with opening windows. We've also done the Elf on a shelf. That always turned into a game of hot cold as he wouldn't put much effort in finding Elf. Thank heaven for the creation of plastic eggs.
  18. The Front Porch

    So got a little skunked with ordering one Christmas gift. Bought a mermaid pillow only to have it arrive & be a slip cover. Now I am usually really good at reading the description & I don't remember seeing slip cover. Oh well looks like I now have to find a pillow to stuff it. Other than a few other items for Shortman & something for hubby I am done shopping. Next Wednesday we are going tree shopping & it is my mission to find a very tall fat tree this year. Taller the better as the living quarters have a vaulted ceiling so we can go big. Guess I'm gonna have to buy more lights.
  19. The Front Porch

    LC, I am of the belief that critters like the horse you adopted come our way by means of the big guy upstairs. He knows it may not be easy to care for them yet the critter needs that one home in its life to show that people do care. So are you going to go look at a horse this weekend?
  20. The Front Porch

    Go for a lookie see. You just never know & who knows what else they have in the pasture. Since we are moved into the living quarters I've been cooking. Tonight was an easy beef veg noodle soup. Course added a bit more & was rather pleased it had good flavor. Shortman & hubby have been enjoying our nightly meals. Tomorrow pancakes & sausage patties are on the menu. Do believe it might be time to start a recipe thread.
  21. Master Minds...come hither...

    Pink, what a fantastic gift. She is going to love it. Please post a PUC of it when you get it. I'd love to see it.
  22. The Front Porch

    I couldn't imagine hauling horses that far. We know a couple in our area that breed Morgans & apparently they have hauled east 2 or 3x this past year. As usual I have proven my eyes are bigger than what should be. Cut pine bows & little sap suckers for the front of the motel. Course cut more than what is needed.
  23. The Front Porch

    LC, sorry to hear that you are retiring Libby. As for the hunt of a new family horse it will happen & as always the right one will find you. Great that Freckles rode out nice for your hubby. Hahah....have a staffer who is looking to sell her paint mare that is supposedly a good trail horse. Could send you video then you can make a cross country Christmas trip. Lets see....isn't Jubal in KY? You can stop there first for a cup of hot chocolate. There are a number of members in IL but they haven't been on for a while. Oh then you can stop at PD's I am sure he would have the coffee on & be sure to give him fair warning of your arrival so he can go to the bakery for a treat. Then a stop at me. Just happen to know of a place you can stay & also go for a ride on a train. By the time you get here you just might want something a bit stronger than coffee & coco, we can accommodate that. You will be in Wisconsin after all & we say it is always o-beer-thrity, then again we are also the brandy consuming state of the US. Been informed that Old Fashions are not well known in other parts of the country or if you do order one they guess you are from Wisconsin.
  24. The Front Porch

    No different that it must have been a man that decided bar codes should be on the bottom of the boxes. Dang there should be a bar code on all sides top & bottom. Make for easy scanning at the store.
  25. The Front Porch

    Its always fun to stop in the small shops as you never know what you are going to find. Oh & if you find something you really like buy it as they may never have it again. Couple years ago a local arts shop had brown sheepskin hides. To this day regretting no buying two of them.