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  1. Information About Big Horn Saddles?

    My fiancee got a deal on a Big Horn saddle. It's in pretty good condition and he loves the way it rides and how it fits him and the horse. I wanted to know more about the saddle itself, when i called American Saddlery they told me that they had no information on the saddle. The only numbers I can find on it is on the latigo keeper which says "1622". I will get photos of it later :)
  2. Cleaning Another Saddle #2 Finished Photos!

    oh wow!! that's awesome. I wonder if I can do that with my barrel saddle? because it's REALLY flat!
  3. Im Stuck

    how'd your race go?
  4. Thoroughbred Barrel Horse Prospect? I Would Love Some Advice

    I run barrels on my TB, he's built stockier than most TB's I've seen and he's only 15.2h. He's off the track and i've been running him for 3 years now. We aren't the "best" but Slinky's got the heart and try like any other equine athlete. One thing you need to do is make sure your horse is flexible! For some reason I find Slinky tends to get out of form quicker than my friend's QH if not tuned up or reminded constantly. Training your TB will not be much more different than training any other horse for barrels. One thing you MUST keep in mind is that most TBs are bred to RUUUUUN on a race track, not around a barrel course. Some take a longer time to get moving to that first barrel or in between, you'll probably "make up" your lost time from 3rd to home. Once you start running don't get mad at the horse if you start it out to running and it "magically" passes the first like it wasn't there (hhaha, been there, done that). Be sure that the horse understands rate and whoa and to use their hind end. Sorry if this sounds short or incomplete, but if you have any questions pleas let me know! Here's one of my favorite pictures of me and my TB racing: Here's how he's built:
  5. Got A Job..

    congrats on the job! it's very tough getting them these days. it's great things are looking up for you. I'm a CNA too and to me it's a rewarding job.
  6. 2011 Secret Santa Sign Ups!

    hmmmmmmmmmm......pondering if i wanna join.....hmmmmmmm.
  7. Get Ready To Haul --

    Gas is still $4.19 near my house. No sign of change yet.
  8. Wow, He's Actually Gone :(

    At least he went to a good home where a girl will love him to pieces!!
  9. For Women And Girls

    I too am very, very adament about going in. I have been abnormal twice but from the colpo's, they've came back as non-cancerous and with staying on top of my diet and exercise in the last colpo there was less. I HATE having abnormal results. I with they'd just come back normal!! I also wish more girls got them done. I know that some Planned Parenthoods offer these services.
  10. 40 Years Of Marriage

    aaaahahahahhaha....that's really funny!!
  11. I Get My Saddle In 2 Weeks!

    OMG!!! How special is all that!!! Can't wait to see pictures!
  12. My Poor Slinky Hurt Himself!

    iluvspots - i totally agree, i can't believe it's the same injury either! ardent - i have been riding him since September.
  13. My Poor Slinky Hurt Himself!

    Here is the final result. Sorry for the looooong delay!
  14. Slinky's New Halter

    I wish I could get the darn pictures to show up larger! >_< Thank you Equestrianaddict.