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  1. Information About Big Horn Saddles?

    My fiancee got a deal on a Big Horn saddle. It's in pretty good condition and he loves the way it rides and how it fits him and the horse. I wanted to know more about the saddle itself, when i called American Saddlery they told me that they had no information on the saddle. The only numbers I can find on it is on the latigo keeper which says "1622". I will get photos of it later :)
  2. Cleaning Another Saddle #2 Finished Photos!

    oh wow!! that's awesome. I wonder if I can do that with my barrel saddle? because it's REALLY flat!
  3. Im Stuck

    how'd your race go?
  4. Thoroughbred Barrel Horse Prospect? I Would Love Some Advice

    I run barrels on my TB, he's built stockier than most TB's I've seen and he's only 15.2h. He's off the track and i've been running him for 3 years now. We aren't the "best" but Slinky's got the heart and try like any other equine athlete. One thing you need to do is make sure your horse is flexible! For some reason I find Slinky tends to get out of form quicker than my friend's QH if not tuned up or reminded constantly. Training your TB will not be much more different than training any other horse for barrels. One thing you MUST keep in mind is that most TBs are bred to RUUUUUN on a race track, not around a barrel course. Some take a longer time to get moving to that first barrel or in between, you'll probably "make up" your lost time from 3rd to home. Once you start running don't get mad at the horse if you start it out to running and it "magically" passes the first like it wasn't there (hhaha, been there, done that). Be sure that the horse understands rate and whoa and to use their hind end. Sorry if this sounds short or incomplete, but if you have any questions pleas let me know! Here's one of my favorite pictures of me and my TB racing: Here's how he's built:
  5. Got A Job..

    congrats on the job! it's very tough getting them these days. it's great things are looking up for you. I'm a CNA too and to me it's a rewarding job.
  6. 2011 Secret Santa Sign Ups!

    hmmmmmmmmmm......pondering if i wanna join.....hmmmmmmm.
  7. My Poor Slinky Hurt Himself!

    Today I had him turned out in the arena and all the barrels were laying down. He came flat out running down the arena, went around one barrel then tried to jump another length wise. He got 3/4 of the way over the barrel landed and flipped the barrel up some how with his back leg and caught it on his other. I thought he was fine until he started limping a bit and I saw blood! I freaked out started cussing and mad at myself for not picking up the barrels sooner. I thought he would be okay so I did a betadine scrub and peroxide and cold hosed it. I noticed I could see his cannon bone and ligaments. I called the vet and he came out a few hours later. He said Slinky was lucky the way he hit it and that he didn't cut his tendon. He just "degloved" the two tendons that are attached to each other. So he's on 4 - 5 week rest with me changing the bandages once a day for 5 days then 3 times a week after that. So far his first day of antibiotics went well. <img src="http://forums.horsecity.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/grin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="" border="0" alt="grin.gif" /> <img src="http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs201.snc4/38400_1532922407801_1377000134_31434529_6487582_n.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <img src="http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs201.snc4/38400_1532922327799_1377000134_31434527_8139621_n.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <img src="http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs201.snc4/38400_1532922367800_1377000134_31434528_2438949_n.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />
  8. Get Ready To Haul --

    Gas is still $4.19 near my house. No sign of change yet.
  9. Wow, He's Actually Gone :(

    At least he went to a good home where a girl will love him to pieces!!
  10. For Women And Girls

    I too am very, very adament about going in. I have been abnormal twice but from the colpo's, they've came back as non-cancerous and with staying on top of my diet and exercise in the last colpo there was less. I HATE having abnormal results. I with they'd just come back normal!! I also wish more girls got them done. I know that some Planned Parenthoods offer these services.
  11. 40 Years Of Marriage

    aaaahahahahhaha....that's really funny!!
  12. I Get My Saddle In 2 Weeks!

    OMG!!! How special is all that!!! Can't wait to see pictures!
  13. Slinky's New Halter

    Thought I'd share. This is Slinky's late Christmas present. I love it!
  14. My Poor Slinky Hurt Himself!

    iluvspots - i totally agree, i can't believe it's the same injury either! ardent - i have been riding him since September.
  15. My Poor Slinky Hurt Himself!

    Here is the final result. Sorry for the looooong delay!
  16. Slinky's New Halter

    I wish I could get the darn pictures to show up larger! >_< Thank you Equestrianaddict.
  17. I Got A C N A Job!

    YAY! Even though they said they weren't hiring when I went in to fill out an application the hiring manager called me back within 30 minutes of me leaving the facility. He wasn't there when I left the application, so I left it with the two other higher people (who I now learned are the owners of the facility) I guess they really liked me too. I already gave my two weeks notice to my current employer whom I worked for for almost 5 years. I can't believe I've been there for that long, time really flies! They were all saddened I was leaving but also very happy because I was going into the field I am studying for. The one disadvantage is that the pay rate is lower (sigh) but they are willing to give me more hours to make up for the decreased pay rate. Thankfully that will help along with the experience I am receiving! Yesterday I had my first training shift from 7-3, today I go in from 3-11. I had a really great time at the facility, everyone was very nice and welcoming. I also really felt like I belonged in that facility. The patients are very nice and for the most part most of them are easy-going. While I was there I got a call from a hospital about an application I had sent in about a week and a half ago. I was excited because I finally thought I would be able to work in a hospital (where I really wanted to be). I had a phone interview with the HR guy and after the interview (he quizzed me on what I did/didn't know) that made me realize that even if they do offer me a higher pay rate, I should stay at this local nursing home and learn a thing or two before going into a hospital. I have to build my confidence up. I am totally excited about going to see everyone later on today. Thought I would share with you guys what's been going on since my last post about CNA work.
  18. Pictures Of The Girls And A Couple Landscape

    Pretty as ever! Thanks for sharing.
  19. Is Anyone A C.n.a?

    I am trying really, like REALLY hard to get a CNA job. I have had my license for 2.5 years and have not been able to find a job. Now that my license is set to expire in a August I really would like to keep it valid. I have been putting applications left and right and no one will hire me because of the fact that I have absolutely zero experience outside of my clinical experience. There are a lot of places that are looking to hire for Caregiving, which obviously doesn't require a license. Many places have told me that if I had at least some kind of care giving experience they would count that and hire me. I have no problem working as a caregiver but will I still be able to renew my CNA license as a caregiver? I have been trying to find the answer to that question online and can not find it, so I've came here since HorseCity seems to know how to find answers. HAHAHA! Thank you guys!
  20. Is Anyone A C.n.a?

    Yeah, tell me about it RRW! It's interesting because all I want is to be hired. I'm so desperate for some kind of experience I am thinking of taking a part time job as a care giver. Maybe that will look as some kind of experience! Goodness! Here in California to renew your license you need paid work under supervision of a health care professional (which I'm certainly uncertain if a caregiving position counts) AND 48 hours of continued education (24 can be done online). I'm currently working on my CE online. I am getting irritated, I even called the state (someone picked up) to ask them about the caregiving he gave me a round about answer.
  21. Is Anyone A C.n.a?

    Well....that's interesting because I have called numerous assisted living places and they've all told me "no, we aren't hiring but come fill out an application". In which I AM going to in the next couple days. I am also going to do what some of you said and pick up a care giving job. Thank you all for the information, it is really appreciated.
  22. Pop-Up/portable Barrels

    They are super simple. They have a coil of metal in them and when unfastened from the two velcro straps they literally spring up. At the bottom there is plastic type card board to keep them "weighted" down. I'm not entirely sure how well they work in windy conditions but normal conditions they are great. Another wonderful point about them is that they are pretty difficult to "knock over", or at least my cheapy brand are. HAHAAHAH. I really like them. And I know what you mean about heavy garbage cans, the park&recreation people finally got tired of me using them so they chained them to the sitting area at the public arena. Thankfully I now have my barrels.
  23. Pop-Up/portable Barrels

    There is also a "cheaper" version call Turn Tight, Flex Barrels. They are a lot cheaper and work fine. I love my barrels. I don't know how well they hold up to tons of use but they are great for me.
  24. Zenyatta's First Date!

    Could you imagine this her thinking..."get off me, you're the one who beat me!" LOL!!
  25. Help With This Gag Bit

    Can you get a picture up?