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  1. Do Ya All Have The Wnfr On?

    You betcha! And recording too!
  2. Nfr Starts Tonight!

    I know - YAY!! Will have to record a lot of it as it doesn't fit in MY schedule! I really enjoy NFR.
  3. Sage (grulla Filly) & Mares (pictures)

    When - oh when - are you going to bring Sage to my house?! She needs to be here in warmer weather! I want her! LOL!
  4. Peeps In Tucson

    There is an excellent Equine center in Gilbert (or Chandler) can't remember! But a big as Tucson is, surely they have good horse vets there. Good luck!
  5. Louisiana Mare Story

    wow - that's quite a tear jerker story!
  6. My New Horse

    He's beautiful! love his face!
  7. Turkeology

    Me too - got 10 right. And I agree about defrosting in the refrigerator. Sure don't want one sitting out for 3 days or so in water!
  8. Correctional Bits?

    I use one all the time. It's fairly mild, & my horse seems to like it.
  9. Conformation Critique Qh

    Looks darn good for an old rope horse! They make the best first horses, good luck with him!
  10. Harley's New Talant!

    Sounds like a blast!
  11. Hi! I Am New

    Welcome! Yup - you're right, he is a cutie!
  12. Talk Me Out Of This...talk Me Out Of This....

    I'm afraid I would take the mini. Just can't say no!
  13. Meet Maddie, My New Horse!

    WHat a cutie! Just one question - how're ya gonna get up on her??!
  14. Photos From This Weekend

    Beautiful pictues and a really cute little girl! In the first picture there are some trees in the background that are blooming - what are they? Pretty place!
  15. Potato Pancake Recipe

    I add a little flour - to stiffen them - make patties and fry them in butter till brown on both sides. They do fall apart easy! But so good! should add - this is for mashed potatoes!