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  1. Bible Teachings Or Traditions Of Men?

    I don't think the bible is beyond human logic. It was written for man to follow as a guide in life. Why would God make it beyond our human logic if he wants us to follow it? I do think it would be easier to understand if we all learned Hebrew and read it directly from the dead sea scrolls ourselves. However I am sure Satan has used evil men to keep that tradition from continuing. And I am all about faith, but in reading the responses from most of you on here I've come to the conclusion we in the world are a lot of lazy believers. Ready to believe whatever we were told growing up and not going out and finding the answers ourselves. Myself included. I find it very hard to believe that those who believe in the Trinity are really ready to accept that God would talk about himself in the 3rd person. As if it's a joke and we all haven't gotten to the funny part yet. That being said the wife and I better get dinner on the table or the husband and himself are going to be angry at us. (I seriously don't think God has the same sense of humor I do....oooh I mean we do.)
  2. Bible Teachings Or Traditions Of Men?

    That being said the argument about the braid does not work if you believe that it explains the trinity. Because I cannot braid my dad, my brother, and my nephew and get one person. They are still individual people just woven together. Like Jehovah, Jesus, and the holy spirit, three things woven together in the bible but still totally different entities.
  3. Bible Teachings Or Traditions Of Men?

    I was brought up to understand the trinity as this example: Lets say Jehovah is my dad, Jesus is my brother, and the Holy Ghost is my Nephew. When the trinity was explained to me the trinity claimed that my dad, my brother and my nephew were actually one person and not 3 people acting in accordance with one goal in mind. But that they were physically one body one mind. Explained in that context I do no believe in the Trinity. I believe that Jehovah is God, Jesus is his son and the holy ghost (spirit) is Jehovah's active force. That Jesus sits at the right hand of God and rules with him using the holy spirit. However reading these posts it seems to me that most of you who believe in the Trinity feel that it is talking about the fact that my dad is also a brother and also a nephew therefore he is one body and one mind. So which is it?
  4. Well That Went Big! Update Good News!

    Well then lets look at it this way. If the school is not breaking the law then Poco will have to either home school or send her daughter to the second school. If the the school is breaking the law then Poco's daughter will get to stay where she is. Either way this will set the protocol for things like this in the future and people with special needs dogs will know where they stand. Sending it to the media and getting it out there to the public in my eyes can only bring more awareness to the situation. No need to keep it hush hush. I still think Poco did the right thing by making it public. I also do not feel Poco thinks the world revolves around her and her daughter. I think she's trying to make things as easy as possible for her daughter even if it means stepping on a few toes. Cause that's what good mothers do. It's not her job to look out for everyone else's children just hers.
  5. Well That Went Big! Update Good News!

    Breaking the law is breaking the law. Laws are made for a reason. That is why your car gets towed when you park in the handi cap parking spot even though there was no handi cap person around and you were only going in for a minute. The law was made already knowing how many people would be inconvenienced by enforcing it and passing it. Therefore that burden does not need to rest on Poco but on the law makers who passed the law. It's a shame Poco had to resort to the measures she has taken but sometimes when you are fighting against "the man" you have to use the media to get them to do the right thing. Haven't we all told those people who haven't seen any results from the authorities about abused or abandoned animals to call the media to get results? This seems just to me.
  6. What Makes You Smile?

    Today what made me smile is seeing a tatooed cop doing a two step shuffle in sheetz on his way to the counter to pay for his coffee while the music was playing a song he apparently liked. That literally made my day.
  7. Wedding Ideas Please?

    I really recommend Pinterest for finding ideas. All you have to do is look up key words like western wedding, outdoor wedding, or country wedding and the ideas that pop up are plentiful with pictures.
  8. If You Were To Go To A Local Fun Show Series

    I can't believe how many people like ribbons. I'm pretty darn shocked. I hate them. They are a pain in the butt. I am the reverse side of a hoarder I don't keep anything. Give me something useful. I still have the plastic drinking cups from one of the shows I was at. All the ribbons I've ever won...in the trash. I don't want to dust them and most of the time they are wrinkled before I even get them to the horse trailer after the class. I shove them under my saddle so I don't have to go all the way back to the trailer. Plastic drinking cups is my vote. You can get them in all the colors of the ribbons. LOVE THEM!
  9. Dear Goat Folks

    the one for sure was born on February 2nd. I got to hold him and warm him up. He was barely walking when I picked him out. The other one I am going to say was born approximately 3 days earlier. But i have no way of knowing. she doesn't seem to keep track of their brith days.
  10. Dear Goat Folks

    she says she can disbud, however she doesn't like to do it. i don't think she does it personally, she may have a friend that helps her. i'm going to see what my vet says and see if i can't get him to do it all. because i know if she disbuds there will be no innoculations when it's done.
  11. Dear Goat Folks

    Okay so the disbudding needs to be asap. I am going to have to talk to the vet again. Make sure things get done on time.
  12. Dear Goat Folks

    Thank you for all your information. Unfortunately the lady we are buying our goats from isn't nearly as informed about them as you would think. She has around 20. I suppose it was stupid to assume since she had 20 and was breeding them she would know all the ins and outs. She wants to band ASAP and dis-horn as soon as the horns break through. She also told us we could pick them up aroun 4 weeks old. We have now talked to our vet about them and we will "forget" to pick them up until they are 3 months and then take them to our vet for dis-horning and castrating. Poor fellas.
  13. Dear Goat Folks

    Thank you Epona for your wisdom. As my goats were born the last week in January, they are Pygmy by the way, how soon should the castration and de-budding be done? I have also been looking online at what to feed. From what I have read so far, grain is a no no for my purposes which is pets only. I have second cutting hay that has a very low mixture of alphalpha in it. I have read pros and cons about alphalpha but I don't think the amount in my second cutting is going to be too much for them. My goats will have their own pasture with a home made "playground". The fencing I was planning on using was regular electric fence with electric running full time. Let me know if any of these things are a no no. I don't want to harm my kids. Whom by the way will be named Pierre and Henri. LOL
  14. Dear Goat Folks

    I am getting two little bucks in a few weeks. They were born the last week in January. My sister is also getting two little bucks. We are neighbors. She has chosen to de-horn and castrate her two little bucks. I am on the fence as to castration. I definately do not want to de-horn as I would like them to have some sort of defense against predators (whatever they may be). She said if I do not castrate them that most likely they will be stinky cause they will urinate on their beards. However I was informed by others that this won't be the case since there will be no females around. The lady we are getting them from said that when you castrate them they are more likely to get stones. What should I do?
  15. Tragedy At Zoo

    According to the news I heard, 1 particularly aggressvie dog was killed, the others were tranquilized till they were able to retrieve the body. They will not be euthanizing any of the other dogs. They showed a video and pictures of the dogs as puppies. Their biological mother died giving birth to them and a surrogate mom was brought in from a nearby shelter to feed them. The news here also said that the mother stood the child on the rail and the "boy" lost his balance and fell in. The mother was responsible for the child at that particular point but the father was at the zoo as well that day. Both parents were being treated for trauma at the hospital. The only thing to ease the pain at this point would be to hope that the child died on impact and did not have to suffer the mauling of the dogs as well. Absolutely horrific. I can't believe the news told everyone such detail. I think as a news company I would have told the public a child fell in and died and left out the unnecessary details of the situation.