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  1. Putting Paint On Horse During Hunting Season

    Go to the craft store and buy a little bottle of acrylic craft paint. I have used it before on animals. It doesn't come right off, but it wears off pretty quickly and its non-toxic. I used acrylic paint to decorate my steer for an FFA show once. I gave him a bath after the show, most of the paint came off with soap & water, and the rest didn't last a week. It wasn't really noticable unless you were up close and looking either. Plus cows have longer hair than horses.
  2. California To Mt. Vernon Washington

    I'd stay off 101 too. Its just as windy, hilly and narrow in California. But if you do end up wanting to hit the California coast north of San Fran, there are some great places. PM me if you'd like more info on them.
  3. The 2008 Half A$$ Flat Ride is coming up, June 27-29. We have received many complements on this ride in Capetown, CA. We lead rides along the beach and other rides climb hills, to get great views of the Pacific Ocean from atop the grassy bluffs. We have a big raffle, enjoy a tasty dinner of Tri-Tip and local oysters, and dance to a Country Western Band on Saturday night. All meals and a T-shirt included. Friday: camp set up, dinner, and jam session. Saturday: short, medium, and long rides, all rides meet for lunch camp, ride back to main camp, raffle, The Roadmasters (tenative at this point) will play live, and bonfire. Sunday: short ride to the beach, and break up camp. This is our annual fundraiser, but it is only $125 to attend! If you are interested in attending, please contact Carole or Darrel Polasek at(707) 786-9637 or! I will try to get a link up to the sign up form ASAP! Here's a link to our photo album from past years: Photo Album You can also visit our website ! *edited to add more stuff & fix some too! [ 05-22-2008, 01:27 AM: Message edited by: brennaluet ]
  4. BCHC Redwood Unit's Half A$$ Flat Ride

    There is a beach ride on sunday! *wink*
  5. BCHC Redwood Unit's Half A$$ Flat Ride

    Anyone interested?
  6. Saddles?

    Unfortunately you get what you pay for in trail saddles. I'd reccomend borrowing one from a friend until your hubby decides he's into trail riding for sure, then buy him something nice.
  7. Group Riding - Horse Manners Problem

    It sounds like your horse is resorting to normal herd behavior, like it would when turned loose in the pasture. It seems to me that she is still trying to figure out the rules of group trail rides. You need to work with her to teach her the rules. She is getting easily excited by the new surroundings and not minding you. I personally would take out only a few horses at a time, and just spend the whole time working with your horses, getting them use to trail riding and figuring out what is expected (like obedience and trail manners). Hours in the saddle will usually make a great trail horse, unless there is something else going on. Your horse probably didn't do dressage perfectly the first few times either. Also, a good way for a horse to learn the drill, is to go for rides with experienced trail horses, your horse will take mood cues from the other trail horses.
  8. Women packing guns. Why does it bother some men?

    That happened to my brother. He was riding his motorcycle and carrying. He had a permit for it, but as he reached back to grab his wallet to hand the guy his permit, license and registration, both officers saw the gun and freaked! They both pointed their guns at him and were yelling, "don't move!" It all got worked out in the end, but how do you tell an officer you have a gun in the first two seconds without sounding like a psycho? lol
  9. What's on your computer desktop?

    I have this on my desktop, for the moment...
  10. Saddle Question

    Usually, if you can identify the model number, you can call the manufacturer and find out the specs on your saddle. Hope that helps a bit!
  11. Right To Ride Bill

    I believe they have renamed this bill the Preservation of Our Equine Heritage Act or something similar. Definitely something worth getting worked up over. People against it are hikers, government agencies who don't want to spend funds on maintaining trails in public parks, and people who think that equestrians damage nature by going into it. Pretty lame if you ask me.
  12. I agree, I would never want to do it myself, but should the situation arise and it is needed I would shoot my horse to keep them from suffering. My husband already said he'd do it if its needed. He says its cheaper than the vet at 25 cents a bullet, lol. We had a situation where I wsa working my in-laws horse and it broke its leg. Luckily my husband was there. He called the in-laws to ask for permission to shoot it, but they wanted to wait for the vet, who showed up an hour and a half later. The poor horse had to wait all that time, she was in pain but was remarkably calm (fortunately). I would've rather it was shot, instead of her suffering the whole time. Luckily my in-laws had a backhoe at their place and a spot to bury the horse.
  13. Horses don't like my farrier?

    Could just be that your horse is not used to a stranger handling their feet. Try having your friends (friends are cheaper than the farrier) come over and play with their feet. This could totally be a trust and inexperience issue. Once you horse figures out other people will pick up their feet and not kill them, they might take better to it.
  14. MODS!!!.... Question For Yah

    The only way to prevent picture theft (by clicking and copying) would be by putting them in a flash slideshow format, but someone could still screenshot the photos and crop them. Basically if the photos are on the net, they can be stolen. I am sure the thiefs would be a lot less likely to steal pics that had those annoying copyright watermarks across them. Hope that answers some questions.
  15. Long Ride

    Below is the link for the Backcountry Horsemen of Oregon. I am a member of the California affiliate. Members of this organization are great sources of information when it comes to local trails. Check out the Chapter Locations link, and find some people in the are you want to visit, then proceed to pick their brains! lol
  16. Weight Estimate....if you had to guess

    Usually there is some weight info on the tongue. Unfortunately time usually makes this info unreadable...
  17. Foxhunting PHOTOS

    That looks like a ton of fun! I've chased deer on my horse before, but no hounds. I could only imagine how much more fun it would be with all those dogs and other horses! I would stick out like a sore thumb though, in my Carhartt and trail saddle!
  18. Halloween Ride

    Horse costumes look like fun!
  19. ** Is It Even Possible??~~~

    My farrier was just saying that my QH/Arab may be gaited... I posted on the gaited area of this forum (;f=21;t=001592 if you're interested). I am planning on getting some video and have the friendly board members here, who know more about gaited horses than I do, look over them and tell me what they see. We could be starting a new faction of the QH breed! lol
  20. Driving Newb!

    I recently inherited a beautiful antique buggy, that has been refurbished. Now I am interested in driving. I have several horses that could easily pull this buggy (I can pull it easily). So I have a few questions. Obviously I don't intend to begin with pulling the antique, what should I do for a cheap alternative? Have someone build something with bike tires? Which horse should I use? Are there any traits to look for when selecting the horse to train for this? What are some good beginner driving sites/books? Anyone/where I could go to get a rundown of how to do this process? I am not really interested in spending a bunch on a trainer.
  21. Gaited?

    My main horse has always been a comfortable ride, but I never thought anything of it until recently. I switched farriers and the new farrier was evaluating my horse. She decided to shoe her a bit differently than normal. She also told me that due to the way her hoof grows (not deformed or anything), she has a smaller hoof angle than most horses and it is accentuated by her longer pasterns. So she shod to correct it. After the shoeing, I trotted my horse out so the farrier could evaluate the fit of the shoeing style (at my request). She said, "You know, she could be gaited." I said, "What?!" She continued to say she didn't know much about gaited horses, but that she sorta paddles at the trot. It sorta makes sense. She has always been a comfy ride, but when I bought her I was told that she was Arab/QH. Everyone asks me if she's a Morgan, I read that some of them are gaited. I also read that gaited horses are trained to do the "gait". My question, I guess, is how do you tell if a horse is gaited or not? I've tried looking up stuff on the net, but all I see is really confusing explainations about hoof beats and rhythm, lol. In laman's terms, what should I look for? Could you tell from pictures? Videos?
  22. Gaited?

    Well we weren't really shoeing to get any gaits, its just that in the process, the farrier noticed she moved differently. She did have a really low hoof angle (low 40 degrees), which we believe is caused by the super quick rate of hoof growth. I will have to go play with her to see what I can see as far as gaits (which will likely yield no info, due to my inexperience in this stuff, lol). I will try to get video/pics for you guys to look at. She's never been trained to do anything fancy as far as gaits go, and I only use her for trail riding and the occasional gymkhana. I am mostly just curious as to whether or not she's more special than she already is to me.
  23. Driving Newb!

    Thanks a lot for the info! I do know a few people who may be able to help me out with some of the training of me! I guess I'll have to size up the buggy and the critters, and go from there.
  24. excuse my ignorance..

    Sometimes it takes a really long time to heal completely... I have a mare who foundered almost a year ago and she is still having some lame times. She's been xrayed and all that good stuff. It just takes time for the hoof to get completely back to normal. [ 10-21-2007, 06:46 AM: Message edited by: brennaluet ]
  25. Horses and excercise. (A funny)

    Haha, this is soo funny! I do the first excercise (allowing the horse to lead you though laps of the pasture). When I finally do catch her, I am usually ready to go home, lol.