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  1. Horse acts like he can't pee...

    I agree. Usually all it needs is a good sheath cleaning.
  2. Please pray that they press charges...

    First off.. I don't understand why y'all still reply on this chick's posts! They're ridiculous every time, and this one is no exception. There are people in this world that are messed up, and have no common sense. No matter how much you bash them, things will never improve. It's their choice to make good decisions. Not ours. And there there are people like Bumper. Who know reality and have common sense. I applaud you Bumper Give it a rest. Don't fret over someone else's stupid mistakes. One day, hopefully she will come to her senses. But for now, don't even try.
  3. Updated Pictures!!

    Pippy is super cute!
  4. Wanna See my Bull Elk??

    Thats a big one you got there!
  5. Here's my guy a couple months before he passed away at 29... . His daughter, at our barn His son, also at our barn I stuipidly didn't save any mane. I kick myself for not doing it now.. but I do have pictures of him. So maybe a shadown box type of thing? Thanks for all your kind words
  6. We recently had our 29 y/o Arabian stud colic and die on us last week. I really would like to do some sort of rememberance photo, maybe plaque thing in our barn. Can i get some ideas please?
  7. What do you all run in?

    Classic Equines on all 4's. My philosopy is that only doing fronts is like wearing knee pads on only your right knee... I like it all around. I just use cheap rubber bell boots because i have yet to find one that really LASTS the wear and tear.
  8. Getting horse to use his hindquarters

    Any sort of reining training works well for me.... Teaching sliding stops, Rollbacks, Collected lope, faster lope.. I do that sort of thing.
  9. He's Gone

    I'm sooo soo sorry for your loss.... My deepest sympathy..
  10. Mares vs. Geldings

    Geldings! I don't get along with one mare in the barn. I don't why, I just don't! I think that gelding are more willing to work, while mares hold grudges. But i've seen great of both sexes.
  11. Barefoot or Shoes? What's your horse got?

    Shoes during show season (summer) barefoot in the winter
  12. Browband or one-ear??

    My practice headstall is a browband, but I show in a one ear- i think they look better, and since I like my guys face.. i like showing it off with a one ear- just my personal "thing"
  13. College is creeping up fast.. and I stil haven't really considered what I want to go in to. Any sugguestions? I thought of something with equine management, but i'm also thinking about general health, like radiology (for humans!) Both a possibility?!