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  1. Should Cooking Classes Be Required

    I'm only 22 so my opinion may not have much substance, but anyways... I think that classes should at least be offered. I went to a very small high school (less than 50 when I graduated) and I would have loved to have taken some sort of home ec type class. I love to cook, and I can bake, but I would have liked to have learned some more basic sewing type skills. My mom can manage basic cooking, but it was my dad that I have some great childhood memories cooking with. I do not believe that the class should be mandatory but the option should be their. As far as cooking being easy and anyone who can read should be able to cook.I really do not think is a fair assumption. I love to cook and I don't feel that it is difficult. However my sister on the other hand has a difficult time with and she does try to cook. But she can mess up boxed type meals. And she does read the instructions. I do believe that cooking does take some amount of skill and teaching it is more effective than trying to read directions. I have been making the effort to show her how to make basic meals, but no matter how much she may try she still has issues with it. Some people just can't put words into actions, they have to see it done, their visual type learners. Just my opinion ~Racing07
  2. Skid Boots?

    My app horse hates wearing rear boots. I have tried several styles, sizes, etc. with no luck in finding a pair he doesnt gets finicky about. He uses his hindquarters alot in his turns, really getting underneath himself and "sitting" his turns. So i would prefer to use protection on his back legs. I am currently using CE legacy boots on all four legs (he deals with these the best) during runs and harder workouts. However I notice him being less "distracted" and essentially turning better during workouts that i do not use rear boots. His general behavior when wearing rear boots is stomping and sometimes wanting to kick out (not at me). Usually i ignore it and he stops and deals with the boots after about 10min or so. The reason I am asking is because he does turn better without them and i want to get the best out of him. But I would hate not to use some sort of protection on his hind legs. I use hind boots on my other two barrel horses without problems. I have seen some people using skid boots and thought they may be an option since there is "less" to them as for as material and coverage. However they still seem to offer some protection. Does anyone have experience with them? Do you prefer leather or neoprene? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance ~Racing07
  3. Early To Bed, Early To Rise

    By nature i am one of those early to bed early to rise kind of people. However, i've been on third shift the last few years so i voted other. On days I dont have class, i go to bed around 12pm and then i'm up between 7 and 8pm. Generally i have classes during the day (which is why i work third shift) so i'm lucky if i'm in bed by 4pm and have to be up by 9pm at the latest to get to work on time. I have weekends off so i am back to being up before 5am and usually in bed by 11pm or so. I know pretty messed up sleeping schedule oh well, works for me.
  4. Saddle Help

    I have a circle y velocity saddle (flex 2 tree) for my paint horse who had saddle fit issues. Chiro recommended getting a flex tree or treeless. I spoke with several saddle shops, etc and eventually decided to go with the velocity. Honestly, its "ok" it feels like the seat wants to "push" me forward. It fits the horse well which is the most important thing and its ok for me. I just not super impressed with it. As far as wear, I have only had it two years and have noticed wear on various leather parts, nothing excessive but my other saddles are billy cook, OK one thats eight yrs old the other three, and the circle y is catching up on wear to those saddles. Other things conchos are looking very warn, basically anything non essential is wearing down faster than expected. As far as "perfomance" type parts of the saddle they are holding up fine, granted I've only had it for two years so... I would definately try it out first, and see how it fits you and the horse. Good Luck ~Racing07
  5. Billy Cook Saddles

    Back in the day I think there was a bigger difference in quality between the Sulphur Cooks and the Greenville Cooks, however I think the difference is getting smaller with the newer saddles. I have notice that the Sulphur Cooks hold their resale value better (which is one reason people are more interested in them). Otherwise the only difference is that the Sulphur Cooks are full bars, while the Greenvilles are semi. I have ridden in both, and prefer the Sulphur saddles.
  6. It seems that having that piece of paper is getting to be more and more important as the years pass. Jobs that previously did nor require degrees now need them, or jobs that only needed a bachelors, now need a masters. I think education is important however it depends on the field you want to work in if the benefits out way the costs. I am looking at some of these numbers for yearly tuition and costs, and realizing I am getting off easy. I went to a community college for the first two years on a scholarship and paid for my books out of pocket so I did not have any debt there. Right now I am attending a satellite campus of one of the state universities using student loans to pay. If my tuition per semester stays the same I should finish with my bachelors with under $12,000 in debt. I live at home to save money. The school is about an hour and fifteen min. away. Generally I can keep my schedule where I am only going up there twice a week. So I mean what I save in board more than makes up for my gas. Another reason for commuting is that I have a decent full time job (40 hrs per week) about 15 min from home, it pays $13 an hour, but they also have an incentive program for working faster. For every hour you save the company they pay you for that hour (most of us average between 8-20 extra hours a week). I just could not justify the added cost to go away to college, and hoping to find another job. I work third shift so I can take just about any class schedule I want and sleep around it. I am probably going to end up having to finish in 4 1/2 years. I took summer classes when I went to the community college, but it was closer. The warehouse I work at picks up business in the summer, and they have tendency to call mandatory overtime (have to stay over an hour or more) and with the summer classes they are offering for my major if I have OT I cannot make it to class on time. The satellite campus has a much smaller class selection than the main campus. Generally with a class only being offered during one time spot per semester or every other semester. I like working the overtime when offered (sometimes its just voluntary) so I would hate to miss out if I had the opportunity to work it. I figured it would not be a big deal to go an extra semester. ETA: Forgot to mention, I went to a small school (K-12 in one building, 9 in my graduating class). The dual credit program had just started at the school when I was beginning my senior year of high school. I think they had 4-5 classes that were being offered as dual credit courses (alternating semesters), 3 of the classes I had already taken but they had not been considered dual credit when I had taken them, the other classes were alternating for the first semester of the school year. Since none of this was decided until after the start of my senior year I was not able to partake in those courses.
  7. Question Regarding Mud/footing

    Ditto to Bumper I have small paint gelding who does well with crappy ground. He doesn't like to really sit down in his turns, so if the ground is muddy he manages to kind of skate across the top of it. Other horses would get bogged down. He's small, not super fast, but consistent, so we keep him around. (well only when he's not trying to escape, tends to be a Houdini when being tied up). My app gelding isn't a huge fan of muddy ground. I always joke that he doesn't like to get dirty (he can act a little metro). However he has gotten better with ground as he has gotten more experience. Just me ~Racing07
  8. Western Pleasure? I Dont Get It!

    I have never been a huge fan of WP, just not my cup of tea. However I can appreciate the training that goes into it. exes- the horse in your post looked awesome, its still alot of hit or miss around here as far as WP horses go. There are a couple AQHA shows nearby and I will pop in if I am around (have some friends that show halter). The quality of horse varies quite a bit, sadly I generally see alot of 4 beating at the lope, jog is usually better, However these would be lower level AQHA shows, so that may be the reason. I do see some really nice WP horses toward the end of the season (Aug./Sept.) friends tell me that there on break from the circuit and trying to make some money at the county shows (there are several well paying ones around here), however it seems that the judges are so used to "mechanical" WP horses that do not seem to know what to do with the good ones when they finally do show up. I generally just barrel race/pole bend now. However if the show is close enough I like to put the boys in pleasure classes just to make them think (preferably HUS, used to show my app gelding in it, did ok for walk/trot had a hard time with the canter, he's just wasn't built for it) its great for making a more well rounded horse. ~Just me Racing07
  9. I do see alot of this in my area, kids mooching off their parents. I am not sure if this is a national norm or simply how it is around here. I am currently a junior in college, will be turning 21 in a few weeks. I live at home, and drive to school (schedule varies by semester). I went to a community college first on a scholarship, and then one of the state universities has a satallite campus that is an 1 hr 15 min. away, I am currently using students loans to pay. I just could not justify the added cost of going down to the main university and living down there. I have a decent paying full time job here, and it just does not make any sense to move out yet. My parents are fine with me staying at home, I do laundry, cooking, and cleaning on the weekends. I work third shift sun-thurs, and then have a full time class schedule during the week (mostly a.m. classes), so the only time I am home during the week is to sleep. I chip in with groceries, I split a family cell phone plan with my parents and sister (cheaper for everyone that way), I have my own car payment, I split the car insurance with my parents, because they are often taking it due to my sister not having a car yet (she takes my mother's car, then mom takes mine, and I get the truck) my sister hasn't been allowed to drive my car since she ditched it a block away from home [bang Head] and dad has never let either my mom or sister drive either one of the trucks (they tend to forget that side mirrors are there for a reason). My dad figured since I wasn't the only driving my car it wasn't fair to make me pay for all the insurance. The horses we split everything pretty much 50/50 since I have a horse, mom has a horse, and then dad and I went in on a third, so thats just how it works out. Its not uncommon for me to go all week with maybe seeing my parents 15min each day, since everyone works opposite schedules. My sister drives me absolutely crazy. She is 18 and currently going to the community college on the same scholarship I got, and is on the verge of losing it due to grades, and having to drop classes, because she kept forgetting to turn in homework. She only works ten hours a week. Its worse then pulling teeth trying to get her to do any house work or laundry, she only pays for her own gas about half the time (driving to school/work). Cooking doesn't count cause she can barely boil water. I have generally lost all patience with her and tend to ignore her if were both home. I cannot wait to move out and get my own place but for now it just makes sense to stay put. My job is 15 min one way, the barn is 15 min the other way, and school is and 1 hr 15 min, another way. So my parents place is pretty centrally located. I think that as long as the kid is pulling his/her own weight that its not a big deal if they're still at home, regardless of age or reason.
  10. I do not have kids myself yet, so perhaps my answer is irrelevent. However I do know what its like just not to understand something. I went to a tiny school K-12 in one building. There was only one math teacher for grades 8-12, and we were constantly getting new teachers. From the time I was in 6th grade until I was a junior in high school, I did not have a "real" math class. My seventh grade teacher played guitar in class, my 8th grade/ freshman teacher taught us how to play yuker, and my sophmore year we built catapolts. My junior year we finally got a new teacher, it was supposed to be a trig/stats course, but it ended up being a basic algebra course. The new teacher could not believe how far behind everyone was, not just my class, but all of the high school. She was teaching algebra to almost every class because in order for her to even think about teaching what the course required we had to know algebra. Of course at the time I wasn't complaining. I ended up guessing well on the math portion of the ACT, so when I went to college I did not have to take any entrance exams, and based on my ACT score I was place in 220 level math class, I dropped it after a week, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Well math was still required so I ended up taking a 121 class(college algebra) a semester later. I completely bombed the first two tests of the semester (I'm talking under 50%). I tried getting help from the professor, but I just could not follow his way of teaching, the college also had a free tutoring center which I tried which didn't help either. They would spend five minutes "telling" me what to do before walking a way without actually showing or teaching me anything. My Dad has always been good in math, took all sorts of accelerated classes and what not in high school, never any college courses. I went to him for help. I would take really good notes in class (generally not understanding any of it just writing down whatever the professor wrote down) and lay them out with the book for my dad to look at when he got home. I work full time third shift and took a full time class schedule, so I worked at night, went straight to class after then slept in the late afternoon. So I would lay my stuff out on the counter so he could read the chapter and my notes then he would wake me up 2 hours early and we would do the suggested questions together (my grade was entirely based on in class exams). We did the questions step by step together we me talking the entire problem out. He generally understood everything by just reading the textbook, so he would then teach it to me so I could get. We did this every night for the semester and I ended up getting a B in the class. So did he help too much? Maybe, we did all the questions together, however since the grade was based entirely on exams I had to learn the material and be able to apply in class on that exam by myself. I used this same method when I took a harder math course the following semester and got an A in that class. I never had problems with anyother subject it was just math and in part I blame it on having an incomplete education learning the basics, and I know now that I should have pushed to actually get an education back in high school. With many subjects, math especially, the more advanced material just keeps building on the basics. I think parents should help their kids. No they should not do the homework for them, but they should do what they can so that their children understand the material. (sorry for the length)
  11. Getting Rid Of Unwanted Horses

    .....but then later you said, "When a horse is humanely euthanized, they should be sedated first, put out, as when performing surgery. Then the lethal dose is administered." ....and a later quote: "The largest abuse system in the U.S. is the inhumane horse slaughter system. Those that defend horse slaughter are attempting to claim that because the U.S. facilities are closed, unwanted horses are being neglected and using that spin in an attempt to reopen the U.S. horse slaughter facilities. Where or what do owners do when they truly can't afford to humanely euthanize and are not willing to submit their horse to the inhumane horse slaughter system? We need to at least address the issue and provide some assistance to those that need it before they find themselves in a neglect situation." Just a hypothetical question, lets say I bring my horse to a local(state run) slaughter plant and my horse is euthanized by a professionally trained marksman(using a bullet). What I(as a seller) would normally get paid goes into a fund that helps pay for care and/or euthanizing of neglected horses. I would still save money by not having to pay a vet for the euthanizing service and worry on what to do with the carcass. Would you have a problem with this "hypothetical service"? My guess to you Echo1 is that you are totally against horse slaughter, period. I apologize for not getting quotes properly given credit, but I usually do not post(my daughter does). That , and I can't believe I've read 17 pages of this thread.
  12. Name Brand Vs Generic

    completely forgot about the mac and cheese, generic is just gross. ditto to the pet food, and auto parts/maintaince products.
  13. Name Brand Vs Generic

    With the economy still struggling to recover, and everyone doing what they can to save money, buying generic product is one of the ways people are coping. However are there some products that you have to buy the name brand for? I noticed this shopping the other day, some items I automatically reached for the generic version and other items I grabbed the name brand version. So what do you guys say, do you always buy generic or are there some things worth paying the little extra?(Guess its not much of a debate, just curiosity) For myself I usually buy generic with a few exceptions; Facial products- I almost always buy name brand, I have fair skin and tend to have problems with my skin getting irritated. I have noticed less of a problem if I stay with name brand stuff. However since I do not use alot of products its not much of an issue, cleanser and moisturizer for keeping skin looking decent, and then just the basics for make-up(I don't wear it often so I usually end up pitching it by expiration date anyway). Household cleaners- this is not for everything but certain types of cleaners seem to leave a residue if I buy generic, namely wood and window cleaners. Electronics- generally go by the old saying "that you get what you pay for." Cereal- most foods I have no problem buying generic, but for some reason I cannot stand generic cereal, leaves a funny after taste in my mouth. (Disclaimer: I did a search for this topic and could not find anything, so I apologize if this topic has been done before.)
  14. Pawing

    My nine yr old app has a bad habit of pawing in the trailer, when we have stopped. He doesn't paw when he is moving (camera in trailer) only while stopped in traffic, or waiting to be unloaded. He does not paw when tied anywhere outside the trailer. He used to have an issue pawing everywhere (this was when I first got him as a four yr old), however spending several hours tied to a wall (didn't have a post or tree) for week, he learned fairly quickly that pawing wasn't getting him anywhere. He will kick out occasionally (very long trips) and I have linked this to him having to pee. Apparently he does not like to pee in a trailer (moving or unmoving). During a gas stop during a long trip he will paw and sometimes kick, until he eventually decides he has to pee in the trailer. I think this has something to with him not liking to pee where he sleeps or something, because even at home he will not pee in is shelter. He will walk outside (rain, sleet, snow, whatever) to pee then walk back in. Doesn't have an issue peeing in a stall though. Not that I am complaining manure is easier to pick up then urine. Also trailer is always bedded deep with pine shavings. The pawing is a constant problem if the trailer is not moving, the kicking has only occured when he had to pee (even than its pretty rare, can only think of it happen 2-3 times, however most of my shows are under three hours away). Either way both behaviors are an issue. I had been just ignoring the problem, he would just paw once or twice and that was it, but toward the end of last show season it has been getting to the point where he would paw constantly. Background: Same trailer he has always beem hauled in. Does not have a problem with loading, fine with being led in or loading himself. He is not always immediately unloaded upon our arrival (depends on the show- barrel or pleasure; or if I am running late). Sometimes is fed hay in the trailer (depends on the show- barrel or pleasure). I did try going back to basics and tying him to a wall again (well ventaliated) for a few hours while I was working with one of the other horses, he didn't care cocked a foot and took nap, no pawing. I am not a huge fan of hobbles, I have a friend who uses them for a horse who paws but the minute he doesn't have them on he is back to pawing, so I generally view them as a way to cover up the problem vs. actually fixing (not looking to start a fight) however I will use them if I can't get the problem fixed. Right now my game plan is to spend some time at home with the trailer hooked up, and just tie him up and leave him in the trailer for a few hours (same principle as a patience post), hope to do that this spring before it gets too warm. This was the main reason why I did not address the issue last year was because it was not an issue until the end of june and thought it was unfair to leave him in an unmoving trailer for a few hours when it was 90+ outside. However I am concerned about him beating up my trailer in the process. So I was hoping for some more advice on how to fix the problem. Thanks ~Racing07
  15. Halters And Ears!

    ditto to cheri get his ears checked. It can be long process to get them over it. My paint was terribly head shy when I bought him (almost seven yrs ago), backing up, head up. Took me about a year before I could put halter/bridle on him without him panicking. It was closer to three years before he would stand relaxed for the clippers (still cannot clip his ears) and even now if I move my hands to fast around his head he starts to get nervous (doesn't try to get away anymore though.) Good luck