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  1. Another One Of Those Bit Questions

    At my barn we have a camp every summer. We might be getting a pony soon to start working with to make him more suitable for use with the beginners by camp time, and I will most likely be doing most of this work. While I am fairly familiar with english bitting, we will be working with this pony so that the kids can ride him western and he will neck rein easily. The barn owner at my barn is very set in her ways, and a big fan of tom thumb bits. She is under the impression that since the horses don't react they are fine. I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on other bits to try with him. I will probably just be working him a lot in a snaffle but I'm pretty sure that the BO will not be ok with putting kids on him in just a snaffle, she thinks you need shanks to neck rein. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as would any explanations as to why you would use that particular bit if you have one. I know it might take some trial and error to find the perfect bit, but i'd like to go into this with some ideas so that I can head her off from just throwing him in a tom thumb.
  2. Help Locating A Video, Please?

    You're welcome I had just seen it on facebook the other day and thought it was awesome too!
  3. Help Locating A Video, Please?

    I found the facebook page that the video is from, I couldn't figure out how to link to the video but this is the page and it's the third post down. Hope the link works! Facebook page
  4. What To Wear?

    Yeah I was expecting him to be sore if anything when jumping at first, but really it felt a lot more like he just didn't have good traction and he wasn't used to that. The farrier also had to change the angles of all four hooves because they were all slanted in instead of having been trimmed evenly. [bang Head] I'm so glad the first thing I did when I got him was to change farriers. But I won't be jumping him any higher unless he gets more comfortable and I get the all clear from the trainer.
  5. What To Wear?

    Ugh I know haha, i'm such a worrier. But thank you! My horse is a liver chestnut, and hunter green looks awesome on him so I'll probably try that out. I'll probably just be doing little 2' and 2'3" classes this time. I actually pulled his shoes a couple weeks ago, and though he's been doing great it seems to have thrown his jumping off on any of the higher jumps. He's a very capable jumper and is still doing fine on the smaller ones but I actually tried jumping a bit higher for the first time in a couple weeks and it was a mess. Luckily I have a lesson on Tuesday so hopefully we can work on that some. Oh and your horse is gorgeous! Thank you! I don't really think it's a very big show. I just really had no idea when it was appropriate to wear what in the jumpers.
  6. What To Wear?

    Ok thanks! Even though i've been riding for like 12 years, i've never shown in a real show, so i'm kind of nervous! If it were a show where I could wear a polo, should i bring a plain black or navy one or could I do hunter green or something more colorful?
  7. What To Wear?

    I am going to a show in October and I was wondering if anyone had any insight on what I could wear? I have show clothes, but I will only be doing jumper classes, can I just wear a polo? It's "Horse shows in the park" in Newberry, FL if anyone is familiar with that particular show. I have seen a lot of pictures of people on here showing in polos, and i'd definitely prefer that to having to wear the jacket. But I also really don't want to be the only one dressed differently haha.
  8. Jalape?o Hands

    This has happened to my mom before and I think she used Simple Green cleaner.
  9. Very Itchy Horse. Any Suggestions Welcome!

    This is all very interesting and helpful information. I'll have to mention the Benadryl thing to the vet, I do know it didn't help before when it was given orally. I'm still hopeful that the neck threadworm treatment will work, because his symptoms really do fit perfectly. But, if it doesn't work then I'll have to get the allergy test done.
  10. Very Itchy Horse. Any Suggestions Welcome!

    Thank you, I'm going to call around and figure out what my options are as far as the testing is concerned. Hopefully UF does do it, I'm sure they would do more area-specific tests. Thats funny because I had no idea you could do this until today! I just got back from the barn a little while ago, and my friend told me that she has already tried this and it didn't seem to give any relief. But I'm going to have to talk to the vet and see if that for sure means if it isn't allergies then. They were still recommending allergy testing. I actually learned about the neck thread worms through your thread on here, and I'm hoping the treatment will help soon. It sounded like the perfect diagnosis too, as he has many of the symptoms.
  11. Very Itchy Horse. Any Suggestions Welcome!

    Thanks, I'll definitely start using the Vit A. I don't really know many details about what exact steroid they were using, but I can ask my friend or the barn owner tomorrow. The itchiness is the worst in the summer, it just seems to progress as it gets hotter and more humid. Though he is itchy still in the winter it seems much more easy for him to deal with. In just the last couple of weeks it has gotten really hot, and he has really started to feel it worse. Our barn gets shipments of hay in from different people and places throughout the year, and that doesn't seem to change him much. His pen is really sandy, does anyone know of any parasite that could come from this? It's never been anything big enough for us to see, and he is groomed almost daily. It really most likely is an allergy though. I've been told from his current vet that the only way to get allergy tests done is to bring him in to the UF vet school, and that it would be pricey. Are allergy tests something that can be done by a vet at the barn? I am just trying to find the most cost-effective way to get this done. Thank you for any input! I'm just excited I can hopefully help him out.
  12. Very Itchy Horse. Any Suggestions Welcome!

    Yeah, I was thinking that i'll have to do an allergy test. Really if we can find out what's wrong it will be completely worth it. How much/how often would I give the vitamin A supplement? Thank you for pointing this out, it is definitely something I wouldn't have thought about. I feel like they should have done a blood panel before, but I really don't know and will definitely do it to check again. Thank you! I don't really think he's in very close proximity to any of these on a regular basis, unless he's near them while being ridden. His pen is mostly dirt with I think an oak overhead.
  13. Very Itchy Horse. Any Suggestions Welcome!

    Hmm, that's a really good question! This has been such an ongoing problem, that I would really hope that the vet would do something as simple as run a blood panel. I will have to ask though, and see if and when one was done. Are there any other symptoms that he would display if this were the problem?
  14. I've been around for a while and usually just lurk, but I decided that I should start posting on here. You all are so knowledgeable and I have a few questions. The back story is that this gelding is soon to become partly mine, so I will be able to put any treatment suggested into full action. He has been itchy for the past 2-3 years, VERY, full body itchy. He is kept in a electric-wired pen so that he doesn't rub everything out, and turned out only with supervision. He gets daily attention though, and is ridden most days of the week. My friend, who owns him now, has tried just about every skin treatment and shampoo available and none of those have made any difference. He's also usually fed flax which doesn't seem to help. The vet has examined him more than once, and has tried steroid shots, taking samples of skin to test for fungus, and skin treatments. He wore a fly sheet all last summer which also did nothing. He is itchy year-round, but it gets significantly worse in the summer, and has gotten worse in just the last week or so. I did find some information on treating horses for neck threadworms not too long ago on here, and he just had his second double dose of Equimax on tuesday. He really hasn't had any improvement yet, but does anyone know how long until he should feel any relief if it was that? Any suggestions at all are welcome!
  15. Anyone have horses with unique markings?

    I don't have any pictures on this computer, but my appaloosa has a lightning bolt shaped spot on her leg and a sort of S shaped star marking on her face.