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  2. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    everyone is having such good things come! yayyyy god is good :) my sister is in Italy on a school business trip! but, I'm going to a giant flea market today. so. excited. and then on Memorial Day weekend I'm racing my dirtbike then we got a hotel room in lake George! I'm so excited. does anyone see those ranch horse ads on here? they always reaaaaaally tempt me. I have been seriously considering buying a horse, but I work so much.
  3. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    the thought of more than 1 bridal shower never even crossed my mind hahaha. that is complete insanity. atomicjade, glad you're doing good. marriage isn't for everyone... glad you realize that, because some people don't. I've decided that I probably never want kids, although I do want to get married.
  4. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    I'm selling my sisters old show clothes for my mom, and I don't mind, and were making some extra money which is nice, but holy SMOKES I cannot keep all these jackets straight. I'm pretty sure I sold a jacket that a lady paid for last night, so now I need to tell her that I don't have it. but then I Re read the messages and maybe not, but she said she didn't want pink and this one has pink lining. so. confused.
  5. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    I'm changing the U to an R. :) moar ponies!!!! but honestly, I just bought the bike of my dreams, and my next purchase will be a 2 door gecko green hardtop wrangler.
  6. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    you guys are so grown up. Ed and I live with our parents, were both 23. we'd love to live together but apartments are $1000/month and up, and houses start at like 700k, lol. we talked about moving (south) but it's not really in the cards right now.
  7. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    boots are cute, but they've become so popular these days at weddings. I wore boots as the wedding I was in, and in SO many other weddings I see pictures of. flip flops are a cute idea, though! I picture a wedge flip flop with some crystals on the strap. has anyone seen the ugg 'I do' line? cute stuff! pearly white uggs with baby blue accents.
  8. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    hahaha yeeeeeah that sucked! I face planted really hard... kitchens are not good places for gymnastics. I got a root canal because the pulp was showing yesterday. wasn't too bad, hurt pretty bad like once... then she just bonded a new tooth. not really how I wanted to spend my weekend, or $182, or miss a day of work... hurt yesterday, feels fine today besides some pressure. I'm a little sad because honestly I miss my old tooth hahahaha. this one is completely different!!! I also have a sore nose, bruised eye, a zit on both of my cheeks, and black and blue knees. basically I look like a mess. and I still have a bit of a lisp. WHY?! but thanks for thinking of me, guys! <3
  9. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    When I was a bridesmaid, I looked at dresses online at David's, went to the store to try on for size, then bought the dress we liked off eBay used once for half price, haha. didn't like it though. the place was gross, and I would rather give my business to a small family shop. help was rude too.
  10. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    I've been riding at my boyfriends barn... they mostly have Arabs but they have some boarders. I became friends with one of the boarders, and he has my dream horse. dead quiet flashy paint that goes English and western. I've been riding him western. if you saw the video of the first time I rode him, you'd never think we would work out lmao. cantered him yesterday! he's such a good boy it was mostly my confidence holding me back. he rolled right into it - so fun! I've never cantered a horse before, just ponies. I'm so excited haha. even better, you can tell that splashy is calm and relaxed with me on him.
  11. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    3 years (and a few days) with my eddy. can't believe it's been that long! we were looking at men's wedding bands last night. so many accidents where mechanics lost their finger with a wedding band from it getting caught on something.
  12. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    never in a million years will work be more important than (most) aspects of my personal life. I would be looking for a new job.
  13. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    nope, I hate donuts haha!
  14. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    we have Tim Hortons in CT! I've never been. I'll have to make Ed take me.
  15. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    bahahaha the food is kinda nasty... but still my weakness. ETA: I probably couldn't live anywhere without DD.