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  1. Rabbits?

  2. Rabbits?

    Wait. Rabbits spray? Like cats? Did not know that. (Although, rabbits were not discussed much in vet tech school, maybe one day of "Not rodents, terminology... buck, doe, kit, pinnae, lagamorph, can't live on carrots in spite of what we learned from WB cartoons...") Ended up with one from a pet store I worked at once.. for about a week. he was an a**hole and I did learn they growl. Called my vet about neutering, he said "Rabbits are like chickens. They don't belong in my clinic, unless they're in a pot of water, surrounded by carrot slices and potatoes."
  3. Rabbits?

    I got nothin' except
  4. The Front Porch

    The confused face, LMAO! I KNOW that face! I also have had different vets for the horses vs. dogs & cats. The vet right outside my work gate is large and small animal, but he's close to retiring, mostly a "Cow Vet", and I try to only use him for flea/heartworm meds, coggins papers, and other little stuff. He does not have a portable x ray machine, (His broke, says he is too close to retiring to get a new one) does not have an ultrasound machine, and his clinic has "that smell". Only charges $50 for a cat neuter with a rabies vaccine, kinda makes me wonder if he just knocks them out, does the pluck & pop, & done. :/
  5. The Front Porch

    (Thanks, RRW.)
  6. The Front Porch

    Heck, I moved to the North East armpit of Texas 5 years ago... no frozen nubbies here! (Wilson says hi.) Got a grown up job, paying my own way, blah blah blah... oh, and I have my own donkey now! Named her Karma, so I can tell people not to let her bite them in the arse, lol! I think it was last year some time, someone posted your video of you & Don, with the violin and were saying not nice things. Typical of well, me, I chewed some rear end for ya. I LOVED that video, and NOBODY talks bad about MY buddies!
  7. The Front Porch

    ELLLL CEEEEE!!!! How's things, woman!
  8. The Front Porch

    We're all terminal, all dying of something. (Shrugs). I was just offering a tried and true method I have used for years, and haven't found anything better, to help with another BB's issue. Not trying to kill off the human & equine race. None of my animals, clients' animals, or children have developed pneumonia or tumors from getting burrs out. I'm sure there are MANY more mechanics that use the product on a daily basis that aren't hooked to life support or locked in a Leper colony. We're dealing with burrs matted in fur, not open heart surgery.
  9. The Front Porch

    Don't spray it in their noses. Problem solved.
  10. The Front Porch

    LOL, my kids and I have been COVERED in the stuff, (they're boys, they have bikes, and take them apart/rebuild on a regular basis) Tristan is a straight A student with no health issues other than the appendicitis attack, unrelated, of course. ( o.O or IS it? LOL!) Jesse has issues, but I think they are from being 18, not any chemicals he may have absorbed. Oh. And it washes off with plain soap and water. ;) It's not DMSO, for gosh sakes, lol!
  11. Texas People #6

    Heidi, I can see what you were going for in my mind's eye... and I like the idea. However, this also looks nice, the dark ties in well with the headache rack and flatbed. (My grandpa stained my grandma's cherrywood table once... in the garage, at night... with walnut stain... then varnished it with like 5 coats...didn't wipe anything off. I thought she was gonna KILL him, lol!)
  12. The Front Porch

    Ya know, the whole "I wouldn't put THAT on an animal" thing kills me, lol! We as humans put all KINDS of crap in and on our own bodies. Vaseline. Neo Sporin, Bacitracin, "Antibiotic Creams" ALSO have "Petroleum" in them. DOCTORS put them on you. We're talking hair shafts here, guys, not dumping it down their little throats, lol. With burdocks. cockleburrs, whatever you want to call them, that if you leave them, can work their way down to the skin and cause ulcerated infected wounds. I'm just sayin', 25 years of having my own grooming shop, WD 40 and an undercoat rake gets them right out.
  13. The Front Porch

    For the burrs, get an undercoat rake from the dog/pet section at TSC, Walmart, where ever... and WD-40, Lazer Sheen, any sort of detangler, but I've had the best luck with the WD 40. (Mostly fish oil, not gonna kill them.)
  14. The Front Porch

    Love love love that tree, Heidi! How neat, that you can change the "leaves"!
  15. The Front Porch

    I rode the yeller mare this weekend! My adopted sister and her husband came to see us, mom hasn't seen her in over 20 years. when we were kids, SHE was the one with huge bewbs, and used to hate riding with me, because my horse liked to trot, hers liked to keep up, lol! This was the first time I rode Bunny, she has been trying to launch Jesse. So he rode her first, got bucked off, got back on, took her around the block, then held and led her for a bit for me. She did good!