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  1. He ended up second, a guy the next night got a 76 point ride, but he still won $208. Only $792 to go til he loses "Rookie" status, lol! He rode Saturday night just because he could, if he would have made the buzzer, his score wouldn't count. But... he made it about 2 jumps. Bigger badder horse, this one played Helicopter with him. Quote from Jesse: " My butt hit his butt, my ribs hit his neck, my back hit the saddle, then my face hit his butt... I didn't think I was EVER gonna hit the ground!" Glad I chose to not go that night and see that one. Possible cracked ribs, knocked the wind out of him, but he's alright. Dang kid. We rode OUR horses the other night, and he said it was weird to be on one that wasn't trying to kill him.
  2. LOL, thanks, all! jubal, we discussed bulls. As long as he's on my insurance, there will be no bulls. End of discussion. He gets his own insurance, he can do what he wants... under his own roof. ;) ROBERT! Of COURSE you're still my friend, you knot head, lol!
  3. Thanks, everyone. He's come a long way in the last 10 years, anyone remember him and his adventures with our little Perky pony?
  4. So, y'all that know me, know my boys have ridden since they could hold their little bobble heads up in a chest pack with me on trail rides. They are pretty much my world. Some of you have watched them grow up with me online. When I left "Up North", Jesse stayed behind, and my heart shattered into a million little pieces. A year ago last January, he decided to come live with me in Texas. He wanted to learn "The Cowboy Way". I found him a ranch job, and he learned that fixing fences suck, beef cows are a little more (okay, a LOT more) temperamental than dairy cows, bulls that wreck fences and break their man bits chasing after heifers make good burgers, and Texas horses are a different breed than the MN bred horses. He wanted to ride a bucking horse, after starting a few ranch colts and not dying. So, we entered him in our little local rodeo in Ranch Bronc last year. I have a few friends that have him a quick handful of pointers, padded the horn on my old barrel saddle, and he made a 65 point ride . He was hooked. He has entered every rodeo he could find locally, and has been driving me nuts. But, after that first one, he's been thrown every ride since. Heck, the one in March, he rode 6 1/2 seconds with a 103* temp, lost his focus and hung up, sprained his ankle. (I was at work, didn't know he was that sick, or I wouldn't have let him ride.) Took him to the e.r. and he was positive for Flu A, so we discussed NOT riding when we are sick, because it throws off our focus and balance. Jesse has been in a funk since, and gunshy, so to speak. Last night, was the 3 year anniversary of losing Uncle Pat, the one who gave us a soft spot to land in Texas, and I am convinced, Jesse had an angel riding with him last night. 74 points, high point ride. 2 more riders in tonight's rodeo, but he's in the money. Here's some pics from my point of view, a couple wall hangers for sure. The horse is a little Bareback mare from Brown Rodeo Company, they asked him to not use a halter, just a neck rope, because she is a good bareback bronc, and I'm working on finding her name. Thank you, beautiful little mare, for carrying my boy to his dreams, and not stomping his face into the dirt . National Anthem, that guy with the Texas Flag is like 90 something. This pic chokes me up. She's a wild one, but she's freaking gorgeous~! Loading up... "Lookin' for 8 when they pull that gate..." His face in this one though... The stock contractor wants to buy this pic for their webpage! Sidenote... in Ranch Bronc, rider IS allowed to use both hands... ...which I am happy for, because as nervous as I was, he needs to hang on, dang it! HOWEVER, if you DO "showboat", you get more points. And, he knows he's got it at this point! My buddy who is one of the pick up men for this stock contractor, had to literally pull him off, then had to come give me crap about it, lol! I told him, "Casey, I TOLD you for the last what, 6 rides, that I told Jesse to not let go til Casey comes and pulls you off! This is just the first time it worked out that way!" I know I can see the relief, the disbelief, and I think that ol' rodeo bug just bit him a little harder in this one. Gotta love a cowboy that tips his hat to his crowd, but this one was to the stock contractor and his little mare. Hearts and flowers and stuff.
  5. Bug Spanish_walkin_wannabe, she has Pete, he's a mini mule.
  6. Hey Fawnsmom, what app is that you're using?
  7. Running the scale house at a landfill after approximately 7+ inches of rain in 24 hours is entertaining... especially with this Texas red clay. Just sayin'. They are having to drag the big WM trucks into the spots to dump, then back out to the tipping deck gravel. Then the little private guys are mad because I won't let them go UP the hill, (No room) and have to use the open top dumpsters down here. Not MY fault y'all decided today was a good day to bring a literal TON of crap here today.
  8. Pretty pictures, RRW! Holy crud, is Peanut getting big! How's his temperament, more like you, or Dad?
  9. 'Mornin' kids, I'll pull up a chair for a minute... Tristan went on a canoe trip with the scouts, had a ball. He took his trumpet and got to play Camptown Races to wake everyone up Saturday morning, lol! That was one of the first songs he learned back in 6th grade. As for band practice, he got 2nd chair out of 10 trumpet players in all grades from 8 to 12. Impressive, for someone who didn't even open the case all summer to practice! Little turd! He said he attempted TAPS Saturday night, but it was kind of hard, since he had never played it and was trying to read the music from the troop leader's phone, but the leader said he did a great job. Jesse is going to give my mom a stroke, I think... he put his laundry in our washer and left to go do who knows what. She went to put them in the dryer, 2 condoms came out with the wash. She. Flipped. Out. Told her, "Hey, at least we know he's being safe.!"
  10. I think she meant the other one, lol!
  11. Margarita.... Hmmm. We're actually kicking around name ideas for Kelly's 2018 foal. I kinda like that for a filly name, it would honor her older sister that passed.
  12. Just some update pics... Little Jesse, now 18, and baby Bullet , now 7. Next is Tristan , will be 14 in October . T working with Bunny, the boys have decided I don't get to ride green ones anymore . Still have A $$ Crack Jack, lol And Paco, our little rather terrorist x chi. Had to put Peaches , my flame point ragdoll I got from sundowner lady, down last Sept . the replacement kittens, Smoky & Sparky, blue & seal lynxpoint Siamese x brats. Can't forget Karma, our little orphan. she's 4 now, lives Tristan , hates Jesse , And very opinionated . Last pic is Ace, my old guy. Love him to pieces!
  13. IDK, I'm still fighting with my phone to get this site to cooperate... apparently all us old farts crashed HC yesterday coming back, I couldn't get it to work for a while, thought the work server blocked it. (FB is blocked.) I was fiddnda throw a fit, the boss is ALWAYS surfing his fishing forums, lol!
  14. ( <- TOTALLY missed that little dude!!!)
  15. PD!!! HUGS, MISTER! Hope all is well with you!