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  1. Its Been A Long While...

    Here is Chip- not the best photo, but still he's happy go lucky and helping Taylor learn to ride still!
  2. Its Been A Long While...

    I still have my horses. Chip is a grey gelding and Missy is a buckskin mare. I'll see if I can find some recent ones.
  3. Its Been A Long While...

    I know, I know its been a long while. Well, that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. For those who remember me, I had a daughter, Taylor-Jo and now I have two! Meet Trista Lynn and of course some update photos of Taylor, who is now 5 and a 1/2! Trista Lynn- Born 7/6/2013 She is 10 days old in this photo Birthday photo! Daddy daughter first photo And now on to Taylor- who happens to be the most photogenic 5 year old I have met! Last- the two sisters together! Here are a couple for fun.
  4. Thoughts On A Second Baby Shower/sprinkle?

    Thik of it as a baby welcoming party, rather than a shower. Thats what I did for my second. Every baby deserves to be welcomed into the world!
  5. Peeps Who Wear Contacts, If You've Got A Minute.....

    I buy mine from Costco. I found them cheaper than 1-800 contacts, Walmart and my Doc's office.
  6. Holy Crap...

    I am 12 weeks, throwing up daily and watching my pants get tighter and tighter...can totally relate.
  7. Let's Play Picture Tag!

    How about an unimpressed winter dog and a cover girl and her horse
  8. Show Me Your Dogs!

    I don't have German Shepards, but I do have a Border Collie cross. Most of my "friends" on here know Newt, but here are some fun pictures of him. and my most recent master piece of a shot!
  9. Please Pray For Those In Fire Danger

    My Husband, a wildland firefighter has been gone for nearly 8 weeks this summer, fighting fires in Montana and Idaho. Some of the stories he's told me would give everyone nightmares, so I won't share. Pray for the people and the animals, they both have lots to lose!
  10. Horse Narcolepsy?

    Skip- We use 12:12 free choice along with loose trace mineral salt, free choice. I don't like the blocks b/c they don't eat them fast enough and if I need more salt intake I just mix with grain and they will lick it up! I should mention that we had our horse tested by our vet and he came back with high potassium content. She suggested increasing his salt intake so we could drop the potassium levels. I would consider getting a full blood work up done on your horse to see if it is truly narcolepsy or if it is something else, like a deficiency or toxin in him. BTW- when I say his hind end was off, he's not necessarily in pain but rather he'll drag his back end more. Likley a side effect of having to much potassium in his system. Potassium can cause muscle tightening or muscle spasms and is a major problem in horses tying up.
  11. Just Thought I Would Share...

    Hummm...weird. Just wrote a comment and it didn't post. here is what I think I said. I just love taking pictures of Newt. He is such an expressive dog and fun loving. To bad my camera seems to be dieing on me. I can't seem to get the focus or the zoom to work consistently, but I still manage to capture a few good shots a year! Thanks for all the comments. I know I am not on here much anymore and get on to provide updates and photos, but hopefully you still enjoying seeing them.
  12. Taylor, my 4 year old daughter, took the reins in her hands for the first time yesterday and rode up and down a mountain side for about 2 hours. I ponied her for about a 1/2 hour and she finally told me that she WAS ready to have me "let go." It was definitely more metaphoric moment for me than literal one for her. Chip and Taylor were awesome together. As always, Taylor impresses me! What a brave little girl! I have to say, I had more mommy heart attacks that afternoon than I care to admit. I am surprised my horse didn't act up more! But I never let her notice my O.M.G. moments. Which is why I was strategically placed in front of her. Also thought I'd share an update photo of our border collie Newt, when he finally learned how much fun it was to jump off docks! The kids thought he was "Newt- The Wonder Dog!" Life is a blessing!
  13. Horse Narcolepsy?

    We still struggle with it, but I have increased his salt intake and that seems to help a lot. I know he is photosensitive so I just have to be careful that I don't tie him up in full sun. That seems to trigger the response as well. I didn't ride much this summer b/c I shattered my arm and am due back for another surgery in just a couple weeks. We did run out of salt for about a week and I noticed his hind end off. I quickly got him back on it and he seems ok again.
  14. Horse Narcolepsy?

    I had the same question last year. Check out my post and a link to a video I put up of my gelding doing what you talked about.
  15. Newt, our Bordercollie cross just sustained a tear near his duclaw on his left foot. I think it happened when we were throwing the freesbie for him. There is a cut, but the claw is still attached. He is super sensitive to it. The crappy thing is Hubby just left to fight some of the wildland fires in Montana, so I am on my own to figure this out. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.