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  1. Thought I Would Pop In And Say Hello!

    I'm sure I can find some photo's to share :) Just need them to finish uploadeding.....
  2. We Have Finally Found The House!

    Congrats! We got our very own farm in November so I understand your excitement!
  3. Thought I Would Pop In And Say Hello!

    The horses are fantastic! Chloe is 4 this year! My filly is 2! Where did the time go?!?! I had to move to take a job this fall, so I no longer keep my horses with Dave and Royal, but we are still very very good friends. Everyone is doing very well. For thoses that remember Timmy he has just sold and will be leaving for his new home shortly! He's 4 this year too! Royal is expecting 5 foals this spring (finger crossed!) Mini has been retired, she had her last foal last spring. She was telling us it was time to retire her. She has a home with us until her time comes. Val, CB, Neveah, Thyme and one off property mare are all expected to foal this spring. (if you remember we breed for April/May Foal. It is just to cold before then!)
  4. I thought it was time I popped in and said Hello! I wonder how many remember me....its been a while.
  5. I Need More Hc Jingles And Well Wishes..

    glad she is getting better!
  6. Shampoo And Conditioner Suggestions?

    I love love love Dove! I have been using it for over 4 years now. It is also really reasonable in price.
  7. Anyone Have Experience With Asus Laptops?

    Just got my mom and ASUS laptop. My dad (who worked in the computer industry for over 30 years) really likes them. They put really good hardware in there computers.
  8. Ipad Or Tablet

    You couldn't pay me any amount of money to take an apple product. I hate apple! I have a Blackberry Playbook and I love it. I use is as an ereader most of the time. I also like it for the size. A 7inch tablet fits in my purse, and 10 not so much. I had the old samsung tab and I liked it too. I like android for tablets, and I think Android in the long run will be more popular than apple.
  9. My New Stallion, Antham

    Very nice looking stallion! I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. It's never easy.
  10. Buried A Freind Today

  11. I Thought I Would Pop In And Say Hello!

    Thanks everyone! Life has finally calmed down for me. I have a full time teaching job, monday to friday. So that part is not so bad. I still work 3 jobs and 7 days a week. March break is coming and I will get 4 days off . I will make sure to post baby photos just for you AD!
  12. I Thought I Would Pop In And Say Hello!

    I'm working on pictures ;) They are uploading.
  13. Hello All! I've been MIA for a while now and I thought I would pop in and say hello! I've missed HC, and all the fun that happens here. We moved back to our old farm. The bigger farm didn't work out becuase there was to many cooks in the kitchen. We are tight for space again, but everyone (including the horses) are way happier. All the creatures are doing well. We have about five foals expected this spring, starting in about a month. I'm very excited for Royal's first paint baby with us. We are hoping for a very colourful foal! The usual suspect are also in foal, CB, Val, Neveah, and Mini. Chloe and Timmy are 3 this year. Chloe had a successful show season last year. She only showed halter and the purpose of it was for her to learn to be a show horse. She will likely not show undersaddle this year. Timmy may show undersaddle this year. We will see. We are in no hurry. Aire and J are doing well. Ty was sold to a friend of mine. He is also doing great! They are all starting this spring/summer. Last years foals, Lilly, Luke and Callie are all doing great. Rain was sold to a wonderful home and I keep in touch with her owner. She loves her to death and I get regular updates. Callie has been enrolled in the OQHBF (Ontario Quarter Horse Breeders Futurity) and my plan is to show her this year. how are all of you doing?