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  1. Suspensory Ligament Injury

    My vet confirmed it is a suspensory ligament issue, def not a bowed tendon. He's estimated to be around 15. I would love for him to continue on as a trail horse in the future but if not, as long as he has a good quality of life, I'm happy.
  2. Suspensory Ligament Injury

    Thank you for sharing your experience. My boy has long since retired from jumping and because of where I am in life (start of a new career), he's a light trail horse. I would love to get back into low level dressage but of course only as tolerated. Throughout this whole process he has not exhibited pain or lameness, I knew he was injured based on the posture of his fetlock. My hope is to maintain status quo, I would love for things to heal and I absolutely don't want them to get worse. I dont want this to become a quality of life issue. Once it is healed, will it look like it used too, or will it always look slightly saggy? Unfortunately I board and I have two options, turn out or stall rest. If it were any other horse I would put him on stall rest but he will stop eating. And when he is turned out, he's with two quiet gelding. Occasionally the other two geldings with chase each other and the dogs, but my boy literally marches to the beat of his own drum, if he were any more relaxed I might think he was ill.
  3. Suspensory Ligament Injury

    I recently read an article which stated that suspensory ligament injuries are one of the most common injuries only second to colic. Depending on the source some recommend stall confinement, others suggest surgery as the only option. Can anyone give any insight? More so I want to know about the long term progression. My TB appears to have a suspensory ligament injury, depending on how he stands, sometimes his fetlock looks normal and other times it looks saggy in comparison to the other side. Poor boy had a nasty bout with cellulitis in this leg, it caused a sizable wound which is now 95% healed and while he has been sound it appears as though the infection or the swelling affected his SL. From previous experience with stall rest, he will stop eating, so we would love to avoid confinement, He is turned out on a couple acres with two other quiet geldings. Based on all he has been through in the past years (lyme disease, re-occurring choke and sinus infections-- which by the way seem to have resolved) we just don't think surgery is the best option either. She did recommend I touch base with a farrier (as opposed to my barefoot trimmer) and we decided to put an eggbar shoe on the hind left and a standard shoe on the right. I have a friend who is a human and horse physical therapist, she said she has seen success with stem cell therapy (which I fear will break the bank), and also shock wave therapy. I am waiting to hear back from her to have her out for a consult and possibly begin shock wave therapy. Currently I am keeping him in a standing wrap to try and offer support and prevent stress on the ligament. My goal is to preserve the integrity of the ligament and his soundness if possible. I do understand these injuries can be degenerative in nature and can re-occur. My hope is, through shoes and wraps, perhaps the ligament will scar down and become strong again? Is this possible? I have also read about 'eccentric loading' aka light hill work to help strengthen things. Based on other cases I have read about, his injury is not as severe but I hope to keep it from getting worse. Does anyone have any experiences to help me guide his care? Obviously I am working closely with my vet however she is guarded about his prognosis. She said she cannot be sure how things will play out with the integrity of his ligament. I respect her opinion but I just want to do some more research and see what I can do to give him the best chance. Thanks!
  4. Chronic Sinusitis

    smartpak has an immune boost supplement with great reviews, I would love to read a research article about things to help support immune health
  5. Chronic Sinusitis

    Nick, we only ever did a titter test, which I understand is a blood test. I have no intentions of doing a spinal tap. At last check, he was negative for lyme. With his weight gain and everything going swimmingly, do you think it's important to switch to a wet feed? He has had dental x-rays and there is not a tooth root abscess to explain this all, his dental work is current and the vet who does his teeth has had extensive training in dentistry. The biggest thing is, how do I work on his immune system? Is there a supplement or vitamin?
  6. Chronic Sinusitis

    Nick, We have compressed alf alfa cubes available, and those could be soaked, I imagine its similar to what you're referring too. The struggle is, we have fierce winters and the barn owner would have to be willing to soak the cubes in her home twice a day (full care board situation where I live 40 min away) and I am not certain that would go over well. We did a second titter test to double check for a recurrence of lyme and it came back negative. The vet mentioned a spinal tap was the best of the best way to check, however since his sinus infection is treated with doxy, the same medication for lyme, he was not insistent on completing more than a blood check. I am truly impressed with my horse's weight gain and how he hasn't choked (knock on wood) since March, however my concern in this sinusitis...I've read about on going cases like this needing surgery to insert tubes to push fluids and create complete flushing of the sinuses, but I am not 100% sold on the idea of surgery.
  7. Chronic Sinusitis

    Nick, unfortunately he will stop eating after about two or so days of wet hay or grain.
  8. Chronic Sinusitis

    its uploaded to my albums, the TB album, I am not sure how to share it here.
  9. Chronic Sinusitis

    This will all make more sense if you've read my post about the New Bolton Center visit. my TB has megaesophagus, we are unsure about the cause, but he has not had a choking episode since the spring (thank the good Lord) however he has had chronic sinus infections since last October. We have used antibiotics, we do 4 weeks on and try and do 6-8 weeks off to rest his stomach. At last scope in May, he had very minor ulcers, which I am sure we have irritated with the meds. The antibiotics keep the snot at bay but once he is in the off cycle, the snot returns. the biggest challenge with ME is keeping his weight up and giving him the nutrients he needs. we have managed to keep his weight up, but we cannot get rid of the snot. I would like to explore other options, such as a sinus tap. I am hopeful if we drain the sinuses and prevent choke, maybe we can eliminate the snot? My vet said she is going to do some research and consult with other vets about how to move forward. Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share with managing chronic sinusitis? Thanks in advance!! I attached a recent photo following a trail ride, this is a great picture of us, except the snot!! lol
  10. Post New Bolton Visit-- My Boy Has A Diagnosis

    Just wanted to update, the on again off again sinus issues are on-going. His weight is great, his leg healed from the cellulitis and he is more than happy to be on the trails again. We're slowly working on both of us getting back in shape. thanks all for thinking of us!
  11. Post New Bolton Visit-- My Boy Has A Diagnosis

    Thanks Heidi, my family is luck to have him too. My 4 y/o nephew feeds him single pieces of hay at a time and times the nephew is around my sweet horse will get his head as low as possible to let him pet him. When he is feeling well and we do ride, he goes anywhere and does anything. Despite his health problems, he is a real gem. I imagine, if I didn't feel my best I might be a touch grumpy and he so rarely is.
  12. Sacramento Area Folks

    Kina Kat, a huge part of what I am still pondering is, if I am going to pursue said job. I left military service 3 years ago to go to graduate school, my intentions were always to return. The longer I am out, the more I wonder if I am prepared, if my extended family and SO are prepared to live that life style...time will tell.
  13. Post New Bolton Visit-- My Boy Has A Diagnosis

    This boy has some miserable luck, two weeks after he was cleared for riding, he came up from the pasture limping and fevered. He had cellulitis in his left hind, we battled his fever for days, eventually the swelling in his leg caused his skin to tear, after five weeks of wound care he is back to light riding and his wound is almost non-existent. The stress of everything caused a drop in weight but lucky for me (and him), his weight is back up. The snotty nose comes and goes but there have been no choke episodes as of recent. He seems mostly happy and I am grateful for every day. As long as he remains happy and as healthy as he can, we will keep working together.
  14. Sacramento Area Folks

    Thanks! I am in Central Jersey and the cost of living here is ridiculous. The job would be for three to four years and then I would move again (military service), so its not like it's forever. Wild fires concern me for sure, but I grew up in the midwest and we had tornados, I feel like its always something no matter where you are.
  15. Sacramento Area Folks

    There may be career opportunity in my near future which would include a move to the greater Sacramento area. What is the average cost of hay? What kind of hay is sold out there (coming from the East Coast, we have a timothy mix)? What is the weather like? What does board and vet care average? Coming from the East Coast everything is inflated here and I don't imagine the West Coast to be much different. Also is there a major vet university near? I have one very easy keeper and one hard keeper who has been known to need the expertise of a major vet university from time to time. Anything else to consider? Natural disasters? Evacuation plans? Thanks so much!!