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  1. Apha Lookup Please!

    Looking for the pedigree of SCOUTS LIL BUDDY & a record of the last owner registered to this horses name. Thanks!
  2. Making Headstalls & Breastcollars

    I'd like to make some experimental tack to see if I'd eventually like to get into the business of making bling tack for barrel racing. I do have some regular headstalls for practice but I can't seem to find just the shape I'm looking for (ex: wide brow, wide cheek, scalloped, etc.) When I inquired to different leathermakers, they had requested a business license which I don't possess, because I just want to try this out. I don't have any local leathermakers or an Amish community to seek for stuff so I'm interested in cutting the pieces myself from hide (much cheaper than buying blank tack). I understand I can get patterns from Tandy Leather, but as far as the leather goes...what prep work is involved for cutting hide? Do I have to thin the hide to one size or does it come in exact thicknesses? Thanks!
  3. Where To Find Tack Blanks?

    I've been wanting to make a small personal hobby and experiment with tooling & bling on some tack, however I'm having a hard time finding tack blanks for headstalls (wide cheek/brow, scalloped, and square-type shapes), also breastcollars, bronc halter nose pieces, and spur straps. Unfortunately, the companies that I have contacted require a business licence which I feel I don't need if this is for personal benefit and not for selling. Does anyone know of a place that sells quality leather tack blanks?
  4. I recently replaced the whole electric brake units on the front axle of my horse trailer. Though the trailer brakes engage just fine when hauling, I've found that only the left side seems to completely lock up when I go in reverse. If I pull forward, sometimes the brake will continue to lock for a few seconds before releasing. Today I decided to unplug the trailer when I had to back up and still somehow encountered the same problem! Any ideas what it could be?
  5. Aqha Lookup Request Please

  6. Aqha Lookup Request Please

    Can someone do an AQHA lookup on a mare for me please? I'd just like to know if she has any show points under AQHA. Her name is Guesstimate. Thanks
  7. Pedigree Critique - Appendix Qh

    Can someone do a pedigree critique for this horse? Guesstimate Thanks!
  8. Covering Up Sunburn On Horse's Face

    I'm going to a halter show this weekend and unfortunately my Paint's normally white nose is somewhat pink from sunburn. I've been applying Desitin(sp?) cream & sunblock for the past week when it first happened. All has seemed to have healed, but now his nose is tannish pink. What can I do to cover it up? Thanks.
  9. Possibly A New Horse

    I'm sure you have an incredible love for horses and enjoy riding HJ and XC, however judging by your post I don't believe you should get involved in trying to take on an OTTB. Though they may be free because of their inability to make the cut as a track horse, they are still off the track! Thoroughbreds that race generally don't have a broad spectrum of skills trained into them, they are taught how to to turn left/right, backup, and to stop (not on a dime either!). If you choose to take on one of these horses, 9 times out of 10 you will be dealing with a "hyper problem horse". You must understand that a track horse is generally 2-3 years in age, which means they are still babies. Many TB's endure injuries to their legs and joint structure because their bodies are still growing and their knee caps have not fully formed. I'm not saying all racing TB's are lame or injured, but it is best not to start running/jumping/heavy working a horse until after their 4th birthday. Reason being, again their growth plates do not fully form until they are 4. Ask yourself this question, are you ready to take it easy on the training of this horse for another year or two? If you are looking into owning your first horse, talk to your parents and make sure that they will help you financially in supporting one. Also look for horses who are broke to ride and don't need much to get them going. For some, it can be very fustrating to put months of training into a horse, knowing that you cannot compete for another year or so. Do you have the patience? Lastly, if you indefintely decided on taking a track horse PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not seek the ADVICE of training, but DO HIRE a trainer to help you. An OTTB is serious business and involves lot's of patience and work. Best of luck.
  10. I have a little bit of a dilemma and wanted to ask advice from those who deal with the same situation... I have a barrel show in the first week of Feb. and I plan to take my gelding, however he hasn't been worked and in shape since November and I don't have an indoor to begin getting him back together. Now, I don't plan to really run at this show..I was thinking more along the lines of W/T/C and that's pushing. I don't want to pull a tendon on him. It would be difficult to start to work him outside as the ground is covered in snow, there is ice beneath the surface in areas. I don't have an indoor to borrow or haul to either. What do I do?
  11. Pedi&confo Critique Please

    Post legged horses may not appear to hinder a horses performance, but it will impact their soundness from the lack of support during concussion of the hoof hitting the ground. The shock isn't as easily absorbed. Take it easy on her, boot her up always, and do some joint supplements. Best of luck with her!
  12. Pedi&confo Critique Please

    I took a look at her papers and didn't really find anything. I don't mean to be bluntly honest or rude in a sense, but this horse really didn't have anything significant within 3 generations..and even then so. She does have Skipper W wayyyy back, but I doubt it would make an impact on her. Skipper W was generally a horse for Halter stuff. Papers don't have to make a barrel prospect. Heck, my Paint doesn't have anything in his and he is winning money at the shows. Conformation and heart is what counts, if you can find some confo shots of her that would be very helpful.
  13. Confo On Several Horses...

    I guess that could explain her pidgeon toed-ness. But as for the flaring, that is something painful much like pulling your finger nail slowly away from your finger. I guarentee her white line is stretched something awful, I'd take the time this winter before the show season to get her feet done every 4-5 weeks. The more you keep on this, the less the flare as it will grow out. But this is definitely not something to be riding her with, ouch!
  14. Confo On Several Horses...

    I can't do much with these pics because the horses aren't squared up, so it's a bit hard to judge how exactly they stand. I will mention, however, that the sorrel mare is pidgeon toed on her right front foot which could compromise her soundness in her joints and bone structure. I had also noticed that she has some pretty severe flaring of the hoof wall in her feet. This can be fixed with proper trimming, check out the Hoof Board, post some pics and they will be able to help you out. Hope this helps to some degree,
  15. A Little Critique?

    Well, these pics may be hard to work with..but I'll give it a shot Being a barrel racer myself, I'm going to start with his picture from back to I can clearly see his strongest points, most likely helping him to suceed 1D times. Nothing that I mention in this critique should be taken to heart, you did nothing wrong..this is simply how he was put together at birth. This is an honest critique, nothing more or less. Starting from his hindquarters, he has a deeply sloped hip often deemed as a "goose rump"..some believe it is a conformation fault, but I believe it is the icing to the cake when it comes to barrels. He also expresses fullness to his hip with a low tailset and a combination of the two gives him the ability to really get on his hind end when running. He can really reach beneith himself and "power up". From these pictures I can't exactly tell how he naturally stands (he isn't squared up), but I get the feeling he stands a bit sickle hocked with his legs slightly forward, rather than parallel with his tail. He exibits a very nice short back which enables him to move around those barrels freely...picture a pickup truck with a 6 foot bed and another with an 8 foot...try turning tight circles and you'll get my point why this is so helpful. I'm not too thrilled about how his withers tie into his neck, his neck is indeed very short and ties high into his chest which I am only assuming, he carries it naturally up. With the combination of these faults and a thick throatlatch, he may seem difficult to flex at the pole and collect/bend. His legs look decent..flat kneed..and low set hocks which is always a plus. I can't assess his shoulder, but from a balence perspective, I'd like to see a greater depth of shoulder to match his hip. Overall without seeing the horse run in person, I can assume he can really rate, dig down, and turn a barrel with ease based on his low hocks, short back, and hip. Best of luck with him!