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  1. Little Intro And Some Pictures

    Oh god! I can't picture him being any taller haha. Hope he's done growing up, already a long way from the ground compared to my 14.3hh qh
  2. Little Intro And Some Pictures

    Thanks guys! Yes I really do enjoy his color now. He was quite the odd mud gray color when I got him. He's turning into quite the handsome guy. Compared him to the ugly duckling when I got him lol. He is quite the tall guy, he wasn't supposed to be this tall, oops. His father and mother are barely 16hh haha. I think he's finally started to stop growing "up" and starting to get some bulk to his gangly body.
  3. Little Intro And Some Pictures

    Hello everyone! I used to post on horse city quite frequently back in the day with my little bay QH mare. I cant believe how the time has flown by. Since ive been here I have acquired a new horse (Still have my little old mare though!). Hes my hopeful upper level prospect. Hes a 4yr, 17hh old holsteiner/Oldenburg gelding out of Landgraf and Ideal. I bought him a yr and a half ago as an unbroken 3yr old. Hes got the most wonderful, in your lap, willing to please temperament. Training him has already been an absolute blast and I cannot wait to see where he takes me over the course of his career. Ok well enough of the blabbering here are some photos. Feel free to critique if youd like. I know we have a long way to go and have a decent handle on our faults already but I love getting the opinion of others. Lachlan
  4. Hey Guys

    thank you thank you :) he is out of an oldenburg Landsong but here is his pedigree so you can see the rest
  5. This Place Is Dead

    wow, so strange to come back after so long and see familiar names and horses. brings me back to the good old days. i already created a new post with an update on my life but i can give you a brief update since the rest of the boards seem dead. i graduated college in may and im now a registered nurse in the ICU at a local hospital. i still have my two mares lady and emily, but since they are both older, as a graduation present to myself i bought a new baby boy. his name is lachlan, he just turned 3 in may and is 16.2hh. he is a tb/oldenburg/holsteiner and such a good boy! lachlan :)
  6. Hey Guys

    thanks guys!
  7. Confo Critique?

    he is currently 16.2hh and going through another growth spurt. will be using him for eventing and show jumpers Picture was taken as he just turned 3 back in May
  8. Hey Guys

    Hey guys, most of you probably dont remember me since its been about 4-5 years since i was active on these boards. I used to post about my little bay mare Emily and I for critiques and updates on our jumping careers. Since then i went off to college and we took a 4 year break from competing. Now im graduated and a registered nurse in the intensive care unit at a hospital near by. So as a graduation present to myself, i bought a new competition horse I still have Emily and always will since shes been my baby for years, but since shes gotten older (21 years now) i only compete lightly on her. My new guy just turned 3 in may and hes registered RPSI, but he is Oldenburg/TB/Holstiener and his name is Lachlan. He is so **** smart is amazing and just a giant love. Hes currently 16.2 but hitting another growth spurt certainly a large jump from my 14.3 bay mare haha. Enough of my rambling, here are some pictures of my two babies! Emily Lachlan
  9. Can You "steal" Someone Else's Friend?

    this sounds like a very similar situation to what im in.. my roommate and i were probably as close as you could get as best friends.. and i had been friends with friend number 2 for a little but didnt spend nearly as much time since i played field hockey and she played soccer. then snowboarding season rolled around and we started snowboarding alot together since were at the same skill level and ride the park alot. so roommate started getting jealous.. yet she doesnt like friend number 2 but doesnt havea legitimate reason to hate her.. so roommate got really jealous and FREAKED out on me when we were on the school ski trip.. so because of some of the things she said im not currently speaking with her.. yet i just dont know what to do right now. like i feel like if i talk to her shes going to be ignorant and stubborn about the whole thing and get me even more angry.. and when i get angry, things get broken (i.e. my hand or a wall..) I hate the dead awkward silence in the room just dont know how to talk to her.. since we already had a "talk" about thisbefore we went away on our trip...
  10. Mah Baby Ponies

    Hes the cutest thing ever! for a name he kind of struck me as a Chip.. cause hes missing part of the blaze =D
  11. Little Known Facts , I Know Its Been Done Before..

    Since i go to school i dont post much on here anymore 1. I HATE the cold with a passion. I cannot wait to move down south 2. I have dots in the Iris of my eye and one of them is in the shape of the number 2 3. I played ice hockey for 10 years, untill i had to quit in high school =\ 4. I am a huge nerd. I love calculus, physics, chemistry etc.. I should be in engineering school but instead im in Nuring School 5. I LOVE riding more then anything in the world. I miss my horse while im at school and i constantly think about her. I wish i had more money to invest in riding. I would drop everything to move down south and persue riding more...
  12. I Miss My Horse

    I feel the exact same way. I had to do it last summer going in to my freshman year and its still hard. which pretty much explains why ive been absent from these boards. i just have no motivation any more. I wish i could ride everyday again, but i go to school in the city and my mom would never let me bring her up here. Too much money. I just wish i had a car so i could drive home and ride on the weekends.
  13. Stupid, Careless Injuries...

    my first one comes from a field hockey game.. a girl hit the ball and and came up and drilled me right in my thigh... and i NEVER bruise... You can see the bruise on my thigh in this one.. and this was 2 weeks old. Second one comes from easter dinner, my moms cousin was being downright rude, and he actually started to become verbally abusive. noone would shut him up so i decided that i needed to, and instead of punching him... i hit the wall, which shattered my 5th metacarpal and i damaged the cartilage between my carpal bones...
  14. Emily's Sound!

    Shes been off bute for a week now and completely sound. She been put on the lunge for 15 minutes a day for the past week only at walk trot and has stayed completely sound! I have been given permission to start riding her and slowly bringing her back into work. Im so excited let just hope she stays sound now!
  15. *ahem* Need Advice From Women...

    RS, Aerie (a branch of american eagle) Makes some wonderful bras. Some are a bit pricey, but worth every penny.