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  1. May Photo Contest

    This is a friend's colt. He was just a day old in this picture.. He is out of a super nice Western Pleasure mare (has her superior) and a nice proven Western Pleasure stallion.
  2. Would You....

    Exes- That picture was taked 5 months ago in December. He was a bundle of fur! lol He is actually really refined and fine boned. He has a really nice level headset naturally. In that picture he was standing up hill and the other horses were runnin and playing in front of him. I will try to get updated pictures of him this weekend.
  3. Would You....

    I will try to get some this weekend. I dont have any others right now. :)
  4. Would You....

    So I have a really nice yearling stud colt that I am considering leaving a stud. He has an awesome disposition, is extremely smart, and built amazing. His pedigree is on allbreed under Citas Apache Poco. I want all opinions on what you think I should do. If he is left a stud, he would not be bred until he is at least 5. Also, he will have a job. I barrel race and my fiance ropes and trains western pleasure horses. I have been doin some research lately on his pedigree and am really liking what i am finding. Please give me all opinions. I will not get my feelings hurt, just want to see what everyone has to say. I only have a couple of pictures of him but here they are. this is him at 7 months.(he was standing up hill sorry)
  5. Photo Contest For May

    Post-card babies???
  6. Star's Foal Watch

    Just an update. Star has been moved to another pasture where she will foal. She is just starting to develop a bag. Her 342 days in May 10. I will try to get some pictures this weekend. :) Also I have decided not to breed her back this year. I am goin to give her a year off and breed her back in 2012.
  7. Your Honest Opinion

    I bought this filly when she was a weanling. She is started well on the barrels and is making a really nice horse. I want your honest opinions on her breeding. Is she linebred to much? What do i need to look for in a stallion down the road (as far as bloodlines)? I just want your opinion on her. Thanks so much!! This is a picture of her from when she was a coming three year old. She will be 5 the end of this July.
  8. When To Breed?

    Now i know there are several different combos of hormones that will short-cycle the foal heat and give the inbetween. Which do you recommend and when do i adminster it?
  9. When To Breed?

    My mare Forever Pocos Star is due May 14th. I am breeding her back to Three Straw. The question is when should I breed her? The stallion is a little over an hour away from where she will foal.
  10. GORGEOUS!~!~!I love dappled grays!!!
  11. Star's Foal Watch

    Just wanted to update. Star is still out to pasture with the other horses (not in use). I plan to bring her to a different pasture in April. She will foal there. I plan to bred her back on her 30 day cycle to Three Straw (an APHA stallion that is the sire to my fiance's rope horse).
  12. Bit Help!

    Yes it does.
  13. Bit Help!

    For my gelding that has way to much bend, I use the Martha Josey Go-Around bit. It has helped him alot. It has some gag also so it should have good rate and whoa. Here's a link to it.
  14. New Bit? Opinions

    If the curb is working, use it. If you want a different result than what you are getting then you could consider using something else.
  15. New Bit? Opinions

    It all depends on what she needs. What are you wanting to do with her? What does she know as far as flexing, bending, breaking at the poll, etc.? What problems does she have with the bit you are using now? The saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is true.