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  1. Confo And Muscle Tone Critique Please!

    Oh jeeze, I haven't used a tiedown all year. The only time I did use it was at one barrel race in July. I do a lot of collection work, driving him into the bridle, and "long and low" work with him. I have tried real hard to get him to carry himself properly. What do you mean by his neck having incorrect muscling? I think in the first pic, his neck looks super thick and "studd-ish" because his front end was slighlty angled towards me when I took the picture.
  2. Got A Stud/futurity Prospect !

    NICE!!! I like! I would love to see some confo shots of him! Looks like a sweetie! Did Jagger get darker? Or is that just winter hair making it look that way?
  3. Would anyone care to critique my gelding's muscle tone. Heck, confo can be critiqued as well. I know he isn't perfect but I still love him! 2nd photo is older and would be best for the confo. 1st pic is for the muscle tone critique since it is the most recent. He is a 6 year old QH. Muscle tone: Confo:
  4. Barrel Horse Prospect

    But you have to remember, those prices are in Canada and things are a bit different here in the US. My horse should at least be $6000, but I'm having a hard time even getting $4000 and he is ROYALLY bred and super broke.
  5. Barrel Horse Prospect

    I'd be leary about buying any horses to sell right now with the economy and the horse market the way it is.
  6. What Does 70/30 Payout Mean?

    I THINK it means that they use 70% of the money collected in entry fees for the payout.
  7. Last Weeks Wpra Show On Rfd

    AWESOME!!!! If that was a horse I bred I would have been jumping up and down and squeeling like a little girl! haha! How cool! I wish there was a video to see the run. Love the breeding. I've always like FCS and Easy Jet.
  8. Changes Leads...but Doesn't....

    If he does not want to stay on the correct lead, then there is something bothering him. I agree with everything xcanchaserchicx. Lots of slow work to get things correct before adding speed. He is confused on the pattern and it shows in your video. In that last video you posted, you are leaning into the turn, which throws the horse off balance in the turn. You need to be sitting in the center of the horse. Also, throwinn your weight to the inside will do the same as leaning into the turn. You came on here asking for help, and we are trying to help you. It is not in a mean way. Just constructive critisim.
  9. Changes Leads...but Doesn't....

    I'd check his teeth or for soreness issues. If you rule those out and there is nothing wrong, then I would work on doing circles and corkscrewing down smaller then back out to larger ones. Maybe he doesn't know where to put his feet or doesn't have the muscles built up yet for that type of work. How often do you work him on the pattern whether slow or fast? He might just be getting a little sour also.
  10. Stallions.....

    I LOVE First Down French and Lions Share of Fame!
  11. What Type Of Saddle Pad

    I love the pad to death! Is it bad that I hope I get married soon (not that im engageed now anyways) so I can get another with two new updated initials? haha! To the OP: Yup, I purchased the pad, cinch, and shoo-fly through RockyRoad and he is awesome to work with! Super customer service. Won't hesitate to do it again and I know a TON of other people that feel the same way! I got to pick the color of the pad, color/ color pattern of the hide, color of hide for the initial patches, and I believe the color of the stitching. Thanks Deanna!
  12. Horse Stop Over On Way To World!? Hope these help!
  13. Best Dvds/books You've Come Across?

    I've heard good things about the Dena Kirkpatrick set as well as the Clinton Anderson/ Sherry Cervi set.
  14. Horse Stop Over On Way To World!?

    Which state are you coming from?