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  1. Canker In A Clydesdale Pictures And Videos

    http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index.jsp?cfile=htm/bc/90717.htm I have heard it called super thrush. Although it is not thrush, it is somewhat like it. I have also heard it compared to proud flesh on the bottom of a hoof. Not a lot is really known about it. What is known is that to eliminate it you basically have to take all of the cankerous tissue out (almost like cancer which I have also heard it compared to). It is mainly in draft horses, but can be in riding horses too. I have heard of a Hanoverian getting it. I have also heard that horses are at higher risk when they are kept in urine soaked environments (but that is not always the case). The vet who was there on that day actually used this case as an experiment to try a medicine on it. It was also the first time my teachers had ever seen it.
  2. Canker In A Clydesdale Pictures And Videos

    It is hard to say whether he will or not. He needs to be kept in a dry place, and his owners do not have a stalls, so basically he has been in mud. I hope they put some sand in the round pen and put him in there and cover part of it (at least) then he will have a better chance.
  3. Reminds me of this But with a cross country fence. Horses are so smart. You can definitively tell which are the ones who really want to please their riders (and not get hurt!)
  4. I like a mix. I do like the freer gait, but it still looks quite speedy to me. I think it would be nice to have a mix of the two. Thank you for sharing!
  5. Does Anyone Need A Pony Squeee?

    Good job with getting weight on her! They are adorable together!
  6. Bloodline Critique Please

    All I can say is nice that there is no Impressive, and no inbreeding.
  7. Arab Lovers My New Gelding Critque

    He looks kind of plump in the pic (might just be the picture). =) But he is beautiful. What are you using him for, to me he looks like a WP type arab.
  8. "mustang Roll" And Square Toe Shoes Warning

    I have always seen square toes be put on WAY back and the toe rasped down to the shoe, which does get even further into the sole than rockers. In fact I have not seen rockers really get into the sole at all. If the square toe is not rasped all the way down the horse using it will ground it down to the shoe.
  9. **Graphic** I guess this topic should go on the hoof board, but I thought other people might be interested in seeing it too. We had a nasty case of Canker come in Mid-January. My teacher thought the vet should take a look at it and told the owner to bring him back in a week when the vet would be here. The Clyde's name is Major he is a 3 year old gelding. The video is in 3 parts it is very bad quality since I took it from my phone (Part 4 is just showing a very sleepy Major). The pictures are a bit better. I don't have any before pictures, sorry! Part 1 https://www.facebook...&type=3 Part 2 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200456620282292&set=vb.1360340878&type=3&permPage=1 Part 3 https://www.facebook...&type=3 Part 4 https://www.facebook...&type=3
  10. "mustang Roll" And Square Toe Shoes Warning

    True. I will try a rocker toe before a square toe though, because at least it helps support the toe. I do not understand the trainers/owners who put shoes like that on a horse that does not need it even when the farrier says it most likely will not help the problem they are describing.
  11. "mustang Roll" And Square Toe Shoes Warning

    I would like to see one where a square toe did work and a rocker toe wouldn't.
  12. I just thought I would let you guys know about the dangers of the "Mustang Roll" and Square Toe Shoes (there is a name brand, but I am not going to say it in fear getting in trouble XD). I am studying to be a farrier right now (in school) The school I go to has a few of the most brilliant minds in farriery as teachers. First I will explain what they are, then I will explain why they are bad. The "Mustang Roll" has been described as over rounding the edges of the hoof, although I have heard it described more as squaring the toe of the hoof to look like mustangs hooves. I hope you all know what a square toed shoe is. So now why they are bad, the squaring of the toe takes away one of the hoof's strongest points, if not the strongest point (the toe). By taking the toe away you are putting more pressure on the heels which will eventually cause under-run heels. It could potentially cause a horse to go lame. Most people who use square toed shoes use them because they want more "breakover", well I am sorry person, but if you want more "breakover" go buy yourself a different horse. Or try rocker toes they will give the same effect (if there is even any) without crippling the horse. I have seen a APHA gelding that someone put a square toe on because she wanted more breakover, didn't change him a bit, except it made his heels crap. What we were learning in class the about a week ago is the shoe should just be an extension of the hoof, leaving a bit of expansion all the way around. I see farriers leaving expansion in the heels (if they know what they are doing), But I can say I have NEVER seen a farrier give expansion in the toe. It is very interesting. I will be upfront about my CF test coming up I will be making a square toe for the test, but I will NEVER put one on a horse. I don't care if I get fired I am not going to do something that I know is detrimental to a horse. Let me also add this, I am not against barefoot trims. My mare only had shoes on for 2 weeks the 8 years I owned her. Now Natural-Barefoot, I have no idea. I would love to have a look at a horse that has been trimmed natural for a while. I only base my opinions off of things I see first-hand.
  13. Hoof Abscess

    How is it looking now?
  14. What Does Everyone Do

    I will be going to farrier school until then I am helping train horses for the barn I first started riding at.