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  1. What. What Is This Place.

    Yes I am! I'm actually professional now which is really fun and cool! A lot of hard work, but it's worth it! How are you?
  2. What. What Is This Place.

    See, when I posted this I hoped that the oldies would come out of the ground like zombies and like... suddenly we would all become a clique and yeah i dont know what i was thinking
  3. What. What Is This Place.

    Somehow I remembered my login and password and I ended up here again. Who even goes on this board anymore?! It makes me sad to see where it's at. I guess this is what it comes to now. LETS LIVEN IT UP SHALL WE. Maggie, help me out here. Where mah other oldies at.
  4. Hello Oldies!

    THIS IS SO WEIRD. Hi everyone! Haha I'm flattered that you guys remember me! Yes, I'm still acting. I'm a sophomore at a junior college, and I'm looking to transfer to a conservatory in New York City. Ugh it's finals week and I want to DIE but I'm keeping my eye on the prize. It's great to see you guys posting again! Here's what little ol' Emily is up to! I'm the blonde. Even though I'm not blonde anymore... http://www.youtube.com/user/itsashleyandemily/videos Oh PS: I lurk allll the time ;)
  5. Hi?! I'm Back I Guess?

    Hey guys! Whats new with everyone? I'm living the college-student life, work and I'm busy all the time with shows. Literally. All the time. I've landed two leads in two different local theatres around me, and I'm involved with my Theatre department at my college, since I'm a theatre major... anyway. I barely have time for anything anymore... Just wanted to stop by and say HI! And I miss you guys! <3 PS: Here's a video of my best friend Ashley and I doing a duet for our Musical Theatre final. I'm in the black.
  7. *comes out of the shadows* I saw this and I was like... WHAT. WHAT HAPPENED. WHAT. ...spammer. kcool.
  8. Weird

    I started coming on here when I was 13 and I'm going to be 18 on Friday. This is really weird. 5 years of my life were spent here. Well kinda. since I just lurk now...
  9. Hc Memories

    Laura.... [ROTFL] I seriously miss the old days. AND YOU.
  10. Hc Memories

    Five Things About Me Video.. [bat Eyelashes] I take pride in starting that. If you guys wanna start it up, go for it. I'm in full fledged college mode-- Holy snap. I started coming on here when I was 12! I'll be 18 in a month! I loved the Snapple brigade. and when Laura (AutumnColors) filmed herself calling Justin? or was it Matt? idk I dont remember... I used to post a TON of videos on here for you guys... ooohhh the good ol days...
  11. Maggie

    Check your email, yo.
  12. Tumblr?

    Yayyy another follower! I'll follow you too =]
  13. Tumblr?

    SURPRISE. I fixed my log in. yayy! Does anyone have a tumblr?! Post yours dudes! http://emilylappi.tumblr.com/
  14. Does Anybody Watch The Hills?

    hahahahahaahahahahaha Tara <3