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  1. Rebels Goodyear Critique

    Sorry if the pictures arn't very good its hard to keep him standing still, and i belive the ground isn't to level as well. He's a in your pocket horse lol Left Side Right Side Front View Back View Troting Random Picture
  2. Rebels Goodyear Critique

    he is N/N, first thing i did before buying him offically was making sure the test was done and came out negative. I'm heading out hopefully to get some pictures before the rain starts back in today again.
  3. I was wondering what you guys think about my three year old gelding by Rebel Jeb StuartXGoodYears Finest. I'll try and get some picture depending on if the rain lets up here by this weekend. I noticed when i started really looking back through his pregree he goes back to Man O' War, Leo,Skipper W horses. Boudreau's predigree http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/rebels+goodyear
  4. 2009 Foals

    Lilly turned 2 october the 18th, I have this one for the moment gotta get the rest off my camera (:
  5. I've had the chance to look at these two differnt horses, a family friend is getting out of the horse business, and is letting get the pick out of the two 3 year olds. I'm not to filimar with the stallions alot, i know they do western pleasure i think? The palomino filly has racing lines on her dam's side, and the buckskin's is mostly cow work, halter lines. Thanks in adavance for any information. Lexie (08' Appendix QH Palomino filly) Stylizer: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/stylizer Buckskin gelding's Sire Hot Fudge Chip: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hot+fudge+chip
  6. Update On Lilly

    I figured it was about time to do another update on Lilly Belle. She turns to October 18th, and huge (: These are all during the summer mostly. Anyone have any idea how big she may level out at. Mom is 1right at 15 hands and dad was 16.1 hands. Lilly is taller than dolly right now. 1 of Momma before we sent her off to the trainer
  7. Lilly

    12 Months Her humm..whats goen on over there look. Im coming, im coming...Slowly but surely. And im here with mom..and what is that? Booty shot Lilly and momma(love this pic) And a pretty head shot of momma
  8. Lilly

    Newborn 2 months 4 months 6 or 8 Months 10-11 months with momma
  9. Lilly

    Welp..i think its about time i did update on Lilly belle :) She turned a year old october 18. I havnt had a chance to get some pictures up, due to having a slight medical scare the last couple weeks. After 2 MRI's and mutli-blood test we found out what it was, its a rare hip infection called Trocarteric Busitis(sp). Its somthing to do with the nerves and muscles inside your hip. Everythings great now..and on to the pics. I'll post them in next :) Her reg name in AQHA has been officaly put in it's "ImpressivelyLillyBelle " She has been HYPP tested and is negative, just like mom and dad. Beware thers alot but injoy hehe
  10. Lilly

    anyone want update on lilly. She's turning 9 months old this month :) Here's a couple from may when she was 7 months, i'll get some new ones tomorrow. And she's offically reg. as ImpressivelyLillyBelle.
  11. The Hiding << Brand New, Come Look!

    Full Name; Kimberly Anne Lambert Age; 16 Gender; feamale Personality; Kimberly looks like the one to keep to her self. But she's really not, she'll get into your face and show you who she really is. She usally keeps everything bottled up inside and doesn't care what you say to her. She'll show you eather way who she is, and what she can do. Once you crack her hard shell she's your best friend for life and tell you anything. Standing up for you is a main thing she'll do for anyone. Background; Kimberly is like everyone else. Her mother and father had one kid and they wanted another. Only to find out her mother was pregant with twins they didn't know what to do. Keep her or have her killed? They found about the small ranch and farm area. Having hope jump into there hearts as soon as the twin girls were born. They wrapped Kimberly up into blankets and a note saying "We Love you no madder what our daughter and always remember that. See you soon some day. Love mom & dad" sending her on her way. That's the last of there baby girl they saw. Kimberly grew up on the farm with other kids and thought she was just another kid who's parents were killed till she found out the truth and found the note from her parents. It angered her thinking they just gave her away and give her chance to hide with them. She finally sat down and thought about what would've happend to her, her parents and two siblings. She was greatfull then after for what her parents did. Working at the stable had always helped her figure everything out, and working with her horse Valentine also. Photo; http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s183/ho...hair-cut-11.jpg Other; None Horse Name; Valentine Blissfully Age; 4 Breed; APHA Gender; Mare Personality; Valentine is like her owner. Hard headed and doesn't like to listen to anyone. She'll back you up agaist a wall, rear, buck the works. Once you show her whos' boss she'll be your best friend and team mate for every. You've got parnter you wont' find anywere else. Discipline; Western Pleasure Photo; http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s183/ho.../8522836-md.jpg
  12. Want A Up Date On Lilly?

    Alrighty here's miss lilly belle at 4 and half months, and her first snow & some of dolly also. Oh the Lean to, is getting rebuilt they have a shelter on the other side. Dolly Pics. She wasn't to interested in the pictures lol And one of the other 3 guys. (left to right) Ombra(black and white paint), Bubba(QH), Dixie (bay Paint) Now Lilly (the only pic i manged to get of her running.) Time to go back to momma humm..this stuff is cold?
  13. Want A Up Date On Lilly?

    Anyone want a update on her? She's goen on 5 months at the end of feb. :)
  14. Honolulu, Hawaii everyone's paradise right? Well, the kids at Honolulu Vocational High School see it different. But come on in anyways. Pick your major wisely, it'll determine your personality, your friends, your dorm, your school colors, your social status, and pretty much your life. Watch for the kids in the Kane Dorm, they're the elites, so you better stay out of their way. The Maui Dorm isn't one to mess with either. These kids are rich enough to tear your world apart. It's okay though, the Maika kids aren't so bad. They're called the losers, but they're the only reason why this place isn't so horrable. Then there's the Kai Dorm. These kids will backstab their way up to the top, so watch yourself. So pick your poison wisely. High school sucks, but the locals will tell you things will get better. And they're right. Once you get out of the boarding school heck there's always sport tryouts, parties, dances, all of Honolulu to discover as well the surrounding Hawaii islands. And watch out for Diva, the gossip queen of Hawaii. She'll be spilling out crap about you whether it's true or not. In a world where everyone is trying to bring you down, this school will bring you the most drama filled life you can handle. So pick your major wisely. Sure, no matter what major or dorm you choose you're making your life for here, but just pick pick the one that will suck the least and you might make it out alive. (will finsh later, gotta go for now)
  15. Heartworms...

    My puppy got them this summer, while i was working at a vget clinic. He gave me the chose of treating her or possibly putting her down becuase she was starting to get bad. I decided on treating her to see how that went, and she's fine now. Yet it can be costly at treatments, it goes by how much your animal weighs from what he told me. I do know its two shots one on each side of the back and 3 day stay at the vet. 2 overnight and the next day thye can go home. Then in 3 weeks they have a follow up treatmeant if needed and check up to see how there doing. Mostly i have to say it depends on the dog if you think there willing to fight it, and if they can. hope that helped some :)