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  1. When I Was A Kid...

    My 3 year old son will eat almost any fruit and alot of vegetables. His favorites are cooked carrots, broccli and white broccoli (Cauliflower). As long as it is frozen and then cooked. Tried steaming fresh and he spit it out. I guess a different tecture. He used to like spagetti when he was one, but since does not like it. Won't eat raviolli, Spaggetti O's or anything similar. Is just starting to eat some noodles with butter again. But will eat whole tomatoes off the vine and will also eat fresh asparagus from the garden but not from a can. I think it is a texture thing with him. He also does not like to mix his foods.
  2. I Like My Job But.....

    I believe if you are unhappy, then it is fine to look for something else. I know everyone says be thankful for a job. I am very thankful for mine. However, I am human and I would need a break or I would be very depressed. I don't think you are out of line for looking for something else. Maybe they will bring in someone new so you won't have to work every weekend. I would hate missing out on family events and stuff. Maybe you can ask to compromise and say you will work 7-12 if someone else comes in 12-7. Then you would at least have time to do something on Saturday.
  3. Shampoo And Conditioner Suggestions?

    I understand what you are saying. I talked to my hair person and she recommended the stuff they sell. It didn't have all that stuff in it that isn't supposed to be there. Can't think of what it is called right now. I decided to buy some because I was using Herbal Essence and it was making my hari frizzy. The salon stuff cost $20 a bottle!!!! I about cried. And I didn't even really like it. I sued it all but then went to the drugstore. I found where FInesse had come back which I used to use when I was younger. I bought it. My hair likes it. It is not frizzy anymore even though it is winter. I don't care if technically it is not good for your hair. I am using it. Apparently any of the shampoo you would buy at the grocery store is not good for your hair. But not all people are bald, so it isn't that bad for your hair!
  4. Random Facts You Know

    A wave 'crashes' when the water under it is as deep as the wave is tall.
  5. Go to counseling! My husband said the same thing. Now we are on the verge of divorce. Women and men do not communicate the same way. Counseling will help you learn how to communicate with the other person. I went to counseling, my husband refused. But one person can't "fix" the other person.
  6. Ideas For Sick 2Yr Old

    So, just as a mom, have you taken her to the doctor? My son gets ear infections when he has a running nose and goes from "my ear hurts" and running away from me to hysterical crying in less than 2 hours. Last time, it was literally 2 hours and he had puss in his ear. How did that not hurt all day long?? Sounds like if she is that misserable and specifically saying something hurts, then I would take them in. My son is 3. Otherwise, we were sick around our house and he didn't eat anything for 4 days. But I was sick too so I know he had no appetite and stuff tasted nasty. He was drinking gatoraide and that was it. So as long as they stay hydrated and it lasts less than a week then I would just love her. Sorry she is sick. It is horrble when your kid is sick.
  7. Dog With Half Tore Toenail *pics Added

    OK, that was gross. If I had seen this sooner I would have suggested the vet. My dog did something similar not too long ago. I was able to cut the nail, no blood. He was licking it. When I did take him in for his shots about a week after, the vet said that the nail would never grow back and he needed antibiotics because since he was still licking it, there was still pain or something going on. He actually said that if my dog was able to be put under, he would have done it and removed the rest of the quick hanging down. I'm kind of glad we didn't, but no nail is growning back, so he was right on that part.
  8. Copays At The Doctors....do You Pay?

    I don't have a co-pay for my insurance so I usually get billed. My chiropractor's office prefers if you pay that day, and they know how much it will be after the negotiated rate with the insurance so I'm fine with it. However, I had to take my son to a dermatologist. They wanted all payment up front. I don't really mind paying up front, but I was not expecting to since I am always billed and I have no co-pay. I put it on my credit card. They said if there was a difference in what I was billed and what the negotiated rate with the insurance was then they would refund the money. No problem. WELL, they didn't say it would take 6+ weeks to get my money back! I figured after the insurance came back with the information they would credit my credit card. No. They waited until they actually received payment from the insurance company, then cut me a check! It stunk because it was on my credit card and I had to pay the full amount or get charged interest. It just ticked me off because it was $50.00. You know if I had owed them additional money for the visit they would have charged me the next day. But if I am owed money then I have to wait 6+ weeks.
  9. I have a soliataire which you probably don't want because it sticks up. However, my husband got it at Kay Jewlers and he got the extended warranty. As long as I take it in every 6 months and have a free inspection done on it, they will fix any issues with it and will replace the diamond if it falls out all for free. One time one of the prongs was bent, which I didn't even notice. But they fixed it and it has been fine. No other issues and I wear it to barn and have a 3 year old. Had it for 8 years now. Even though it sticks up, I really don't notice that it get's caught on anything. Only issue I have seen is that it doesn't fit well under gloves, especially show gloves. I have to take it off for that. So I guess my point is, if they have a warranty program don't worry about messing it up, just make sure you do everything to stay within the warranty so that they will fix it if it is messed up!
  10. Payment Help, Please?

    ANother suggestion, although I have never done it, is maybe have the seller haul the horse to th buyers house for a ride, while the seller stays there and then brings the horse home that day. Like taking it off the property to see what it doesn away from home. Or meet somewhere and trail ride. But I am also one that would not let the horse off my property without a cash payment.
  11. Cleaning Toilets

    An Update - I tried The Works today. It didn't work... I tihnk it might have worked a little bit, but the stains are still there. I actually cleaned them twice and let it sit about 20 minutes each time. I have 2 bottles of it that I found at Lowe's, so I will continue to use it all. I feel like the white part is whiter, but the stains are still there. Hopefully with more use it will get more off. I didn't think the smell was bad, but like someone else said, it did kind of get into my nose and throat and bother me. And I was surprised that it was very watery, I thought it would be more like gel or thicker or something. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  12. Hair Cut Woes

    My hair is about the same as yours. Yes, wet it and blow dry with a round brush. I like big hair (LOL), so I acutally blow dry it upside down and then when barely damp, style it with the round brush standing up normal. If I have to wash it the nigth before, then I use a fat curling iron. It doesn't go around the whole curling iron, but it is enough to just curl it under and make it bounce. When I sleep on it, I always wake up with one piece sticking straight out to the side! And I LOVE the small clips with the rubber on them to keep the hair off my face.
  13. How Did You Parents Do It?

    You could also look into a mothers helper, someone younger that will pretty much just play with your child and yell for you if something happens. Not really a babysitter as in having someone totally responsible and I would trust them with my kid when i leave the house. They can play in the play area or great him after nap. They might do it in exchange of being able to ride themselves ater you are done! I can't bring my son to the barn with me. He loves to come, but he is a hand full and can't be trusted outside of arms length. He is 3. I have had offers of the other boarders saying they would watch him, but it turns into too much coordination. He doesn't really wants to ride, just wants to pet everyone and play with the cats.
  14. Practice doesn't make perfect, Perfect proactice makes perfect. Our band teacher used to say this. But what I really think it means is if you are just going out there and running through the motions then you aren't advancing. If you try and be perfect, or as close to perfect as you can each time, you are striving for perfection and will improve. If you don't care, it won't get better, if you do care and try, it will. Nobody is really perfect, just a way of saying it.
  15. Cleaning Toilets

    Never heard of The Works. I just looked it up. Can you get it at the grocery store or like Lowe's? Never mind. I see it says Kmart, Walmart and Sam's Club. I will be off to walmart tomorrow!