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  1. Saddle Fit

    Hey guys, I would love to have your opinion on this saddle fit. This is my barrel saddle on my four year old. Sorry about the picture size. What saddle do you think would fit him better? Thanks
  2. Prom Dresses This is the dress I am wearing to this year's prom! By the way it is a lot brighter than the picture shows.
  3. Barrel Studs

    I have never done shipped semen before. It isn't out of the question but I am expecting that to cost more and cheaper in my case is better. I am in highschool and probably will be taking care of most of the details if I want any of this to happen. So simpler is better too. So anyone up to explain the process of using shipped semen? Their also was a large article about the effects of shipped semen in Barrel Horse News, maybe I should go back and read that again.
  4. 2010 Kick-off Poll

    I also use the Todd Slone pad.
  5. Nbha

    I am a member, but I am not sure if I will be for long. Prices have gone up, and I haven't been able to make it to state for the last few years because something important has come up. I really like how the set it up in districts in each state, and they give out their own prizes for the year, and then you get to go up to your state competition.
  6. Barrel Studs

    I have actually see Dazzler(FirewaterFinale) around quite a bit, she competes around here locally and he is fabulous. I plan on breeding Nunda this spring to one of these studs, and it is my prospect to be, if not for me, than for my sister. I have never seen any of the other studs. The big plus for Dazzler is that his foals are eligible for 6 barrel futurities, if I would like to do them. First Down Devil foals are eligible for just as many things but I can pretty much guarantee this foal will never be raced. Famous Charger doesn't have quite as many. I have friends near where Charger is and I could ask what they think about him, I am sure they have seen him around cause they go to a lot of ropings and barrel racings. Nunda actually is quite accident prone, I would like to keep her in a little bubble. Another thing happened not to long ago, we believe she was kicked in the head. It was a long huge nasty cut. We believe Crutch did it because he is the only one who had shoes on. It was a huge gash right between her eyes. You could see bone but it was a very neat clean cut. Searched the entire pen for hair, blood, anything that would give us a clue what happened. Forunately it is healing up nicely after her stitches, it didn't break back open, but for some reason it is really itchy and she now is rubbing her forelock out.
  7. Barrel Studs

    Nunda is a gorgeous bay roan QH Mare 2005, great build, I don't really have any conformation pics, but I have lots of others for you. Relatively unheard of breeding, but has a great mind. She is such a sweet heart. I bought her when she was three year old from a sale. She was broke to ride but she came up lame. We gave her the winter off and when she didn't get better we took her to the vet for x-rays. She is permanently lame. There is no way to correct or fix. Vet gave us the go ahead to breed her. -- password = nundaredbrickwine I have been looking for a local stud for her and so far I have come up with these - Which one would you pick?
  8. Whats The Oldest Horse You've Barrel Raced?

    A friend of mine mother runs a 28 year old gelding, and he still does pretty good.
  9. Video For Critique

    He looks like he is doing well. How old is he? You two handed him around first and second but you one handed third. He only switched his front lead when you first came out of the first barrel. Always work on things off your barrel pattern and then apply them. If you want him to open up more take him out some where and let him run. Sometimes my sister and I will go out and race. It seems to bring out a competitive edge in our horses. You do what we call 'chicken wings' when you come out of first. A great drill is when you lope your horse to first, sit down, slow to a trot and then pick up whatever lead you need as you come out of it. Ask him for more speed at home before you ask him at a competition. He is very pretty and you seem to be doing a good job with him. At the end of the video you start to sit up and stop kicking. It looks like it is before the timer but I can't be positive. Overall for he first year of hauling he is doing great.
  10. Barrel Race :: Updated!

    I am no where near you. Look for someone who has proven themselves. Who knows what they are doing. Ask for suggestions at your next race. Someone there might be able to help you. Try a barrel clinic even. You will get lots of input on your riding, and suggestions as how to progress your horse.
  11. Barrel Race :: Updated!

    So why doesn't he go in the gate? Is he that nervous or does he know he can get a way with it? With nervous horses you sometimes have to play the mental game. Go exhibition and walk the pattern. Like oh we don't always run the pattern. -not saying you do or anything- Go to a smaller race and work on him focusing on you when you are near the gate. Make sure he knows he doesn't always get to relax where you stand before your runs. When you ask him to go towards the gate don't. Make him do circles. As soon as you present the arena gate to him he might hesitate and ride him towards it. Get a little mean and be the leader. He isn't going to listen if you ask him pretty please because he knows he doesn't have to. I would suggest circles. Large trotting circles. Right infront of the gate. Get him listening to you. Move him in and out. Get him a little dizzy. lol. Just kidding you don't want him dizzy. You want to refocus his attention.Every time he spins away from the gate the pressure is relieved. There is a rope trick that MIGHT work. Two people follow behind you and as soon as your horse stops moving forward you snap him in the behind with it. You don't get two people behind him with a rope and drag him in that isn't how it works. A video or anything would be great. Lastly get help from a professional have them work with you. The professional so be able to 'fix' your horse, but there are probably going to be things about your riding you will have to change so he doesn't revert back to balking. Hope atleast some of this has helped.
  12. Im New And Just Wanted To Say Hey!

    I love his coloring. Very unique as his name should be. Are you talking about a registered name or just a barn name? I have a list of names. XD Sinner has always been one of my favorite names. Two tone, cactus, crutch, Nitro. There is a bunch at -- Good luck with the naming.
  13. Egus

    My local veterinarian clinic is hosting a public education thing for Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome. I have the chance to get my horse tested. Pros? Cons? I don't really know that much about ulcers. What would happen if my horse does have them? Terms for getting my horse tested. My horse won't get food for 12 hours prior. No water for 6 to 8 hours. He would get a mild sedative. He doesn't get to eat until the sedative wears off. I believe it will be done by our local vet. It will cost $25. I will have to sign a consent and release form. Is this something I should get my horse checked for? Thanks everyone!
  14. Open Arena Etiquette...

    So this is what to expect at big barrel races? yikes. Getting mowed over while trying to practice. I am a little naive. Everyone knows everyone here. So this isn't really a rare occurence? *run for the hills and don't look back* The worst that has ever happened to me is a little girl kept trying to do the pattern the same time(this happened multiple times) my horse is a lefty which might have threw her off but still she should have gotten a clue the second or even third time, but she doesn't ride anymore if that says anything. The other thing that irks me is that the certain people who don't know how to walk their horse through the pattern, and the people who think it is always the horse's fault.
  15. Open Arena Etiquette...

    That would make me so mad. I hate it when others don't respect the going in turns thing. Not like it is that difficult. I might be subject to chew someone out. If she did that again I would definately stand in the way. It might have not been possible with your younger horse.