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  1. Boy! Things Have Changed

    It's actually point 7. And yes it's a very helpful test. Not always completely accurate, so of course biopsies were done to confirm everything and to genetically test the cancer. One of the chemos I am on is genetically specific to my tumors. I go to Ironwood Cancer Treatment and Research Centers. I did a bit of research while I was recovering in the hospital and chose them over Cancer Treatment Centers of America.
  2. Boy! Things Have Changed

    I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. Both my adoptive father and Grandfather died of brain cancer many years ago. I haven't heard the word remission yet. I think because of the 4 small tumors on my liver that haven't changed since January they are holding off. Maybe that will change once the ablations are done and those tumors have been killed off - and of course, once the colon resection is done as well. I'm hoping at some point I will be "cancer free" and can stop the chemo. I really have had an easy time of it and am so thankful for how well my treatment has gone, but there are a couple of irritating side effects that I would like to not deal with any more. I'm not sure if you know about colon cancer titer. It's a blood test that can indicate the presence of colon cancer. A normal number is anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5. Anything above 6.0 and they start looking for why it's so high. My original number was 11,890 (yes, nearly twelve thousand). On my blood work from this last Tuesday, I'm at .7.
  3. Boy! Things Have Changed

    They've made great improvements in treatment... well and just understanding the disease, just in the last 5 years. I can't tell you how many doctors have told me that scans like my original scans from the emergency room would have meant a sure death sentence; and I'm talking like just a week or two at most time-frame. What type of cancer did your daughter have? How is she doing now?
  4. Boy! Things Have Changed

    I am in Arizona (the Phoenix area), and yes, there are some really good choices for cancer treatment here and I absolutely love my oncologist. Sometimes I think we can tend to fall into the trap of taking such things for granted. So many people dealing with cancer (and other disease and illness) don't have nearly as many options available to them and often have to travel pretty good distances to get treatment. The treatment center I go to is about 20 minutes away and it's one of about really good choices within an hour or less.
  5. Hey ya'll

    Cute puppy. I'm with RailroadWoman... blame that naughtiness on the weenie. My roommate has two, a neutered male and a spayed female, one 16 years and the other 4 years, and both were difficult to housebreak. The old man will still go in the house if you offend him in any way. My advice is to be really consistent... and stay on his good side.
  6. Boy! Things Have Changed

    Hello all! I do remember several of you and am friends with quite a few HorseCity folks on facebook as well. I hope things kind of build back up here as it was a good supportive place for the most part. Sounds like things got pretty crazy after I left though. I stay busy as always, and just don't have as much time these days to spend socializing on the computer. The horses are doing well, though mostly different horses than the last time I was here. Count Glen was sold to some good friends of ours and is doing well. He belongs to a teenage girl who has shown him mostly in reining and trail and done quite well with him. She loves him to death and that is most important. We lost Lady Amethyst a couple of months ago to a "mystery" neurological/seizure condition. She was one month away from the due date for her first foal and though, specialist from all over the world were consulted and every test known/suggested was done (both before and after her death) nobody was able to figure our what was wrong or how to stop her seizing. It was horrific to watch her suffer even though the vets were doing everything they could think of stop it and we all miss her terribly. I still have my mare Maari, who is being bred to a reining stallion called Mr. Electric Spark. The foal will belong to Julie. We are also breeding another mare Surfer Girl (Lady Amethysts' dam) to another reining stallion called Pale Face Dunit. I'm excited for foals next year (will be our first in 6 years) and hope I am here and able to enjoy them. Now for the difficult news. Last year, in June, I became quite sick and went into the emergency room. Turns out I have stage 4 colon cancer which has spread to my liver. The mass on my color was nearly a foot long, huge, bleeding, and obstructing my colon nearly entirely. There were so many tumors on my liver and they were so overlapping, you couldn't even count them. There was no healthy liver tissue with blood supply so a resection on the liver wasn't an option. I was extremely anemic, and my liver wasn't functioning. I had several iron infusions, a couple of blood transfusions and started chemotherapy in the hopes that the tumor on the colon would shrink down quickly enough that it would stop bleeding and allow "stuff" to pass, and that the tumors on the liver would shrink quickly enough for it to start functioning again. Well, even though I shouldn't be, I'm still here approaching the one year anniversary of my diagnosis and doing pretty well, thanks to a lot of prayer, and some really good doctors and treatment. The tumor on my colon can't be seen on scan anymore, though you can see scar tissue on endoscopic exam, and there are only 4 very small and undefined tumors left on the liver. I'm getting ready to have ablation procedures on the liver to kill those tumors and then a colon resection to remove all that scar tissue. I lost my great dog Cleo to cancer in the fall of 2015 and Julie lost her pointer Lilly to cancer just 5 days before Cleo. I have a wonderful dog I purchased about a year before I lost Cleo that has been an absolute Godsend through this cancer battle. She's just always so happy and cheerful it's hard to have a bad day when she's around. Her name is Katie and she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I have done quite a bit of training with her (before my cancer diagnosis) and she is therapy certified, so she was able to visit me in the hospital. What have you all been up to?
  7. Boy! Things Have Changed

    It's been years since I've visited here and am surprised by the change. I seem to remember many more boards the last time I was here. Have things just slowed down that much around here that they've had to delete board? There are also very few names that I recognize. I guess I'll just have to get to know all these new names. Can you all introduce yourselves and maybe fill me in a bit?
  8. Count Glen At Scottsdale With Photos

    Spotted T Apps > You can support a horses legs much more effectively with wraps than you can with boots.... if you know how to wrap properly. The rule of thumb is, if you're just doing a conditioning work and not working on elements at all you can use boots; if your working a horse up or concentrating on elements wraps are the better choice. Most of the time though, they will use wraps because you never know when a horse might do something silly... or require you to get after them. This was Glen's first show competing in reining. He did go to a futurity over in California over a year ago where he was shown in western pleasure. He also went to a show this last fall and competed in Sport Horse in hand.
  9. Why Do People Not Proof Read Texts?

    I usually speak my texts and NEVER use text lingo... I can't stand it... I've got a smart phone for a reason for pete's sake. Anyhow, a few weeks ago I had one of my nieces stay the weekend and she needed to be picked up from school while I was still at work, so my roommate was going to get her. I sent her a text mid morning to remind her and to let her know what time Alysia would be ready. I instantly got a call from my roommate wanting to know who Felicio was and what she was supposed to do with him/her after she picked him/her up. Yeah... gotta check those texts for autocorrects.
  10. Would You Take This Deal?

    I think your boyfriend is right to be concerned about where his son goes to school. Get on the internet and or telephone and do some research. Compare each school's/district's ranking and overall performance locally, as well as nationwide. Also look at the different programs and policies each school district offers. Consider student to teacher ratio, teachers' average number of years teaching, teacher turnover. Are teachers aids utilized? Are there programs in place for tutoring struggling children? What about programs for advanced kids? I'm not sure how old the child is, but look at the long term things as well. What percentage of students are going on to college, what about extra-caricular recruiting (sporting or other ??). Allowing every possible opportunity for our children to succeed is quite possibly the most important part of being a parent. Choosing the right schools for our children the attend (even at the elementary level), and being involved on a regular basis in their education is a parents' responsibility... and should be a top priority.
  11. Count Glen At Scottsdale With Photos

    He had a better go yesterday and scored a 205, though he didn't make the cut for the final. His total for the two runs was 402 and the cut off for the final ended up being 404. More pictures:
  12. Count Glen At Scottsdale With Photos

    The rider is Crystal McNutt's assistant Varr Heaton. It's kind of a neat story. I new Varr was going to be showing him instead of Crystal because he as been doing most of the work and Glen, but I'd never met him. Varr is really just starting to develop his own show string and Glen is his favorite. Glen doesn't have nearly the amount of training as the other horses in his class, but has as much or more talent than any of them. Anyhow, I stopped out at the show grounds on Sunday evening to get the order of go for Glen's Monday morning class and watch some of the reining trainers school their horses. I watched horses for awhile and found a few trainers that I really like the way they worked their horses, and a few trainers that seemed to be doing more bullying than training. There was one guy, who I assumed must be from Oregon because he was wearing an Oregon Ducks hoody, that really stood out as being very effective. He was working a young horse that just seemed a bit rattled by the whole "Scottsdale warm up pen" thing, and he did a great job of getting a good training session out the horse while, at the same time, giving the horse much more confidense than he started with. He finished with his colt and left the arena and I figured I'd watch a stallion I recognized work and then head to the barns to find Glen. About 15 minutes later I turned from the rail I'd been standing at to walk over to the barns, and nearly ran into the guy with the Oregon Ducks hoody riding Glen.
  13. Count Glen At Scottsdale With Photos

    He had a decent go. Scored about in the middle of the pac with a 197,5. I think the lowest score I saw was a 169 and the highest was a 216. Most were in the 190 to 202 area. Here are a few photos...
  14. Count Glen At Scottsdale With Photos

    Ok! Ok! I'll put up a couple of photos. These are older pictures, but I don't think I've posted them before.
  15. Count Glen At Scottsdale With Photos

    Gosh, I really don't have any current photos. I think you all have seen everything "post worthy" that I've got. I promise to take some photos tomorrow and get them posted.