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  1. Critique My Barrel Run Please :)

    She has only been running for a few months. The ground is crappy, I will have to get another video next time I haul her to the local arena. :) Sorry about the footing.
  2. My New Mare

    awww, court shes beautiful. Im still mad you didnt give Levi to me. How does bandit like his new buddy? :)
  3. I would like you guys to critique my mare. I think she has 1d potential with some more work. She is fast, quick and really seems to love it. I know I have some riding no-nos going on with my attire but please just critique her and the way I am riding her and not my clothing. Thanks She is a 9 year old arabian mare, about 14.3-15hh. I am riding her in a combo bit, its just a smooth snaffle with a rope nose. She seems to like it. Thanks in advance :) Oh and we are working on that shoulder dropping on the second barrel, but more suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)
  4. Older Horse

    So I will keep her at a cup of oil per day then. Maybe give it to her in doses of 1/3 cup at each feeding for three feedings. I may try getting two bags of the cubes and two bags of hay stretcher giving her 5 pounds cubes per day and the equivelant of 5 pounds of hay in pellets so she is getting 10 pounds of substitute hay and leave the free choice out as well plus her senior feed and the veggie oil...then by the time that all runs out I will see were she is weight wise. take a before and after picture for everyone. Can anyone answer my question about the probios? Are they fed daily or once a month or what? thanks
  5. Older Horse

    Does anyone know how much hay cubes, pellets, and senior feed weigh in those bright plastic scoops that you get at tractor supply. I think it is two quarts? Is one and a half cups of veggie oil per day to much or should I just give that to her in a one cup per day amount? Thanks.
  6. Older Horse

    The worst part is my vet doesnt think there is anything wrong with her he just says she is old and she probably wont gain anymore which cant be true because she gets fat every spring/summer on pasture. You can see every rib her hip bones, back bone, basically if you cut off her back half it would weigh aobut 50 pounds I feel like the worst owner ever but i have three other horses here that are fat and happy and she is just in terrible condition. She is by no means neglected But winters are so harsh on her. i have tried supplements, beet pulp, different senior feeds, it gets cold and she loses everything plus she had two blankets on. hopefully alfalfa will help her. I dont have access to alfalfa hay that's why I am trying the cubes, but i think maybe a combination of the two or cubes and hay stretcher may help her.
  7. Update On My Little Man

    He looks wonderfull. Such a handsome boy. =] I hope you guys do well, my computer is too slow to load the video when you get it on here but he looks fantastic in the pictures.
  8. Older Horse

    I;m sorry ozland I'm not getting what you are saying. 5 pounds of what and what 3 times a day. Thanks. He looks great. How much water am I adding per cube to the alfalfa and how much should she be getting. I am going to try to get it split up into three feedings if i can. If not three then deffinitely two. I want to get her to this point but I have no idea if this would help her any so please tweek it as you need too: 6am: 1 scoop senior feed 2 cups pellets soaked in 4 cups water 1/2 cup veggie oil 1.5 pounds alfalfa cubes soaked 4pm: 1 scoop senior feed 1/2 veggie oil 2 pounds alfalfa cubes soaked 9pm: 1 scoop senior feed 2 cups pellets soaked in 4 cups water 1/2 veggie oil 1.5 pounds alfalfa cubes soaked Tweek what you need too. This is based on things I have been reading all night. Also she is in a dry pasture but I let her out to eat grass for a couple hours every night and all day on weekends, she has free choice hay but cant chew it, and she will be going over to my uncles into a grass pasture once the grass starts to come up again. And right now she is not being handled at all until her weight is back up. Thanks again everyone.
  9. Older Horse

    Thanks for the feedback, are the probios given daily or just once every so often? It says this is sold: but would I need more then just one dose? Also with the alfalfa cubes how much per feeding would you suggest? Is one cup of them going to be enough or too much to start out with, and what is the most that I should work up too. How long do you think one bag would last. Thanks. =]
  10. Older Horse

    Hi all, My mare is 28 this year and she is literally a bag of bones, she has been on free choice hay and 20 pounds of Nutrena Senior everyday all winter and is still all bone. She was blanketed, wormed, and floated. She also is missing a few back teeth and can;t really eat hay, that;s why I am thinking about stretchers. She has been on beet pulp and it did't do to much. I am turning to other products and want opinions on which to use, it can be single or combinations. Please list your expierences with them, Thank you so much:;Special=false;Special=false;Special=false;Special=false;Special=false;Special=false;Special=false;Special=false;Special=false;Special=false
  11. Training.

    Thanks I will definitely keep you updated. I appreciate the help and advice so much. I gave them their "day off" today as weekends I have more time to work with them. I caught the mare and pet her then fed everyone and went inside. Hopefully the weather is nice and I can get some stuff accomplished this weekend. Now that I actually have a feel for these horses and their reactions after this first week I am getting more into a down to business mode, if you know what I mean. I will be sure to report how things go from here on out as often as I can. Thank you all so much especially you, historyrider. =]
  12. Training.

    Okay...Im not sure I will get to everything you said but if I forget something let me know. The geldings owner shows and has ridden but can not afford to break a horse at the risk of injury, she knows what she is doing in the saddle but has no time as she works full time to actaully train the horse. she got him at a sale and he was untouched. When put under extreme pressure he has still not offered to kick, he will either back up or run in circles. this horse has yet to offer to kick no matter what situation he is in. As far as my experience, no I have never trained anything that was never touched, well I did train my three year old from the day he was born but thats all. I retrained my barrel mare because she had horrible rearing and speed issues. I have taken a spooky arab and turned him into a showable horse. And I have trained my neighbors 6 year old. My facilities are pretty blah, meaning I have a 16 by 20 foot run in barn. 2 pastures seperated by a gate, with three strands of rope electric and one that is circular but only unelectrified silver wire with fiberglass posts. I am starting to think the mare is just used to being able to do what she wants, because she is very stubborn and can be pushy, however she is smart and has already improved tons with being handled. I lounged them both today, I only sent the mare around about 3 times on each side because she barely new what i was asking, so after three consistent circles I asked her to whoa and then i pet her and made her go the other way...I will do more loungeing with her tomorrow. The gelding is so much more jumpy then her but he seemed like he had been lounged before. He went off great and stopped when I asked...I think his main issue is that he is very high strung and needs to be worked and not just left in the pasture. He also needs extreme desensitzing though. Also today my boyfriend walked right up to the "uncatchable" mare, grabbed her halter and brought her over to me, then gave her a treat. So I guess all her owner was doing by bribing her with grain was spoiling her. As far as catching the gelding...once again boyfriend walked right up about a foot away, talked to him a little and had him by the halter within about 45 seconds. However he was more erie of it then the mare...she is very personable just not sure what being a horse means, probably pasture pet syndrome. Here they are: Mary: CJ:
  13. Some Random Critter Pics I Took Today...

    ummm...your horses are not disgusting in the winter...i love them...willow is my favorite...haha wait i thought emmit was supposed to be camera looks like he is winking to me lol...that doesnt exactly scream camera shy lol. scout is adorable...bullador...tehe funny. all of your animal are extremely adorable. thanks for sharing...i actaully waited for my slowwww dial up to load every picture and it was worth it. =]
  14. Training.

    Okay...I went out today and worked with them both. I can now catch the mare without bribing her with food. She will come up to me. I am working more on her right side, she is deffinitely one sided. She really does seem like she was abused as any sudden movement spooks her, plus today the wind caught the lead rope just right and she literally stopped breathing. I can touch both front legs without her moving also. oh...and i touching her all over with my hands and the leap rope and smacking the lead rope off my coat and making a loud clap noise. when she stopped jumping i would pet her and talk to her, slowly working on desensitizing her. owner couldnt touch her ears or face either, and i can get my little fingers in her huge ears no problem, so she is getting slightly better. It took me about 30 minutes to catch the gelding...he has very good leading manners unless something spooks him, his reaction to that is backing up but he wont drag you with him just pull until you are stern with him and make him stop backing. he is the lowest in the pecking order and isnt aloud to get water or go in the barn so im glad i could catch him to let him drink...i left the lead on him so he is easier to get a hold of (until he trusts me more) as thats what his owner does. he is very smart and can just about outsmart me...but not quite all of the way. he has not offered to kick at all and exhibits no bad habits thus far. Manesntails--I know I asked for advice and you are giving me yours, and I do appreciate that but in case I wasnt clear, I have trained horses before this and do have a pretty decent idea of what i can and can;t handle. I was simply asking other peoples approachs as we all have our own. I'm not trying to shut you down and I will call the owner if at any point I feel I am in over my head but so far these are things I have taught before and I am not stuck, just curious to others ways. Thanks though and I hope you don't think that I am trying to blatantly ignore the advice given to me. ETA: I am not offended...=] Cheri Wolfe-- I was curious as to how teaching them to tie first helps you with the desensitizing process, is that just so that they know how to give to pressure before hand? or is there some other area it helps with...(both of them can tie by the way and the mare also cross ties) Thanks everyone...Please keep it coming. =]
  15. Training.

    Yes she can see out of both seems like more of an issue with her only being led and worked with on one side. I got her to stand still and let me pet her there but she is more uneasy on that side thanks for the tip though...=] anyone else?? please. =]