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  1. New Project Horse :) *pictures Added

    Cute horse! Good luck with him.
  2. This or That REVIVED!!

    Cake Brother or sister?
  3. New Random Pics Of The Horses Come N See!.

    Love your pictures! The first one sure is cute.
  4. Bacterial Gut Infection?

    Well, I still don't know much more now. I guess I should have mentioned they aren't "baby babies" they are weanlings mostly foaled in early-mid spring. 2 more have been taken to the vet and they were caught very early (weren't interested in their grain but acted fine other than that) so hopefully they will pull through.
  5. Worst sale- I had a big, beautiful QH mare who sadly got Navicular. It was pretty bad at times so I quit riding her. She was still ok to ride, but mostly just a walk/trot. Nothing hard and had to keep up on the shoes and occasionally banamine when she was sore. A friend wanted her for her daughter to do some walk/trot pleasure at open shows. Said she would have the vet out to check up on her and have a really good farrier work on her. So practically gave her away. Told her if she ever sells her that I would take her back. Well, she emailed 2 weeks later and said she was too lame and if we wanted her back we could have her. Emailed her back and said OK we will take her back. Then she comes back saying, well she's fine now, we pulled her shoes and she's doing great! [Duh] Get this. The next week a lady calls from another state wanting to know about a mare she just bought. It was her. She wound up giving her a good home and was already attached to her, but she was told some weird things from this "friend". She was told we had the mare running with a stallion and has had several babies. (We told her, she had TWO foals. WE DO NOT EVEN HAVE A STALLION OTHER THAN A 35" ONE!) And the worst thing is, we have a mini stallion we bought on a contract from the lady she "trains" for. We agreed to breed 2 mares a year. We have this stallion with a trainer and they wanted us to send him to their place this summer for 2 months. I don't think so! They can bring the mares up here. I don't want him disappearing on me.
  6. Pictures Of The State 4-h Horse Show!

    No critique, but you have a beautiful horse! Reminds me of my old mare, China Doll. Same little star.
  7. Bacterial Gut Infection?

    This is pretty vague, but all the info I have. I have been taking care of some horses for someone 3 mornings a week. Feeding/turning out/cleaning stalls, ect. One of the foals went off feed some. He would eat but not enthusiastic about it. This was Tuesday night. He was out in the field that morning running and playing with the others. Wednesday he was eating better. Just found out he died last night. All the info I was given was he had a bacterial gut infection (also had bad diarrhea when I wasn't there). Same thing happened with a colt back in August. He went to a show and was fine. The next morning he had diarrhea and I'm not sure of the other symptoms. He barely made it after a trip to the vet clinic. Another filly is sick now too and at the vet. She was in a separate barn than the other colt. Does this sound contagious? If not what what does it sound like it could be caused by? I'm sure the owner has found out, but I don't know yet. I wasn't given any other info. I'm just looking for more on what this is and if anyone has experienced. I would absolutely hate to bring this home. I will definitely be sure to change clothes/boots though when I come home. Poor babies. [Me Cry]
  8. What Type Of Clippers Do You Prefer?

    I love the Double K clippers! Here's a link- Mine have lasted forever, just send them in for a tune up every year.
  9. Let's See Your Driving Horse.

    Wow, there are some beautiful driving horses on here! Here's one of mine-
  10. What Do You Think Of This Wagon?

    Sorry it took a while to get back on. It is a regular (horse) sized wagon and was purchased for our QH and we never used it like we thought we would. It was made by Amish.
  11. What Do You Think Of This Wagon?

    This wagon has been in our barn for several years now, just sitting. It was bought with the intent to use (which it was....once or twice haha) Now we are going to try to get some extra hay before winter and would like to use the space this wagon is taking up. So now I'm going to try to sell it, but I have no clue what to price it at and where to advertise. Is it even likely to sell? We purchased it brand new as we had it made for us by some Amish people. I think it's in pretty decent shape...there is a split in the wood on the shaft though.
  12. Question about Ebay

    I have a question about Ebay. I sold a saddle on there and the person that bought it applied for an Ebay card and didn't realize it would take several days to actually be able to fully use the card. She was given a $1000 limit but the saddle sold over that price. So away from ebay, she sent me the other payment leaving the $1000 to pay on ebay. Well, when I went to send the updated invoice to her, it won't let me change the price, so is there any way to do this?
  13. First show of the!!

    I really like your horse Is that an AQHA show?
  14. First show of the!!

    I really like your horse Is that an AQHA show?