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  1. Dressage Bridles

    Your best shot is to look at either Dressage Extensions or Dover Saddlery. They have a good selection between the two for Dressage bridles. Flashes are not necessary, and honestly, if your horse doesn't need one or isn't used to one, don't bother!
  2. Take a moment to realize how lucky you are...

    OMG! That's terrible! I'm so sorry, hon! I got really nervous at first, thinking something had happened to Vegas!
  3. -bounces in- Hi guys!

    Actually posting on the board that you so-very-kindly got me addicted to... I love you, too.
  4. Kota's first year progress

    Aww! You two have progressed so much, congrats and keep up the good work!
  5. Last Horse Show Pictures!!

    Awww! Beau looks so handsome! Espicially the headshot! And I think you just about covered any "critique"...
  6. Let me introduce myself--I'm new! (to this board)

    Welcome! Hope everything went well on your vet check! I'm Emily, and I, too, have 5 horses. 1 Appaloosa, 1 Dutch Warmblood, 1 Thoroughbred, 1 Miniature, and 1 Trakehner. They all show various levels and diciplines. You should hop into the chit-chat thread! Welcome, again!
  7. FHOTD Dressage Post

    I agree with FHOTD. However, I'm also kind of on the fence about Rollkur. Yes, it is cruel when used improperly, however, my horse requires slight Rollkur in order to WANT to come into his back, but BY NO MEANS use it like in the videos and pictures shown. We ride him really really deep and really really flexed for the first 5 minutes or so of warmup, alternating between being really flexed for about 5 seconds, and letting him stretch into the contact for another 15-30+ seconds until he feels like he needs it again. Rollkur the way it is shown here, and the way most people use it is highly cruel IMO, but I think it can have slight advantages when used lightly/in moderation. There's my 2 cents.

    Aww! He's so cute! Are you planning to show him DSHB?
  9. some pictures to share =)

    Aww, you two look so good together! Congrats on your scores and keep up the good work! Holly - I love you and your number/math challeneged brain. It makes me laugh, cause you're like me.
  10. Corta-Flx?

    Lipton was on Corta-Flex with his former owners, and seemed to be doing well on it. Personally, I prefer Platinum Performance products (Ortho-Chon II), and Inky's on Flex Cookies. Both are working wonderfully, and aren't THAT expensive (About normal for a joint supplenet). Hope you find what you're looking for!
  11. CK Photos!

    Awww, I love the last one! Print it and frame it! He looks pretty good, and very cute! I love the moments one, it's a total "UM, NO!" moment! My boys have them too, don't worry!
  12. Kota show pics and results!

    Cute! Congrats, sounds like it was a really tough show!
  13. Questions about dressage coats

    PMJ - Could you post the link to Amri? I googled it and didn't find anything, and I'm kind of intrested, seeing as I've been looking for a pair of champange coloured breeches for a while! Thanks in advance!
  14. 4 done, 2 to go! Now with a couple of pics

    Haha, it is a stretch... I always picture him Piebald anyways! I dunno, I'm crazy, that's nothing new!
  15. Morgan GN & WC Results!!

    Congrats! Sounds like you had tons of fun! The pics are really cute!