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    Rodeo, Music, Basketball, Hanging out with friends, Photography, I am easily pretty much anything : )
  1. Something Fun And A Little Different

    20/20! I liked the answer "Put your foot in the stirrup and pray"
  2. This Is The Only Level

    Yesh! 6:36:32 with 20 deaths!
  3. This Is The Only Level

    Ah that is so addicting!!! My stats::: Time: 16:57:50, and I died 80 times :tongue9: I'm off to go play it again!!!!
  4. Edit Help Needed Please =)

    I'm not sure if I got the right pictures, but I think I did I was feeling lazy so I just lightened them up for you but I can also put words on it, make it black and white, etc, just let me know I am having trouble uploading them onto this post so here is a link for you ▼ (gotta love my file names, ttt, yyyy lol) P.S I LOVE your horses! Edited to say: I will leave the pics on my photobucket for at least a month, so let me know if you get them :)
  5. So I Have A Dilemma...

    So I started "Snicker" on barrels 2 years ago, and over the course of the past year I have exhibitioned him at a few barrel races just for the experience and have started pushing him harder and harder...My goal is to be able to run him at the end of this summer. He knows the pattern and is doing great on it but his brain tends to "fry" if he is pushed to hard, to fast. I know he is ready to start running at barrel races and rodeos but I'm afraid if I push him to hard I could undo all I have taught him on being calm and controlled, burn him out, have a physcho maniac barrel horse, etc... He has so much energy! So I guess my main question is how to keep HIM under control and his mind busy so it doesn't go blank, because when it goes blank he get's really scary to ride. He get's roped on twice a week, exercised 3 times a week and I ride a lot of pastures on him, but it doesn't seem like enough. Are there exercises for this? He is going to be my high school and possibly college barrel horse and I don't want to mess him up so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lindsey
  6. Educate Me

    In PRCA I know that women can also team rope, if you are interested in the other events there is the WPRA which allows women to tie calves, ride bulls, bronc riding, team rope, as well as barrel race. Sadly there isn't goat tying in it yet...but maybe someday :)
  7. Free Lease-barrel Mare In Ok

    I could possibly be interested...details please :) what are her average times in poles? and do you have any videos or pictures of her running barrels?
  8. What Colors Or Special Tack To You Use ?

    This picture is right before practice (hence the roping stirrups) I also have a bridle that matches the breast collar and I have white SMB2 splint boots (in second picture)...I just don't have pics of those :) I mainly run in blue though because 1) It's my favorite color and 2) It looks good on my 2 bays :) Snicker ▼▼ Star (after rodeo) ((yes she is tied really long, long story why, I don't normal tie that long)
  9. Need Some Advice

    What I do when I get that way (like on new horses or colts), I lope a lot! I get my confidence up by loping, I want to be comfortable with loping, then when I am totally comfortable loping, I pick it up a little bit more...remember when you first started riding? Were you even a little nervous by trotting? I know I was, and it's the same thing as that, you just have to build your confidence up, get to the point that you are perfectly happy and comfortable at a lope, you could do it all day (if you know what I mean), then push yourself a little bit more every time. The first time it might be a little scary but once you get over that adrenaline, you find out that it's ok! I'm not very good at wording these kind of things, but I hope I helped
  10. Worst Accidents?

    hmmm....-thinks- When I was 2 y/o my mom put me on my dads head horse, he spooked, I fell on my face, long story short I broke my eye socket and had a very pretty black cheek for a while, that was the worse accident I have had I also remember around 4 years ago running poles, my horse fell at the end pole, she fell on my leg which was...really scary but I was was ok...People said it was like she was sliding on to first base. I have been really blessed with safety around horses though
  11. Pictures of everything

    great pics! I love the ones with Addison and Ganon! they're all great though!
  12. Pictures of everything

    great pics! I love the ones with Addison and Ganon! they're all great though!
  13. oh what a tolerant...

    When I get a bf he WILL like to ride...I'm a eensy bit picky.