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  1. WEIRD Names.

    Ok, I'm just wondering what your weirdest horse names are ...Like do you have a weired barn name for your horse, or reg. name? I Have two, My main barrel horse, a buckskin AQHA mare is named "Mink", and my backup Mare is an Appaloosa is Named "Mars". Lol, I LOVE to have a horse with a goofy name, seems to give them more character.. [ 01-17-2007, 08:00 AM: Message edited by: BRTrainer ]
  2. Martha Josey Start To Finish Bit?

    Thanks that helps! My mare is full out running the pattern right now, I'm just schooling her walk-trot in the O ring. She has a lot of bend and is super flexible, and I just want to try something a little more milder. She was ran in a gag combo. I'm still going to look alround for bits, but I'm going to keep the Start To Finish bit on my list
  3. I am looking into getting a new bit for my mare, and was looking at the Martha Josey start to finish bit. Does anyone have one, or heard anything about them? I don't want to buy the bit and then hate it. My mare is pretty good on control, needs a tad bit of bit pressure when rating, but other then that is easy, and has a automatic stop. I just want to look for something a bit more milder then a short shank gag combo. My mare has just been schooling lately in a O ring, and I'm convinced that she needs less control for competition. Please give me your insight. [ 01-16-2007, 08:52 AM: Message edited by: BRTrainer ]
  4. Just woundering if anyone here runs in lower Michigan? Thats the area where I run and just wanted to see if I have seen anyone at shows before.
  5. running on bad ground..

    I would probably scratch too, unless I it would hurt my points for year end or something. Then I would just take it REALLY easy (trot-etc.) And take advantage of the time for practice . If I have a horse that jumps in the arena and isn't easy to control, I wouldn't even think about running. Its not worth putting your horse, and you in this case at risk for injury.
  6. Old Barrel horse?

    Yea, I agree, I don't think its ever too late to train. My mare was seven, and did HUS when I bought her, and she's running great now!
  7. My "BUCK" skin.

    Wow! He's VERY pretty. I run a buckskin, and just fell in love with the color. Love that mane....wish my mare's mane was that long!
  8. Billy Cook barrel saddles?

    Ok, you said to only get one that is from Sulphur...I looked up the ones from Sulphur OK., and the one I want is in fact made from there. Thanks guys. [ 01-10-2007, 08:27 AM: Message edited by: BRTrainer ]
  9. I am looking at buying a new Billy Cook barrel saddle, what do you guys think of Billy Cooks Saddle's?
  10. Hey!

    I'm From Kalamazoo.
  11. FREE Barrel Horse? What To Do???

    Yes, She Was Free, And I Don't Have Any Problems Giving Her A Chance. Her Hystory Is That She Was Ran N.B.H.A And Rodeos Her Entire Life (From The Age Of Four On) And In The last Two Years, Was Bred, And Thrown Out To Pasture For Two Years. She Is Slightly Pigeon Toed In Her Front Feet, And Slightly Cow Hocked In Her Back, But It Really Doesn't Seem To Affect Her Gaits Any. Right Before We Bought Her, A Vet Did A Exam, And Declaired Her Sound, And In Good Condition (The Same Vet That Has Been Doing Her Shots For The Past Three Years). She Is Very Bossy On The Ground (Pushy) And I Agree, She Does Need MAJOR Ground Work (Lunging, Etc.) I Plan On Using Clinton Anderson's Methods Of Regaining Control On The Ground. She Had Her Teeth Done The Biggining Of This Year (Just Floated With A Hand Floater) So We Plan On Taking Her Soon To Our Vet And Getting Some Powertools Taken In Her Mouth. She Is Considered "Aged" But Believe Me, This Horse Acts Like A Wild Two Year Old. She Is Really Good In A Arena Though, We Took Her Over To A Neighboring Speed Show Arena, And She REALLY Can Run. I've NEVER Owned A Horse That Rated And Turned So Well, This Girl Is Really Automatic. Its The Anxiety Issues That I Am Concerned About. She Does Pretty Well When Riding With Other Horses, But Gets Really Super Sour When Riding Alone. I Have Taken Her On A Few Trail Rides W/O Her Taking Off, But She Would Keep Stopping, Spinning Alround And Heading For Home. I'm Pretty Convinced That She Is Full Appaloosa. She Has The Stubborn Attitude (No Offense To All The Appaloosa Loves, I Collect Appaloosas Too, Its Just It Seems Like All The Appy's We Have Had All Had Their Own Stubborness). She Has The Short Mane And Tail, Snowflake Pattern, Striped Hoofs, And Molten Skin. I Think She Could Be A Beutiful Horse With Some Weight (We Have Her On Omolean Grain) She Was On Pasture, And Doesn't Look As Good As She Could (We Like Our Horses A little Over Weight For Winter). She Seems To Be A Nice Horse Once She Settles Down, And I Do Want To Give Her Another Chance, Because She Seems To Be A Good Barrel Horse, And Would Make A Nice Backup Mount. I Was Just Concerned About Her Taking off, I Admitt It, We Wern't Working In A Arena, And It Would Have Helped If We Were, But I Think She Just Needs To Be In "Horsesy Boot Camp" For a Few Months.I Was Working Her In A Mild Wonder Bit, And I Want To Start Her In A Gag So I Can Manage The Taking Off Issues, And Then When I Train Her Not To Take Off, Reschool Her In A Milder Bit *In A Arena Only*. I Think She Can Turn Out To Be A Good Horse, And Even Know She Did Scrape Me Up, I'm Not The Type To Throw A Horse Out Just Because Of Behavior Issues.
  12. Well We Found Out From A Friend That Someone Was Giving Away A Barrel Horse. Well We Called The Number, And Sure Enough, The Horse Was Absolutely Free. Well The Same Day We Drove Over There To Check Her Out (Excpecting The Worse- Dead Lame, Or Some Kind Of Underlying Sickness). She Was A Bay Appaloosa, And Around 14 Years Old. Well We Checked Her Out, Seemed To Be In Good Body Condition, Hooves Seemed A Bit Long, But In Good Condition, And We Trotted Her Out, And She Appeared To Be Sound. Well We Decided "For Free, Why Not Take A Chance" So We Went Home, Got Our Trailer, And Picked The Horse Up (Loaded Exceptionally Well). We Got Her Home, And Let Her Out To The Pasture. Everything Was Going Good, They All Seemed To be Getting Along... A Few Days later, I Decided To Take Her Out, And See How She Rides. All Went Pretty Good The First Time (I Didn't Do Any Cantering Or What Not). The Second Ride Though I Took Her Out, And She Bolted On Me And We Live Near A Busy Highway, And She Was Going Straight For It. Well I Did What I Could To Try To Stop Her, Nothing Seemed To be Working. Well i Rememberd To Do The "One Rein Stop" And It Worked To A Degree (She Fell On Her Side, And Nearly Crushed My Legs). A Few Weeks Later I Decided To take Her Out Again, And When I Was Trying To Get On, She Turned Her Head, Went Of Balance, And Fell Again (This Time I Was Already Halfway Off, So I Didn't get Under Her (It Was Slippery Ground). So I Decided To try Again, And Jumped On Her. Well She Was Walking Along And Bolted Again. I Did The One Rein Stop (The Whole Time, Not Pulling Enough To Pull Her So Off Balance) And She Fell, This Time It Was on Pavement, And It Didn't Give Me Or My Saddle Any Mercy. She Cut My Arm And Hands Up Pretty Bad, My Saddle Is Pretty Scraped Up, And She Dosen't Have A Scratch On Her. PLEASE Give Me Some Advice On what To Do With This Mare. She Was Given Away For Free Because A Ten Year Old Bougnt Her After She Was Left In A Pasture For Two Years *Enough Said* PLEASE Give Me Some Intake On What You Would do. I Was Thinking Of Getting Her Bred, But Not Sure. Please Help!
  13. Hey!

    Hey, Just Saying Hi From Michigan!