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  1. I Really Really Hate Things Like This

    Hubby wants to, by my son says he just wants to have fun this summer and forget about this. I just want to know what an 11 year old is going to do with 3 hundred dollar bills when her parents are dirt broke? How does a kid explain that kind of cash on hand?
  2. I Really Really Hate Things Like This

    I know. It makes me crazy but the drama the would ensue if I pushed this would be pretty horrific. So I am gonna move along and not allow the children over here anymore. I know she took it. She never even asked me for the money she earned while with me. Why bother when you got over 300$ in your pocket? Little snot!
  3. I Really Really Hate Things Like This

    Did that exact thing. All I got was a defensive parent. They know whats up.
  4. Yesterday my son ran out to buy some ice cream from the ice cream truck. He grabbed his cousin and they waited and waited. The truck never went down our road so they went inside. I seen he had his wallet with his summer time trip money. I told him to go get it so he could pay for his ice cream. About 30 min later my sister-in-law pulls up. When I got to the house I seen all of my nieces things packed up. Apparently my niece called and wanted to go home suddenly. She had her tonsils removed about a week ago and is still having some pain. I was surprised that she wanted to leave knowing full well that everyone at her house had stomach flu, but she was insistent on leaving. Today: Preparing to leave to go birthday shopping. My sons wallet is gone. Over 300$. We tore this house apart looking for it. It was so hot yesterday the kids only went out for a short time to wait for the ice cream truck. I decided to move the entire lawn to see if I could find it. Nothing:( My sons heart is broken. I am upset as well, because I know in my heart of hearts that she took that wallet. But what can you do? Last thing I want to do is accuse without proof and I am not, but I really do not want her back in this house ever again.
  5. Jumping, Technique And Weight.

    Really! After all of the crappy, dangerous, awful things I have seen done to horses over the years. Beatings, starving, abuse for ones own enjoyment and the atrocities that happen in the show world. Eskie "sp" and her horse are doing great. Stop your nit picking. I think all the things you or I see are little things she will figure out and fix on her own through trial and error. Just like everyone else. This horse and rider are surrounded by good people.
  6. This Is Like Say That Fast Food Made You Fast

    Oh and for those of you that luff hazelnut and chocolate together I HIGHLY recommend Happy Hippos and Duplo
  7. What Would You Do

    I have found another case of an office going on to a property to serving papers. The dog is stated to have been a puppy. I wanted to share the case because it is similar yet different. This dog was known to be aggressive. WARNING****GRAPHIC Here is the sign:
  8. This Is Like Say That Fast Food Made You Fast

    I always thought their claims were very misleading. It is still heaven in a jar It is especially good when you use it for smores .
  9. Kind Of Sad

    Sounds like she has too many issues for most people. Too many good horses out there to waste time on an unpredictable bucker. Glad she never hurt anyone.
  10. How Much Is Too Much

    I went in for a job interview a while ago and the local human society. They asked me about my pets and I told them about my horse, cat and new "little" kitten Emma. They got very pushy when they learned she had not been fixed yet. They insisted I bring her in right away to get her fixed and insinuated I would wait to long or forget. Started spewing statistics about people that do not pay and neuter and how hard "people like me" make their job. I assured them I was taking her to our vet. Those women got right down catty with me during a job interview. By that point I knew the interview was ruined . I would not have been able to deal with people like that on a daily basis .
  11. Ouch! Whenever I see people doing this freestyle stuff the horses bodily language always looks they are about to explode. Kinda like this guy did.
  12. What Would You Do

    I have been working for the last few days on a recall for my dog. He can be two acres away and if I yell for him he runs back and sits. He will also stay for a long time while I walk all over. Since I am moving to a small village where I will have neighbors this will be handy for Bear to know. Even after all this work I did and my dog has so far shown to be very responsive, I think had it been me and my dog he still would have been killed. There just was no time. Unfortunate:(
  13. How Much Is Too Much

    I agree! My 75$ cat ended up costing an extra 400$ because they spayed her while she was ill with a virus. And her sutures were a mess and has terrible scaring from it. I thought she was gonna die.
  14. How Much Is Too Much

    It could also be limiting them from a number of perspective buyers leading to their eventual death.
  15. How Much Is Too Much

    I got my Bella from an animal shelter in Pflugerville Texas and she cost me 75$. I once got a dog from a shelter in my home town and it cost 80$. That covers the cost of neuter/spay, shots, license and microchip. Just recently I noticed that the prices have gone up by 100$ and more if the dog is full blooded desirable breed. So I did some searching and found this is more common than I realized. Some places charge 400$ and 500$ for a dog. Yikes! That makes our shelter look like a discount store. I do not know much about shelters but I know their intention is to get animals into good homes quickly before they have to euthanize them and care for them for long periods of time. Just think charging hundreds of dollars may slow the process a bit.