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  1. Moon And Freedom Pics

    Awww... he's still going to be a nice looking colt... even if he is gray. And Rainbow really HAS put on weight!! She's looking great! Thanks so much for sharing.... [Huggy]
  2. New Romeo Pictures

    Awww... Romeo is such a cutie! Just give him some time... he will even out, and fill out. I also think it would be so cool if he turns into a smoky blue roan for you... but right now, he looks like a smoky black. Which is pretty cool, too. He's going to be awesome! I wish you and him very many happy memories!! [Huggy]
  3. Pics Of My Girls.. And The Colt!

    WOW! [shocked] Things have sure changed at your place, eh?! You've gotten more rescues!! What a cute bunch of young ones you've got on your hands!! So sorry that the lady who was going to take two of them backed out on you. I wish you all the best in trying to win over the ones that are being fearful yet. I KNOW you can do it, though. Look at how you won over the first two... you can win over the newer ones, too! Just remember... TIME is the answer. Go slowly, and before you know it... they'll be following you around like a puppy! Cute pictures... it was so fun to see all your 'new' ones! Good luck!! [Huggy]
  4. I Can't Believe Its Been A Year Already.

    I remember baby Faith. So sorry! I've lost two babies... one in 2005 and one in 2007. I still think of them often, and wonder all the time... "what if?" Your baby was so pretty! I'm so sorry you lost her, and that it was from reasons which were never really found out. [Huggy] As far as the lameness issues with your mare... have you had her checked by a vet? It wouldn't be a bad idea to take her to a vet and have her hooves X-rayed. Long story short... one of our mares, Dixie, was suffering with lameness issues for a long time. We bought her gimpy (previous owner told us a stone bruise)... ha ha. Anyways, finally we decided something else needed to be done... as our farrier that we had at the time wasn't being much help either (oh, she'll be fine...blah, blah, blah). Well, we found out she'd foundered in all four feet, and the vet told us to put her down on the spot. After all the time, money...etc, that we had put into her, I couldn't accept that, and finally got him to give me the name of somebody.... anybody who would look at her. She is now on the road to recovery!! She will soon be able to go barefoot... she has NO gimpiness... NO lameness anymore... isn't sore at all, can walk, trot and run ALL with no pain!! It's WORTH it! This is a mare who just early this spring could barely hobble across the pasture on soft grassy ground. Her eyes and ears always told of pain... and now her ears are always alert, and she is raring to go. Anyways... I know this is just Dixie's story, and that all horses are different... but it is SO worth going to the vet. Don't alwasy LISTEN to your vet, though. If we had listened to ours, Dixie would be euthed right now instead of being ridden by my daughter every chance she gets. But, at least you can find out what is wrong... and go from there. Good luck!! :-)
  5. 4 Months Pics & Vids

    They're all gorgeous. [Huggy] And I think I mentioned this before, but I just love the names you picked out for them. I think you did an excellent job of naming them!! I agree that we need more pics of DeeDee!
  6. New Romeo Pictures

    Wow! He's getting so big! I'm so glad you got what you wanted, and in the right color, too! He's so pretty. [smiley Wavey]
  7. Patience Update With Piccies...

    Awww... she's gorgeous! [Huggy] And SO big! She is starting to look more like a grown up horse than a baby. She really does look like a yearling. She is filling out so nicely. I can't believe it's almost been a year, either. Wow! Seems like just yesterday, and we were all here looking at her newborn baby pics. She is one gorgeous gal!! Happy early birthday, Patience!!! [Jump] [Jump] [Jump] [Jump]
  8. The Twins!

    Awww man! No pics?!?! How could you torture us with an update, but no pics?! Glad to hear that they are alright. Can't wait to see pics of them! Oh, and thanks for updating us on them... I really was wondering how they were. [Huggy]
  9. Wow... yeah. Seems kinda odd, huh? Unless she maybe had him mixed up with another colt that was born sooner than yours?? Maybe wrote THAT colt's wean date on the bill of sale instead of your colt's. I have NO idea... just attempted to place myself in her shoes... that's all. Anyways... I sure hope that you can re-schedule the truck! If so, then nothing to worry about, and you still get your gorgeous colt. Congratulations! And keep us updated!! [Huggy]
  10. This or That REVIVED!!

    Apartment Big tall horse or Small stout pony?
  11. This or That REVIVED!!

    [ROTFL] [Crazy] [surrender] Uh... neither! Neon Green or Neon Yellow??
  12. Horse With Burned Hoofs

    First of all... many, many prayers going out to this poor horse. [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] Second of all... this horse belongs in an equine hospital right now. If he were a human, he'd have been admitted to one already (human hospital, that is). Burns are VERY delicate, and infection can set in very rapidly. We're talking BURNT flesh here... BURNT hooves. This is not your typical injury. This is a SERIOUS EMERGENCY. MOST vets WILL let you make payments on a large bill. Which I'm sure this will be, but either this horse gets admitted to an equine hospital equipped to handle burn victims, and is treated and hopefully recovers and owners can make payments till bill is paid off... OR this horse should probably be euthed. Of course that all depends on how SERIOUS his injuries are, but it doesn't sound good since you say his hooves have a chance of sloughing off. A horse can't stand without his hooves... so to me this spells EMERGENCY. This is something you can't treat in a pasture or stall. He's going to run WAY too high of a risk for infection to set into his burns. I certainly wish all involved the best of luck... he's going to need every ounce you guys can muster up. Please keep us updated. Thanks! [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy]
  13. The White Line

    Thanks so much for taking the time to explain all that... I was about to ditto Itchysmom at the end and say I needed pictures, too... but then, there they were... and it STILL didn't make sense! Waiting patiently for that day when that DING DING DING!!! will happen to me. [surrender] I mean... I GET IT. I just don't get how this works and that works and how they all work together. I get most of the PARTS of the hoof, I just don't get WHICH part does WHAT with WHICH part. *sigh* BUT... I'll get there... I WON'T give up... gonna keep reading, and lurking and learning till I DO get it! So... thanks again for explaining this. Now I can read it over and over and over and over and....
  14. X-rays

    Good luck with the X-rays. Hope you find out some answers. I wished I could offer more... wished I was a hoof expert!! Keep us updated!! [Huggy] [smiley Wavey]
  15. Maybe Baby?

    Hhhmmm... I'm not so sure what to think now. [Question] I went back and watched the video you posted on the first page. I SWEAR that is baby movement. In the first pictures you posted, she appeared to have a 'V' shaped belly. And then you posted a pic of what she normally looks like, and I was like... WOW! If that is what she looks like normally, then she HAS to be pregnant. Of course, a lot of that is based on how old the non-pregnant picture of her is. If that is her as a yearling or two year old, then she might look different now non-pregnant. But, I was mostly basing my 'preggo' decision on her udder, her 'V' shaped belly, and the kicking movements in the video. All that equals preggo to me. But NOW... I'm just not sure. Now she seems to have lost that 'V'... she appears just fat, now. She looks like she's equally fat on both sides... which, IS POSSIBLE in a pregnant mare, but usually not. Usually if you stand directly behind them... ONE side will stick out further than the other side. This is usually the side that most of the baby is on. Does she still have an udder? I guess that is the most important question right now. What's up with her udder? If she never foaled... she could have A) lost her baby, or had a false pregnancy. May we please have pictures of her udder, AND another video?? Best wishes... [Huggy]
  16. This or That REVIVED!!

    mini :tongue9: Font colors or No font colors??
  17. I can PM anyone pictures. I only have four of them, and they aren't taken at the best angles, but I want to see if she looks structurally sound and if you think that she's over at the knee or not. Also... are her pasterns ok? Not too long? I sure would appreciate any other things you might point out. This horse is a long ways away from us, but she is supposedly broke to death. Even a 5 year old handicapped child has been riding her. And in the pictures it looks as if she can be ridden with just a halter and a pair of reins. Thanks to anyone who can give me an honest opinion! [smiley Wavey]
  18. May I Ask Some Opinions On A Horse?

    PM's sent!! And I will gladly PM anybody else the pictures if they want to give me some opinions as well. Just let me know. Thanks!! [smiley Wavey]
  19. May I Ask Some Opinions On A Horse?

    You guys will soon have PM's. She sent me pics of her with no saddle. Please tell me what you think of her. And be honest....Thanks!! [smiley Wavey]
  20. In Need Of Some Help... *update* 9/4

    Just wanted to offer you lots of hugs... I know how hard something like this can be. Been there before. It's not easy. The only thing I can think of is to either take out a small loan (of course bad credit won't help you out there)... maybe a credit card? And then pay it back when you get your other job?? Or maybe borrow the money from a close friend or relative (and pay back with interest when it's possible). Rake yards, mow lawns, paint houses, do errands for the elderly, babysit, walk dogs or take care of ANY pets while the owners are on vacation... Maybe there's a farmer in your area who could use some temporary help. Maybe pick potatoes (my nieces and nephews did this while they lived in PA for a summer or two)... or maybe a dairy farm needs some temporary help... or even a horse farm somewhere. I wish you all the luck in the world. Hope you get him back soon!! Please keep us updated?? [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy] [Huggy]
  21. What Is This Thing?

    Found this up by our house yesterday. NEVER have seen one like it before. Anybody know? **Edited to add a few more**
  22. Maybe Baby?

    Me THREE! I'm just dying to know if she ever had a baby! PLEASE don't forget about us!! Pretty please??? We don't bite... honest! [Huggy]