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  1. I haven't posted on this thread before, but have been watching it like a hawk. Didn't install the active X control either because it said that this kind of control would harm my computer, so I missed getting to watch the birth too! But, I wanted to wish you a big, huge CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I can't wait to see pictures of the new baby!!
  2. Hi! I'm fairly new here, can I still add mine? I have two mares due to foal this spring. One is due sometime towards the end of February. It could also be in March though. Her previous owner told me she bred off and on for almost a month, so I'm not sure of her exact due date. It could also be early April. The second one is due around the 21st of April, but since she foaled early both of her previous foals, we are expecting her to foal around the 3rd of April. I can't wait!!