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  1. People Disgust Me!

    Wow! I'm glad you found them, too!! y.....owwwwch!
  2. What Is This Thing?

    Well, I have googled and googled and googled, but I cannot find a picture similar to it. And here we thought we were going to get some kind of gorgeous butterfly from this. But, it's looking more and more like it's a type of MOTH. Ewwwww!
  3. Word Association Game!!

    I saw 'Clover' and 'field' and immediately thought of .... PASTURE [surrender]
  4. This or That REVIVED!!

    Ugh...that's a toughy. Flashy??? Maybe. Let a friend ride your horse?? Or... Not??
  5. This or That REVIVED!!

    Square Buy already trained... or Train your own??
  6. Loads Of Pictures!

    Aww... they are all so cute looking! I agree that a little extra 'fat' won't hurt them at all with the winter coming up. WOW! I can't believe that WINTER is just around the corner! Where'd the summer go?! Have you kept them all up on de-worming? That's about the only thing that *I* know of that could cause a belly like that. You have to make sure that they are de-wormed against tapeworms, too. Not all de-wormers get all the worms. Anyhow... the two mares look like they are preggo. [ROTFL] Ha ha... and when is your gelding due?? SORRY! Couldn't resist! They're all gorgeous! I LOVE minis! [Jump]
  7. Me thinks we needs more pictures of that lovely Vaga!! Pretty please??
  8. So....i Bought A Pony!

    Awww! He's absolutely darling! [Huggy] Your little guy is too big, but we bought our miniature when she was still a suckling foal, and brought her home at five months of age. She was no bigger than a BIG dog, and we had a conversion van. We didn't have a horse trailer at that time, so we just stuck her in behind the last seat, closed the doors and hauled her home. Also took her to the vet like that, too. Even when she grew a bit older, she still fit back there. We always put plastic down to protect the flooring. I miss having a mini. Yours is just precious! I sure hope everything works out well with him, and hope you have many happy years together! Congratulations!! [Jump] [Jump] [smiley Wavey]
  9. Sad News...:(

    Oh no. I am so sorry! She was pretty and lived a long, long life. May she rest in peace. And many hugs to you. I am sorry. [Angel] [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy]
  10. May I Ask Some Opinions On A Horse?

    Thanks so much for your opinions you guys! They are greatly appreciated. I have no idea what she is. She is just a grade. Might have had papers before, but there is an awfully complicated story behind this mare. She is for sale because the lady has lots of cattle that she needs to buy hay for, and can't afford to buy hay for this horse. A girl rented pasture from this lady for this horse. At first she was out there frequenly, and then one day quit coming. Didn't pay pasture rent. Lady called over and over... no returned phone calls. Finally called the sherriff, and he said to send her a certified letter, and if she didn't return it in 45 days, then the horse was hers. So, she did that, and this girl never returned any phone calls, didn't come out, didn't reply to the certified letter. This lady ran into this girl in town a few times, and every time the girl saw the lady, she turned around and went the other way. The lady knows the girl fairly well, and she thinks that this girl just can't afford the horse, so she dumped her at her place. After 45 days, the sherriff said the horse was hers. And so she is just trying to sell her for what she has into her, which is pasture rent that the girl owes her for, shots, and wormer and a little hay. So, we can get her for quite a bargain. She says she really likes the horse, and would really like to keep her, but just can't because the hay must go for their cattle first... and they can't afford to keep her around as there is a hay shortage and so she doesn't even know where all the hay is going to come from for her cattle. She has a handicapped child, and even this child can ride this horse. That is all the information I know of on her. I thought I'd go check her out this next weekend. I've asked for pictures of her without a saddle on, and if I get any from her, I will certainly PM anybody who wants to see them. Thanks again everyone!! [Huggy] I truly appreciate it. [smiley Wavey]
  11. May I Ask Some Opinions On A Horse?

    BB, lynnehall, and EH: PM's sent!!
  12. May I Ask Some Opinions On A Horse?

    Sorry guys... had to be gone, and then was busy all day. Uploading pictures now... will send PM's shortly. Thanks! [smiley Wavey]
  13. I Got A Pony! - Pics Now!

    Congratulations!! [Jump] Looking forward to pics!
  14. Congratulations Little Cow!

    Congratulations on your new baby boy!! [Jump] [Jump] [Jump] [Jump] [Jump] [Jump]
  15. I'm so sorry. [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy]
  16. Frosty Is Home!

    Wow... she's really pretty!! [Jump] Congratulations!!! [Yay] [Jump]
  17. This or That REVIVED!!

    Spring Old horse or Young horse??
  18. So....i Bought A Pony!

    Awww... he sounds priceless!! I can't wait to 'meet' him! And yes, if YOU took the pictures, you can post them. If you were going to use his previous owner's pictures, then that would not be ok.
  19. I thought you got rid of the two rescue fillies. The last post I saw by you said that you were getting rid of them because they were turning out to be too much $$ or too much work... or something... can't remember exactly. Anyways... glad to hear that you've kept them! What a lot of work they entailed... what with the wounds, getting sick, and having to nurse them back to health. If they've had time to get used to each other over a fence, it really shouldn't be a problem. They might chase each other around for a little bit, but then should settle down quickly. It might take a little while. And I can guarantee you that the reason that Serenity doesn't like the two is because she doesn't want any 'strange' horses around her baby. She is protecting her baby. So, she might be kinda mean and pin her ears and chase them away. Once the 'newness' of everything wears off, I bet she relaxes and will even let them hang around her. I would probably just do that... or if it still makes you nervous, maybe halter her and have her on a leadrope, then she won't be able to go far. But, I think she'll handle that better than being removed. If you remove her, but leave Goldie and her baby in with the new fillies, she's likely to go a bit nutso on you, might even try to charge through a fence or something trying to get back to her baby. Good luck! I sure hope everything works out ok. We'd sure LOVE to see some updated pics of everybody!! Pretty please??
  20. Aqha People

    Ditto to Tampa. If you have her number, and if you are an AQHA member, you can search ownership records. You can also search produce records if you know she's been bred or not. If you are a member, you get $10 monthly allowance, and each time you search for something on the horse, it can cost you some money. The most I've ever paid is $3, cuz I usually research pedigrees. Hope that helps.
  21. Rest In Peace Other Kitty

    Awww... [Me Cry] I'm so sorry Audrey!! [Huggy] Other was a beautiful cat! It's so tough, isn't it?? We've lost plenty of cats over the years... and it sure doesn't get any easier with time!! It's funny how those small critters get to meaning so much to some of us. I love cats! Next to horses, they are my favorite animal... so sorry you are having to suffer with the loss of your barn pal. Rest in peace sweet Other!! [Angel] [Angel] [Angel]
  22. [Me Cry] That is just so.... so.... TRUE. Very, VERY well put. Thanks for posting that. [Not Worthy]
  23. Not Inviting Future Mil To Wedding?

    This is SO true. So true. *sigh* BIG DITTO! I wished I could have kept my MIL out of our wedding. She has hated me from the first moment she laid eyes on me, and simply has *tolerated* me ever since. BUT... she simply ADORES all of my BIL's girlfriends... no matter how trashy they are. Hubby and I are going on 15 years this October, and I have stuck it out... but it has literally put a big damper on our marriage. And I'm NOT kidding about that, either... or exaggerating. I truly believe our marriage could have been 100 times better without all the excess MIL baggage dragged into it. He has never stood up to her and told her to quit treating me like crap... never defended me cuz he admitted to me one time that he is afraid of her yelling at him. He has gotten a teensy bit better... but still... the damage is done. I would advise finding out FOR SURE if your future hubby is committed to sticking up for you when things get tough... cuz I totally agree with the statement I quoted. If he doesn't now... he more than likely won't later, either. If he does... then will you please pat him on the back for me?? I wish you the BEST of luck at your wedding. I hope your MIL, if she does show up, behaves herself... and just know ... you are NOT alone. [Huggy] [Huggy] **edited for a typo**