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  1. Frustrated With Horse Sellers

    I can certainly feel your pain. We have been looking for that perfect, practically bombproof horse for years. Something gentle, with no buck and little spook, safe enough for a beginner type rider to learn how to ride on and/or gain back some confidence on. Either they are not as the owner's claim, too much money, too far away, not worth the money asked, lame, arthritic, foundered, cribs, or hard to catch. We just went and looked at a pony a few days ago. She made him sound exactly like what we needed. And the price was just right... only $500. She got him out of a bad situation, and only wanted the money back that she had stuck into him. He was a very cute pony, just the right size, and just the right price. But, he would not MOVE! This gal (who called herself a trainer) could hardly get him to move... he was worse when my daughter got on him. She had to wail on him to keep him walking. Getting him into a trot was nearly impossible. The more she kicked on him (which the owner was telling her to do)... the farther his ears would go back. They were never *pinned* per se... but they were as close to being pinned as you can get without being pinned. So, she had my daughter get off, and she was going to *get after him* as she called it. Well..... he bucked with her.... twice. Of course she said that we had just witnessed his first buck. And of course we walked away and left. We just don't NEED anything like that! We nearly cried cuz we had such HIGH hopes for this pony. In every OTHER way he was perfect, and we were just so sad. Technically, we didn't just walk away. She even said she was sorry he wouldn't work out for us, and we said we were sorry, too. I'm so sick of all these horses that are listed for $6 to $7 ... sometimes even $10K based on just color alone. The horse hasn't won any points, nothing spectacular in the pedigree... they are just asking that price, cuz they think the color alone is worth it. Another thing I am sick of is people you email, but they never return your email... or if they do, they don't even answer most of the questions you ask. And if I ask for pictures, I am lucky if I get even one picture back of the horse... and 99 times out of 100, that picture will be taken at such an odd angle that it is impossible to see what the WHOLE horse even looks like! If I send a second email thanking them for that picture, but could I please see more pictures?? I get an email back stating: "I'm sorry, but the horse has been sold". [bang Head]
  2. Paint Horse And X Rays

    I would say pass.... There are TONS of horses out there with no navicular... I would spend the $$ on one of those and pass up this mare. We bought a mare (Dixie...see siggy below) about three years ago now. Paid what WE think is a good deal of $$ for her. Brought her home with bad feet. LONG story... but after much money spent on a bad farrier, found out recently at the vet (more $$) that she had foundered in all FOUR feet... he recommended euthing her on the spot. Well... to me, I just couldn't do that. We spent money on this mare... and we have really hardly gotten to ride her because of her being lame so often. He gave me the number of a natural balance trimmer, and we got an appointment to see him... which equals... yup, you guessed it... more $$. She is now due to go back and see him (MORE $$)... and will need regular check-ups with him for at least the next year... (Again... MUCH MORE $$). What I wished for now (even though it's too late) is that we had taken the money that we originially paid for Dixie, PLUS all the extra money we have spent for just her feet alone, and WILL be spending on her feet for this next whole year, and bought another horse, just as well broke as her, WITHOUT any feet issues, such as founder or laminitis... or in your case... navicular. Used to be I noticed another horse for its shape, color, head, neck or body. Now the first thing I see is FEET! Anyways... Dixie is a VERY expensive horse when you add up all the $$ spent just on her feet alone. Yes, you're always going to have a farrier bill... and I have that with my other four horses, but I spend TRIPLE the money on Dixie now than what I would if she didn't have founder and laminitis. She ALONE costs me triple in farrier bills than what my other four do put together. And now we are stuck with her. She isn't saleable in her condition, and so now we are stuck with putting more $$ into her to get her feet back to where they should be. But there isn't a day that goes by that I don't kick myself for buying her in the first place. Don't ever believe an owner who tells you that his horse is just a little bit sore because of an old stone bruise. If you hear those words... RUN. Run as fast as your legs can carry you. *sigh* So, after my experience with Dixie... I would highly suggest passing on this mare. There are just so many horses out there with GOOD feet... why waste all this time and $$ on one with bad feet?? It just is NOT worth it. Good luck!! [smiley Wavey]
  3. Need Some Hc Luck

    Just seeing this now... So happy for you that you got the job you wanted!! Congratulations!! [Jump] Don't worry... I am hoping for this perfect job also, and I haven't been employed for the last 13 years!! I think you'll do just GREAT!! I will be thinking of you! [Huggy] [Me Cry] So sorry for the loss of your Otto. It's always awful when we lose those precious pets. I'm so sorry. [Huggy] May he rest in peace. [Angel] [Angel]
  4. This or That REVIVED!!

    Bumping up poor forgotten thread... so I'm answering meself. Right now... my house. Shetland or POA??
  5. Trading Horses

    I have had mostly BAD trading experiences. The last one I just recently went through was more of a nightmare than anything else. I got mixed up with a horse trader, and to make a really, really long story short, let's just sum it all up and say I got screwed. BIG time. Ended up losing $2000 when all was said and done, and I don't have anything to show for it... but she got three of my registered horses. Make sure you check things out. Make sure you get everything in writing. Make sure the deal is EVEN and FAIR on both sides. Make sure the horse you are getting is everything that the owner 'claims' that he/she is. Make sure said horse is NOT drugged when you go to try him/her out. See if you can try the horse out for like a week or two and THEN make the deal final. Some owners will do that, some won't. But that way if you get the horse home, and the horse turns out to be NOT what you were wanting, you can always back our fair and square on the deal. It sounds like IF this horse is what owner claims her to be, then you will BOTH be happy with the deal. But, I would just make sure to do your homework first... and having a horse vet checked really is not a bad idea. Then you know, and make sure horse does not have any arthritis, ringbone, navicular, founder or laminitis...etc. Check teeth, check vision, and mess with those ears!! We once looked at a horse who was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.... in fact, we almost loaded her up and took her home after the first three minutes there. Everything was going splendid until my daughter was done riding her, lady got busy... got a phone call, so I led the horse over to the hitching rail and went to pull the reins up over her head like you would normally do, and she absolutely FREAKED OUT when the reins touched her ears... reared up, flipped over backward and just about smashed her hooves into the side of our pickup!! NOT cool! Some trades DO go well and smoothly... this I know... I have heard of them. But, in MY experiences??? Uh uh... no, nope, NEVER again will I EVER trade another horse as long as I shall live! I have learned my lesson! It took me long enough... but lesson IS learned. Good luck!! [smiley Wavey]
  6. He Wants His Horse Back *update*

    Wow! Glad everything worked out in your favor. Glad you get to keep your horse. Don't worry... I've had to learn a few of those 'hard' lessons, too. Not exactly like yours, but similar. Seems like life is all about making mistakes and learning from them, sometimes. [Huggy] [smiley Wavey]
  7. Calling All North Dakota People!

    Sunshine Acres: You have one more PM!! [smiley Wavey]
  8. 4 Months Pics & Vids

    Awww... they are all so beautiful! You got three different looks going on there, but each and every one is special in his/her own way!! I love them all!! Congratulations on your trio!! [Jump] [Yay] [Jump] [Huggy]
  9. Sweet Kaya 3 Months Old....... Weaning Update

    Ditto!! She will probably be sore for a few days, though... as her bag will get engorged. I'm sure you know already not to squeeze it or anything. Any milk you squeeze out will just make her produce more, and you are trying to dry her up. Can't wait to see pictures!! I bet that Kaya has just gotten HUGE!! [Jump]
  10. Oh wow! There's that Raisin... gorgeous as ever!! [Jump] And getting too big for his britches!! Do you think he'll get taller than Apple?? And mama Vaga still looking good! [Huggy]
  11. Calling All North Dakota People!

    Sunshine Acres: You have another PM!! [smiley Wavey]
  12. Calling All North Dakota People!

    Sunshine Acres... you have a PM! [smiley Wavey]
  13. The old thread didn't even have the last page up, so I decided to just start a new one. This batch of kittens was born on the 4th of June. They are a little over 2 months old now. Just weaned them from Dumpling late last week. We are waiting for Dumpling to dry up now, and then will have her spayed. We are keeping War Admiral (the Dumpling look alike) and possibly Mistletoe (he's the other male and he has one white toe). The other four are females and will leave for their new home sometime in September. A relative of hubby's desperately needed farm cats which is why we allowed Dumpling to have one last litter. Three of the six look identical. They are named Lily, Rose, and Daffodil. The only problem is that I can't tell one flower from the other. Mistletoe looks identical to them, also... only he is easy to tell apart because of his one white toe. Then there is Eight Belles who is pure black except for a few white hairs on the underside of her neck and a triangular shaped white patch on her lower belly. Well... here are the pics!! ENJOY!! [smiley Wavey] Eight Belles: War Admiral: Mistletoe: And these other pictures are all of either Rose, Lily or Daffodil: A few more...
  14. I Found Him!

    Wow!! I'm so glad you found him again! Sometimes it's just nice to know where they are.
  15. Will You Buy This For Me?

    Awwww... she's adorable!! I love those looooong ears, and those cool looking spots! Not much money either... so are you gonna???
  16. Could We Have Some Hugs Please

    [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy]
  17. Help With New Name For Horse!

    Oh wait... another name that I really, really like is Monte. Might fit your horse, too. [smiley Wavey]
  18. Help With New Name For Horse!

    I have always liked the name Sully. In fact, the next animal that I get that is un-named, I am going to name Sully. So... I vote for Sully!
  19. Help...i Need To Cook With Eggs.

    Well, I'm quoting this before I read page three all the way... but if you ever find that noodle recipe... would you please post it?? I have been looking for a homemade noodle recipe for just forever, now! I'd love to try!! Thanks so much!!
  20. I think it looks wonderful EH!! GREAT JOB!! In fact, I am envying your size! The more than wonderful Omerdoos made the one in my siggy right now, and the equally great and wonderful Indestructible made me some beautiful banners, too. I plan on alternating them once in awhile. BUT... I wished I knew how to get them the size that you have displayed in your siggy. Then I could center mine, too. So... I think that you did a most excellent job!! It's just the right size, it shows all three of your horses plainly, and you can read their names. Totally GREAT job!! [Huggy] [smiley Wavey]
  21. Out For A While

    I will most certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers during this most agonizing time. May you have the peace, comfort and strength that you need to get through it. HC is not nearly as important as life's precious loved ones. Hang in there, and take as much time as you need. [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy] [Huggy]
  22. I put a list of names up on your other thread (GCC). Not the BEST names, but the only ones I could think of at the moment. Possibly a few more: Mikey Jordan Jamaica Jaime Harry (kinda close to Harley) Parker Ashes (thinking of his color, here) Smokey Chandler Rodeo Jackson Billy Flipper Willy Wilson I'm probably not much help... GOOD LUCK!! [smiley Wavey]