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  1. Grrrrrrr!

    This came this morning. 99.9% of the time I can smell a scam from a mile away. Make that 3 million miles away. BUT... I got an email last night simply asking if my horse was still for sale. That's it. No bad english, no bad punctuation... the ONLY thing that was off was that it was addressed to "Hi Seller" instead of the usual which is my first initial and last name. I almost deleted it anyways, but then at the last second, thought... "what could it hurt"... maybe, just maybe it is for real, and if I don't reply I could possibly lose a possible buyer. Should have listened to me gut! SO... the reason I posted this is cuz I am now victim to that overwhelming desire to fool around with this guy... Harry, by the way... that's his name. Actually... Harry Duff is his name. Can I please tell him that horses are made of manes and tails and hooves and eyes and ears and teeth and bones, poop and puppy dog tails??? And that the last price I had on her was 45 thousand dollars?? And that she only has three legs, she poked her eye out when she was a weanling, and she has a nasty gash in her side that absolutely reeks and refuses to heal... but it's ok, she's survived for six months so far with it, so she should be fine?? Please, oh please, oh please???? [Crazy] [Crazy] I HATE SCAMS!!! [bang Head]
  2. Puppy Pics

    Awww... what a cute pup!! Thanks for sharing! I just love puppy pictures! [smiley Wavey]
  3. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Dixie Dun: WOW! That is some HUGE font!! Anyways... I'm glad that the weaning process is going smoothly so far. That is always good to hear. Sounds like your little Caly is going to come out alright after all. I'm sure that Dixie will settle in soon as well. You may have said before, but I can't remember... was this her first foal?? It seems kinda funny, but after all this time, I never really realized that your mare's name was Dixie! It seems odd to call any other horse, Dixie, but mine!! (I have a Dixie, too... in case you didn't know). [smiley Wavey] Edited cuz I'm not sure what I did to the font and size, but it was too hard to read, so I changed it...
  4. Well... out of the ones you listed... I like Gallant Skies the best. The others are too long and complicated. Gallant Skies is just regal sounding... I like it.
  5. New Pics Of My Filly

    Wow! She's gorgeous!! I think I kinda, vaguely remember her foal watch. Didn't you post two mares who were due to foal about the same time?? And one of them born was this filly?? She is absolutely breathtaking!! [Jump] Thanks for sharing pictures of her!! [smiley Wavey]
  6. People I'd Bann If I Could

    I am SO glad that I will never, ever have to worry about making a list like this. ha ha! Nobody 'knows' me well enough... I'm so sorry for the ones on the banned list. [Me Cry]
  7. Char & Her Mom

    [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy]
  8. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Kate: Your work day did NOT sound like much fun!! WOW! [shocked] What is with some people??? KUDOS to you for sticking it out with such a job!! Hopefully your Monday's start getting better... [Huggy] Mads: Your jumping looks great! Like usual... ha ha!! You look SUPER up there! Sorry things didn't go exactly as planned, but I already know that's not going to stop you!! I LOVE your pics! I will never, ever get tired of looking at them! Lopen: Wow! Congrats on trying to ride with no bridle!! Do you have pics to share of this?? I would LOVE to see some!! You sure have come a loooong way on Chy. Good job! And keep up the great work!! [Huggy]
  9. That's all for now... hope you enjoyed!! [smiley Wavey]
  10. Awww... he's DARLING!! [Huggy] Glad I've never had a goat before, hence not having ANY idea of how to care for him, or I'd be awfully tempted to have one like him!! I um... much prefer admiring them and oogling over them online! No responsibility then!! ha ha!! He's so cute!! I just LOVE his markings!! [Jump] Congratulations!! [Yay] [Jump]
  11. New Horse Help

    See, and that's exactly why I always put the new horse by him/herself for at least the first two weeks... sometimes more. To avoid situations exactly like what you just described and also to make sure the new horse doesn't bring home anything contagious to spread around to my other horses. They can see each other, but they can't injure each other. I always like to make sure the paddock that I put the new horse in is far enough away so they don't even have nose to nose contact over the fence... until the quarantine period is up... just to make sure they don't give some infectious disease to the other horses. We only have one pasture and one paddock that we've been using here. So, I know this can be a tough thing to do sometimes. And there have been a couple instances where I've had no choice but to put a new one right out with the herd. Then it is always me standing there biting my nails watching the new horse get chased to death by a herd of other horses, praying and hoping beyond hope that the new horse doesn't go through a fence, try to jump over a fence, doesn't break a leg or its neck, and doesn't get kicked or bitten to death. *shudders* The best thing I can offer in advice, is just try to pull the new one out, and have them get used to each other slowly over the fence. It will happen with time... but sometimes it takes awhile... a LONG while. I bought a filly back last September... keep in mind that she was BORN here and lived her till she was a yearling... and it took over SIX long months for her to be tolerated here again. And also keep in mind that you are always going to have a 'boss' and you are always going to have one at the bottom of the pecking order. You're never going to eliminate that. Good luck!! [smiley Wavey] [Huggy]
  12. Frosty Comes Home On Sunday!

    Congratulations!! When I read the title, I was like WHAT?!?! She changed her name from Hat to Frosty??! [shocked] Didn't know you were getting two new horses! Wow! I wish you the best of luck with both of your new horses! I bet you are just sooo excited!! [Jump] [Yay] [Jump] [Yay] And you KNOW you must post pics as soon as you get her home, right??
  13. I Sure Hope Th Is Is A Growth Spurt!

    Awww... she is just so pretty and lovely. I am sure it's a growth spurt. She'll all come together eventually. It is sometimes so funny though the stages they go through. She's such a cutie! I just love her. I bet you'll be so pleased with her when she finally grows up. [Huggy]
  14. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Mith: I am thinking about you and your Chey. Will be keeping you in my prayers. Hoping that everything goes ok for Chey, and that she heals up in no time. I know this is a trying time for you.... hang in there!! [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] And obviously since I am here posting... me plans got changed a lot today, so I am still here... and not away like I had originally planned. No, actually, I have REALLY looooooooooong arms and can still reach the keyboard whilst driving down the road in me pickup truck. Sorry... don't know where that came from. There are so MANY things that I should be doing right now... but I am SOOOO BORED! And I don't FEEL like doing any of the things that I really should be doing. AAAggghhhhHH!!!! I think I'm going CRAZY! We're waiting to find out the appraiser's report before we can finally offically know if we're moving or not... I'm waiting to find out if I'm hired for this one job that I've been trying to get. I'm taking care of a horse with iffy hooves, a dog who just had surgery, 6 kittens who LOVE to terrorize this house, the mother of those who NEEDS to dry up so we can finally get her spayed, and just finding out yesterday that I am going to be teaching a Sunday School class... and I just feel like screaming!! It's just one of those days... You all know! You've all been there... right??? Anyways... THIS is how I feel right now: [Crazy] [Crazy] [Crazy] [Crazy] Oh, and this guy, too:
  15. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Yes, it was your post that I saw, and then couldn't find again to quote it. Mine was needing laundry soap... the HE kind for front load washers, and looking all over that blasted store for it, and then finally caving in and asking somebody where to find it... and finding out that it was over in the GROCERY isles!! [Crazy] [bang Head] [Question]
  16. I Have Had It!

    Great! Now I made it really big, and I can't seem to get it off. This is serious, folks. It's like looking through a magnifying glass while trying to type. Uh oh. I'm sure I'll get it back to normal eventually... but hey! What I really was going to say is stick around Equi. I, too, have been having some issues with the new look. Pages loading slowly or not at all. Figuring stuff out. Yeah, sometimes it's been a big pain in the rear, but hang in there... you'll get the hang of it. I do hear your frustration though! [Huggy] [Huggy]
  17. I Have Had It!

    WOW! Thank you so much for that tip! Right now the text is so big on this screen that I have a HUGE scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. It's like ordering a magazine with HUGE font so that people who are nearly blind can read it. That really comes in handy, and really DOES make this site a whole lot easier to read. Not that I have eyesight problems, but if I did, I'd sure like to know that handy little tip. Thanks so much for posting that Mars! [smiley Wavey]
  18. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Just wanted to pop in and say HOWDY to everyone!! I'll be gone the rest of the day... may not get on here again for awhile... so you all be good now! See ya!! [smiley Wavey] [Huggy]
  19. Megs: You have a PM. I also went through all the name combinations again with EH in front of them. Nothing. I would either find out the correct spelling of her name or find our her registration number from the dam's owners. Good luck! [smiley Wavey]
  20. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    By the way, Dixie, Caly is just absolutely beautiful! What a lovely little filly!!
  21. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Oh Dixie Dun... you poor girl!! [Huggy] I hate weaning time for the very same reasons!! Hang in there... it'll get better. The first day is always so tough! I guess I had no choice but to wean mine way apart from one another. So far apart that they couldn't see or hear each other. That doesn't always work either, though. I had it pretty easy last year when I had to wean Isaiah from Sugar. He sold, so he got weaned the day he left here. Sugar didn't mind at all. Didn't even call for him once. She was so ready for him to be weaned... you could actually almost hear her breathe a sigh of relief. I wished it always was that easy. Most often times though it is such a stressful event for all involved. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Praying that weaning goes VERY well with no mishaps, and that soon they will forget all about each other. Hang in there!!! [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel]
  22. Is Hc Running Really Slowly For Anyone Else?

    Seems like I have troubles at least once every day on here since they switched over. Either with the pages loading sooooo sloooow or else if I switch to a different page, it will take forever to load. I keep thinking it is my computer, too... and have run a virus scan on it twice, now. Also if there is a thread with pictures, it takes a LONG time to load... and while it's loading, there is a scroll bar, and then when it finishes loading, then the screen returns to normal size and the scroll bar disappears. Does that happen to anyone else?
  23. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Banditt: I love all the pictures of Banditt! Looks like you are doing pretty well training him all by yourself!! I did read some of the comments that were posted after your pics, but I just wanna say that I totally admire you!! You are doing far more than I could ever dream of! GOOD JOB!! Keep it up! [Huggy] Hi there Mith, Utah Cowgirl, RT, Stars, Flying Stars, Kate, Brenna, and to anybody else that I might have missed or not mentioned by name. I just don't have a good enough memory for that! I know I didn't catch up completely... but me is off now to play Croquet with a couple of me kids! I'll be back soon... or at least I'll try!! Everybody stay good now, ya hear??! [smiley Wavey]
  24. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Grr! Went back to quote another post, and I can't find it now! I was going to fully 100% agree with hating Wal-mart!! Or is that too strong of a word? Maybe I should use 'dislike' instead?? No... NO, I do believe 'hate' is the right word. If one didn't HAVE to go there to get what one needs... toilet paper, shampoo, dishsoap...etc. I would NOT go. Ever since they changed into a Super Wal-mart... I can NEVER find anything. Seems they have a lot more space, but the sad part is that 99% of it is wasted space. Too bad there are over 3 miles of wasted space, and that doesn't even include the parking lot. [Duh] [Me Cry] [Me Cry]
  25. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been sick! And for 10 whole days! WOW! YUCKIE POOH!! I sure hope you get 100% well again... and VERY soon!! [Angel] [Angel] Congratulations on your upcoming first little baby!! Say... how come you're not over on the foal board??