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  1. Soccer

    I'd love to get a mechanical cow for our barn, but BO have mostly "dressage"/Engish riders and a little kid that would break it first chance she got. And it would probably terrify most of the horses there. I would only be able to use it when the covered arena was empty.
  2. Do You Shake Your Milk Before You Pour It?

    I thought I was the only one. Cow's milk or Almond milk, either one...I'm not sure why, but I do.
  3. Trailer Shopping, Need Opinions Please!

    I searched for months for just the right one. Found a used 2H slant GN aluminum. Had AC installed locally for $1300 ( included heat strip, electrical outlet). Then, I went to big box DIY store and bought 1/2" insulation and aluminum tape- abt $120 worth of materials. Took me a few days (abt 25-30hrs) to insulate the drsg rm and roof of horse compartment. Tax money will pay for cowboy shower, generator and paneling for drsg rm. Anyway, I am SOOOO happy w/ my GN. Don't ever want a BP again. And all aluminum! It's small, but it's just my horse and my dog and me. My point is: don't rush. Take your time. Look at a lot of trailers. Talk to lots of trailer owners. Ask what they do & don't like abt their trailers. Ask to see their trailers. For me: wish I would have gotten a real living qtrs (someone talked me out of it). Don't settle. You might regret it if you settle & grab one of these two you are talking abt bec you don't sound too thrilled w/ either. I'd also stay away from mold and the center divider on the back door. I've seen too many injuries from them, to include a horse getting her hoof caught on it & almost ripped her hoof off trying to get free in a panic.
  4. Cosmetic Surgery

    I work for plastic surgeons. They often have to fix "lifestyle lifts". They aren't as thorough as a real facelift. Beauty is pain. If you go for a discounted plastic surgeon, you get what you pay for.
  5. Bell And Leg Boots A Must?

    There is a video of a dissection of a horse's front leg, showing the pressure the tendon in the back of the leg is under at a full gallop. The vet barely touched that tendon with a scalpel and the tendon snapped like a rubber band. Imagine, even a barefoot horse, over-reaching enough to hit that tendon. After watching that, I ALWAYS put some sort of splint boots on. I've used SMBs, Classic Equine and am now trying Iconoclast. Velcro on SMBs always seemed to rip (maybe they are better now-it's been years). Classic Equine were good, but after about a year, riding 3-5 x a wk, they are losing their rigidity. The Iconoclast I bought right before this crazy ice storm and only have used them 3-5 times. So far, I really like them. As for bell boots...I've never found no-turns that really don't turn. The cheap rubber ones have worked the best. I use them because I'm trying to teach my horse to spin and he tends to hit his hoof instead of stepping in front. Hope this helps.
  6. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    Aggie, Midland is where they came from. They had a few horses on their own land, sold their house for big $ I guess & bought (and are slowly destroying) this barn. They think they are all that, but I think they were big fish in a little pond (I.e. Midland), but now they are small fish in a much bigger, higher class pond. Not that I'm some snooty, fancy horse owning person, but I don't pretend to be. There are others who are complaining about the feed, cob webs, etc. One lady said a horse's stall looked like a haunted house. Same lady's horse didn't get fed one night. Good thing she was there. Makes us wonder what happens when we can't be there.
  7. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    Breeches, I completely understand. I wonder if I'm going to go from the frying pan into the fire. My barn was great until the owner sold it to a young couple with young kids (6 & 7 yrs old). Now, all they do is complain about how much it costs, while they keep 9 horses of their own. Now, it's still a nice place, probably one of the best around, but general maintainance is not high on their priority list. There have been 1/3 of the bulbs out in the covered arena for over a month now. 2 cross tie poles were destroyed, were replaced, but have yet to be painted. Cob webs used to be swept down routinely--now, they are coating everything--can you say fire hazard? They say, "its a metal barn, it won't burn." But the shattering of the lights, dropping flaming cob webs on my horse and into his shavings will catch fire. DUH! They have been skimping on shavings--except for theirs and the WP trainer's stalls. The grass/weeds are not being kept under control. The last load of alfalfa was stemmy and had stickers. BO swears there is no chance the new load has blister beetles because it's from Midland, TX. DUH! BBs have been reported from Arizona to the east coast. They are just clueless, lazy and the wife just wants to be a stay at home mom and ride her horses and not deal with the boarders. Husband works out of town a lot and neither of them help the actual workers. We have had mulitiple times of gates being left open and horses getting out and at least one horse not getting fed. And don't get me started about their brats running around the barn like wild animals with no supervision. The little one walked up behind my horse one day and smacked him on the butt as hard as she could. He was standing perfectly still, minding his own business. Luckily, he just sucked his butt under him. Some horses would have kicked out and bashed her brains in. But through all this, I'm still reluctant to find another barn. Crazy, I know. I've heard horror stories about local barns and don't want to get into a worse situation. And I plan to talk to them about the cob webs-when I can do it without calling them idiots. I hope you can find a safe place for your ponies.
  8. Copays At The Doctors....do You Pay?

    A $20-$50 copay is different than hundreds or thousands in ER/hospital stays. My dentist waits for ins payment, then bills me the difference. That's their policy. OP says they have a new policy--pay your copay at time of visit. Most offices I have been to or worked for ask for copay up front.
  9. Free Horse Book

    Just downloaded it the other day. Got "Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash" for free, too. Easy read. Great if you want something not too in depth. Couple of steamy scenes. Lots of horse lingo--which is nice bec. my co-workers don't speak "horse".
  10. Copays At The Doctors....do You Pay?

    Do they go to eat & expect to be billed layer for it? Does your grocery store bill you later? Does the hair dresser bill you? I'm a nurse. Pay your bill.
  11. Referred Shoulder Pain After Laproscopy

    Hoofs, if it doesn't go away by your follow-up appt, you need to let them know. Also, positioning on the OR table can cause some ppl pain. Arms are straight out & you are flat. It might be sore muscle or pinched nerve. Check out chiro or massage, when your Dr says its ok.
  12. Referred Shoulder Pain After Laproscopy

    I'm a nurse. This is common for a few days. If you had your gall bladder out, you can still have pain similar to gall bladder "attacks", which includes refered shoulder pain. Make sure you are eating low fat, low residue diet for 4 to 6 wks & slowly introduce fatty foods into your diet. If it was another type of surgery, it will dissipate, just keep walking. Hoofs, have you had your gall bladder out? That could be the cause of your shoulder pain....or some sort of muscle/nerve inflammation. Pay attention to your diet & activity prior to your shoulder pain...just an idea. Zoe, Hope you feel better soon.
  13. Trying To Register My Paint Filly.

    APHA is great to deal with. They have always been helpful. Call them.
  14. My gelding is usually pretty calm & follows other horses well out on the trail, despite being rather green on trails. A friend & her gelding were leading us around the edge of a high school that is next to our boarding barn. She walked through a large pea gravel pit, I guess for shot put? Her gelding cruised right through calmly. My gelding gets all 4 feet in it, starts to panic because of the noise it makes & sinking into the gravel. I whip his head around so he can't bolt. So we did the greatest reining spins ever. I'm not sure how many times we spun, at least 5 times, before he stopped. My friend watched the whole thing, then said,"that was awesome! He's really athletic!" Once he regained control of his brain, he gingerly stepped out of the pit and walked off like nothing happened. We still laugh about it. When he was abt 5 yrs old, he saw a Halloween decoration in a tree. So, I urged him up to it. Being curious, he smelled it, then decided to taste it. Just as he got it between his lips, a breeze blew it. He bowed down so low & back, his hind feet were under mine! I laughed so hard! He stood back up, let go & gave the biggest snorty sigh. I learned not to let him put spooky stuff in his mouth.