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    horses, organic gardening-so time consuming, my children
  1. I love the dog in my avatar, but she was hard to look at when my 7 year old son brought her to me as the dog he wanted at the local pound. She is great 3 years later and I cannot understand why she spent 7 years living at the pound-no kill-looking for us.
  2. If ?

    Maggots-Screamer always says she is leaving-but she never leaves. She just wants a few posts like yours. Seems you took the bait. [Crazy]
  3. Proposed Internet Kill Switch

    'Good Bye" Hopefully, that is a promise Maggots.
  4. Proposed Internet Kill Switch

    Maggots-who are you and why do you think you need to follow me around this forum ?
  5. If ?

    " Life is too short and I just need to move on. I hope you get the help you need. " I so agree with you Screamer-hope you find some help for your issues. Good luck on your future journey, hope you find the friends that you are seeking.
  6. If ?

    "So sorry Catch if you think this is is smug and condescending but please don't mistake me for someone who gives an owl's hoot! " Remy, we all have had to read your smug and condescending posts over the years. Your posts speak for themselves about who you are and how you feel about yourself and those that may disagree with you.
  7. Proposed Internet Kill Switch

    Sorrel1-Please use the quote feature to CORRECTLY quote someone. I think you can do it.
  8. Proposed Internet Kill Switch

    "BUT then there's that leeeetlllee nagging feeling in my gut that doesn't want Obama to have any more central control over anything." Screamer-there is NOTHING little about your disgust with Obama ! [ROTFL] You hate him and ANYTHING Obama does you hate . You cannot pretend to have any objectivity when it comes to our President. Oh here is an "objective" Screamer post on Obama: "Why AD, of course not! We can trust Obama! He's our president and a US president would never end up hurting his country or his people! I mean Hitler and Chavez only happen to other countries, right? " I could not make this stuff up if I tried !
  9. Ditto!

    OMG-Andi, you can never tell anyone, yes I hitchhiked to the Lloyd Center from 182nd and Division. Those were some stupid days for me.
  10. Ditto!

    I love the mod squad-gosh I still can't get my hair to look like Julie's. "First they got busted, then they got badges" we all watched that show together, my hippy sisters and me.
  11. If ?

    You are such a good patient person Manes. My daughter has a year of American history next year-I am convinced of the importance of knowing that history based on another thread and some of the posts here.
  12. Take Our Jobs Campaign

    I actually saw this on Colbert's show. I worked in the fields in the summer when I was a kid. We picked berries and beans.It is very hard work and I was sprayed several times while picking with some chemical. No I would not do that work again.
  13. If ?

    Exes-so true: "YUP! right there^^^^^ ha ha! **snerk** "go to sleep America, while we re-write history and justify invading a soverign nation for revenge" I'm beginning to think we need a history test for people wanting to post on the debate board.
  14. He's Here!

    I always deal with diarrhea in dogs with white rice. I have two dogs one is an irish wolfhound mix-she is the dog in my avatar-and both are big dogs. Rice works, just introduce a food change slowly with the rice. I love greyhounds, enjoy your new love. Edited to add "cooked"white rice which always resolves diarrhea for my dogs.
  15. Date Night On The Back 40.

    That is such a great bunch of 4th pictures. I stay with our dogs who both have an issue with loud noises while my husband takes the kids to the fireworks. We watched (the dogs and I) Foodnetwork and fell asleep before everyone came home. Back 40 would have been my choice.